Happy Pancake Day 2018!

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Pancake Day is better known as Shrove Tuesday. Shrove is derived from the word ‘Shrive’, which means ‘to confess’. This is a celebration observed by many Christians the day before Ash Wednesday; it can be a time of self-analysis and spiritual growth, as well as a time when they need to ask God’s help to deal with life’s burdens.

The tradition of making pancakes began in England as a way  to use up all of the rich foods available in the home before Lent arrived, which is a fasting period of 40 days. During lent all diary and meat are to be excluded, and only very plain foods are to be eaten. In other countries, Shrove Tuesday is a day for Carnivals , festivities and dressing up in elaborate costumes, such as New Orleans‘ famous Mardi Gras.

pancake day

The origins behind Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday practices are to be found in Corinthians 9:27, where the Apostle Paul says: “I buffet my body and make it my slave…”. However, Pancake Day has now ironically developed into a day of indulgence, rather than bodily penitence, throughout which individuals participate in the maximum amount of pleasure and self-gratification they can before the beginning of Lent.

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This Pancake Day you can celebrate the occasion by making some yummy pancakes at home for all the family to enjoy. Our personal favourite is a traditional pancake with a lemon and sugar filling, simple and easy to make, yet delicious. Learn one of the easiest and most scrumptious pancake recipes here. And remember, this time of year is also a time for self-reflection… No matter what your religion is, it is always healthy to spend some time taking care of your inner or spiritual self.

It is also the perfect time to enjoy cooking with your children! so why not try to make some fun pancake shapes with them? Find some children-friendly pancake recipes here... Now all that remains is for you to enjoy the day!!

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Ask an Astrologer: 2018 World Leaders Psychic Predictions


What does the Future hold for our World Leaders?

PsychicFuture.com’s resident astrologer Ellie Rose looks towards the planets to cast her predictions and see what 2018 holds for our world leaders. To find out what 2018 may hold for you, head to our horoscopes page or get in touch with one of our trusted psychics today.
Ellie Rose Astrologer
The world is a bit of a chaotic place at the moment. In the US, The President is getting into troll wars on Twitter and being accused of sexual harassment. The UK’s not much better, as it speeds blindly towards Brexit. Then there’s the world’s relations with Russia and North Korea, which can be described as perilous at best. So what does the next year hold for these big players and their leaders?

kim jong un

What’s Written in the Stars for 2018?

Throughout the previous 18 months we’ve had a very chaotic T-Square pattern formed between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. This wreaked havoc with various world events, including Trump’s election victory and the UK’s Brexit vote. It’s also escalated nuclear tensions between the US, South and North Korea. On top of this, the White House has been in limbo with allegations of sexual harassment and tax fraud that have dogged The President since his victory.

Jupiter moved into Libra last year. This encouraged the world to focus on justice and balance. The addition of revolutionary Uranus in Aries brings about a fiery and immediate push for change, and Pluto in Capricorn directs our attention to those who hold all the power. Does this sound familiar?

What we’ve been seeing is a struggle of the public wanting reform, victims exposing those who misuse their positions of power and a very chaotic reshuffling in the very structure of our society. This is big stuff!

Ellie Rose’s 2018 Predictions…



President Trump

Donald Trump is heavily influenced by Pluto in his “First House”.  This means his very identity is coloured with some of the traits of Scorpio – power-hungry, secretive and transformative.
This is probably why he’s come under the spotlight so often in 2017. However, now that Jupiter has broken the angsty T-Square, there’s a high chance that Trump will step out of the spotlight (as much as the President can do anyway).

Now that Jupiter is in Scorpio, we have seen the backlash from victims of systemic sexual abuse. I predict that now the lid has been blown off, the victims and public will be able to implement change. Trump will be wise to go along with this change and keep his hands to himself while it’s happening!
Trump vs Putin

My Predictions on President Trump, Russia and the President Putin Issue

We had all sorts of scandals reported about Trump’s connection to Russia. Allegations that the Russians influenced the election vote and hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails are still yet to be properly investigated.

Looking at both Putin and Trump’s charts, both are highly influenced by Pluto and Scorpio. This will mean that these issues are likely to carry on long into 2018. However, now that the tension of the planets has relaxed, I find it unlikely that we will see the impeachment of Trump. I also predict we won’t see any deeper revelations come from the ongoing investigations. In any instance, whatever does come out of the investigation, both Trump and Putin will be able to ride out the storm in their normal slippery manner.

However, although these ongoing investigations may run their course, there is always the prospect that newer or more allegations could arise.

Without the drive for change and justice from Uranus and Jupiter in Libra, there is only Pluto – who is very good at hiding stuff and protecting positions of power. So this may prove very advantages to both President Trump and Putin.

President Putin


As stated when looking at Trump’s chart, Putin should be able to ride out whatever findings come out of the Russian/Trump plot to discredit Hillary Clinton. That’s not me saying there won’t be some very embarrassing findings by the way. But, with the assistance of Pluto – who is good at hiding stuff and protecting positions of power – both Trump and Putin should be able to sweep it under the carpet and ride it out.

Putin will experience several Uranus/Pluto aspects around the time of the World Cup in June, which is to be held in Russia. Reports are emerging about secret police, armed security and long jail sentences for ticket touts, foreign fans caught up in violence and people inciting unrest.  This may lead to some friction with other foreign governments and world leaders. I still predict Putin will also be able to ride out this diplomatic tension in his usual dismissive and contemptuous style.

