Celebrity Big Brother: Lee Ryan’s Love Triangle

Psychic Future’s Very own Astrology expert Clare has had a look at what is going on in the CBB House, and here is her feeling on the Lee Ryan, Jasmine Waltz and Casey Batchelor Love Triangle.celebrity-big-brother-lee-ryan-jasmine-waltz-nomination-twist

The love triangle seems to be continuing in the BB house in the absence of Jasmine.  Lee is behaving like a typical Gemini and flirting with Casey.  Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on 6th February which means for Gemini someone will be returning from their past!  Jasmine, shake the confetti out of your hair, dear Leo, you could be returning?!

Also next month, just when Venus, the ruling planet for Casey goes retrograde on January 31st, Mercury, The ruling planet for lee will go retrograde on February 6th too.  These retrogrades will bring all three together again and could really heat things up either in the house or by the final!

This Gemini man lives for now, he’s versatile and changeable.  He can get bored very quickly and lose concentration.  He needs a woman who will dress to impress.  He will always have his eye on the prize.  A woman who is confident about her identity and is very sure of herself attracts the Gemini man.  He likes an independent woman who knows what she wants.  Jasmine could well tick all the boxes, however, has he damaged Jasmine’s ego?!  Or is the Leo’s ego so big that she doesn’t want him anyway……..hmmmmmm?uktv-celebrity-big-brother-2014-casey-batchelor-lee-ryan

A Gemini man likes to wander and doesn’t Lee do just that…….tut tut.  Charming the ladies on his travels, His silver tongue gets him out of most situations he doesn’t want to be caught in, even if he knows it’s his fault.  In love, a Gemini man needs more fun than stability that Casey, the Libra will give.

Casey is a sweet, charming and pleasant young lady masked with a smooth style that enables her to pounce when her predator gets close……..she sure does that, sprawled over the sofa with lee after everything that’s gone on recently in the love the triangle.  Rejection is a failure against her clever and undeniable charm. A Libra woman will do almost anything to get her way.  She uses her femininity and even stoops to a helpless nature.  All is fair in love and war for Casey.


Who wins…let the planets decide!


Written by Clare 2139


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