Celebrity Big Brother: Sam Faiers and Ollie Locke will love Flourish?

Psychic Future’s Astrologer Susan Tells her feelings on Sam Faiers and Ollies Locke’s Romance now they are out the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Sam Faiers is a Capricorn – Earth Ruling House SaturnOllie and Sam in Celebrity big brother 2014
Ollie Locke is a Pisces – Water Ruling House Venus & Neptune

Will  this pair sizzle or will their romance bite the dust now that Celebrity Big Brother has finished?  In amongst the other housemates, in-fighting, neurosis, ego trips and love triangles this pair developed a love so pure and innocent that kept us glued to our screens.  Whilst Sam battled ill health Ollie was her rock.  Love story unfolded before our very eyes.

So what happens next?   We haven’t seen the last of this pair that’s for sure.   They both share a lot of common interests not least of all their constant need to change their hairstyles. These two are perfectly match.  They can experience the highs and the lows and keep smiling.  They are a winning combination and dynamic team.

However like all good fairy stories trials and tribulations need to be overcome before a happy ending.     A Pisces man can often find themselves pulled in two directions.  Sometimes what is expected of a Pisces man and how they actually feel can clash with dramatic results.   Ollie has confessed in the past to his bisexual feelings and this will jar with a “Traditional Capricorn” (Sam) who values a traditional family and has a steady plan for the future.   A Pisces man is cool calm and not apt to cheating on their partner.   However when smothered by their partner who tries to curb their thoughts and steer them against their wishes, a Pisces can easily throw in the towel and wander off.  If these two are to succeed they both need to accept each other’s differences and not try to change what first attracted them to each other!

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn,  whereas Pisces is Ruled by Neptune & Venus.   Pisces with its water elements can appear dreamy and emotional whereas Capricorn with its earth elements is grounded and loves possessions.  Sam loves to surround herself with quality possessions and build up cash for a rainy day whereas Ollie wears his heart on his sleeve and would give his last penny to someone in need.  Ollie is dreamy and can often be taken for a ride with friends whereas Sam is very street wise and can see straight through anyone trying to pull the wool over her eyes.   She will clash with anyone who tries to take advantage of Ollie’s generosity.  She is protective of those she cares about.

The Capricorn woman loves a man who has a future and a man who can self promote sam-faiers-ollie-locke-proposal-celebrity-big-brotherhimself up the ladder.   No one does self promotion better than Ollie Locke.   Everyone loves Ollie and self promotion is the name of the game.  Ollie is the master of it.  He can make everyone feel like they are his best friend.

Will these two work out?  Sadly no not in the long term if things don’t change.   I know boo hoo we wanted a happy ending.   Well shock horror it’s foreseen in Sam’s stars.    Sam has unfinished business with one of her many “Ex’s”.   She won’t give 100% yet,   she is harbouring a secret.     She definitely likes Ollie and she is carefully weighing up all the pros and cons.  She tends to get saddled to men who are prone to crying.  Think Joey!  Sam ends up being the “Grown up” in the relationship and in time this gets to her.   Ollie will spoil her and pander to her needs but if he wants Sam for keeps he needs to be the tough one.  Sam will do what is right for her.   This month there are two new moons and a time for truths outing themselves.   Sam has a secret and it’s about to come out – Ollie will still want her though.

These two will definitely have a great relationship and both will enjoy the publicity.  These two have the opportunity to be the next power couple – and fill the hole that Katie & Peter left.  They will for a time.    We definitely have more to see with Ollie & Sam.  But don’t rush out and buy a hat just yet.  There is an explosive love triangle just waiting to make an appearance.  How exciting.   If they can conquer this then love has a real chance to blossom.


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