With Trump experiencing Mars/Pluto aspects around then too, it looks like there’s going to be fireworks at the World Cup – possibly of a military kind. Don’t panic though, it could all just be threats again!
theresa may

Theresa May

There’s all this noise about Brexit, yet nothing is really happening. Theresa May remains in a tricky situation. The latest news is that British MPs will vote on whether certain secret information should be released to the public. With this in mind it seems that 2018 will be a big year for decisions.

Theresa May’s natal chart says a lot about her position within parliament. Her natal Sun has no aspects to any of the traditional planets, it floats alone. This could explain her lack of support from fellow MPs. It might also have played a hand ego-driven decisions, such as seeking expensive support from the DUP which kept the Conservative’s place in power, but left Northern Ireland worryingly poised. This will only further her alienation within government and with the public.

Mrs May will have Chiron opposing her Midheaven, indicating that she may experience some damage to her career in the first few months of 2018. With proposed High Court challenges to Brexit, it will be a bumpy ride for Theresa May and the outcome doesn’t look great. However, until we have more defined dates for these political events, it’s hard to predict the outcome at this time. Whichever way you look at it though, I predict Theresa May is in for one hell of a bumpy ride.
north korea

Kim Jong Un

Finally, we have the unpredictability of North Korea, another product of the 2017 Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter T-Square.
In September 2017, North Korea tested their nuclear weapons, throwing the world into a panic and causing President Trump to take to Twitter with misguided threats. Kim Jong-Un had Uranus (still in its chaotic T-Square) opposing his Mars – the planet of War! Pluto was also opposing his Ascendant, as well as Chiron squaring his Jupiter, meaning that this was a personal war for him. It was also one that affected his identity and possibly brought up angst over his global outcast status. He was showing his hand in order to boost his ego.

In April and December of 2018, this same Uranus and Mars aspect will happen again for the President of North Korea. Therefore, it’s possible we will see some more conflict around this time.

My Closing Thoughts…

So, the world seems to have gone a little crazy! But with 2017’s major Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter aspect breaking up finally, it’s possible that things will start to flow better. When big changes are made, and secrets uncovered, it takes a while to regain the status quo. Iit seems though that 2018 is the year for bringing about balance and justice again, albeit with a few hiccups along the way!

Ellie Rose x
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St Andrew’s Day Traditions Around The World

St Andrew’s Day is Scotland’s national day, and is celebrated on 30th of November. As St Andrew is also the patron saint of Greece, Barbados, Bulgaria, Romania, and Russia, celebrations are held all over the world on this day. His patronage is associated with fishmongers, singers, spinsters, and women wishing to become mothers.

Here at Psychic Future, we decided to explore the brief history of St Andrew’s and what traditions other countries have.

A Brief History

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Scotland’s patron saint was a Galilean fisherman, who joined Jesus Christ’s disciples with his brother Simon Peter. Andrew was crucified on an X-shaped cross, in Greece by the Romans. His remains are kept in Amalfi in southern Italy. It’s believed that a Greek monk received a vision that showed him he should travel by sea to take Andrew’s relics somewhere far away for safe keeping. The monk ended up in a settlement in Fife, in Scotland, and this is now the town of St Andrews.

In 1320, Andrew was recognised as an official patron saint of Scotland, and the Saint Andrew’s Cross was later adopted as the national emblem of the Scots people. St Andrew’s Day was declared a public holiday, in 2006, by the Scottish Parliament. When 30 November falls on a weekend the following Monday becomes the public holiday. The University of St Andrews traditionally gives students the day off.

Traditions And Customs

The national holiday kicks off with festivities that include food, music, traditional ceilidh dancing and fireworks, in Scotland. It’s common to be served up tasty haggis, neeps and tatties. St Andrew’s marks the start of Scotland’s winter festival season, which also includes Hogmanay (31 December) and Burns Night (25 January).


Barbados marks its national day of Independence on St Andrew’s Day. Independence Day celebrations typically start with a parade and ceremony, followed by exhibitions of music, dance, drama and the arts.


St Andrew’s Day is commonly known as Edrei (Bear’s Day), in Bulgaria. The name comes from an old folk tale of an evil stepmother who punished her daughter by turning her into a bear, for not celebrating St Andrew’s Day.


German folklore advises single women, wishing to marry Mr Right, to ask St Andrew for help on the eve of St Andrew’s Day. Apparently, if they sleep naked they will see a vision of their future husbands in their dreams.


In Patras, where Andrew was crucified, the Cathedral of St Andrew is packed with worshippers on 30 November. The people join together in a colourful procession that carries relics of Saint Andrew all over the town, to the accompaniment of prayers and chants.


In Amalfi, on the southwest coast of Italy, people visit the Cathedral of Saint Andrew to celebrate on this day. The magnificent silver statue of St Andrew is carried out and paraded in the streets.


In Poland, St Andrew’s Day festivities include light-hearted games involving fortune telling.


Magic rituals are performed in Romania on St Andrew’s Day. People get together in local communities to share food that is flavoured with garlic. The garlic is believed to ward off evil spirits and to purify the land. Garlic cloves are also placed around doorways and windows.


Unlike most other countries, the Ukraine celebrates St Andrew’s Day on 13 December. The festivities include fortune-telling games and mischievous pranks.


Celebrating Your Inner Light With Diwali

Diwali (pronounced Divali) is a five-day festival celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains and is one of the most significant annual festivals in Indian culture.  The word Diwali originates from the Sanskrit word Deepaval and translates as ‘festival of lights’. The festival coincides with the Hindu New Year and usually takes place sometime between the middle of October and middle of November, with the day of Diwali celebrated on the third day of the festival.

This spiritual time of year can have an effect on many people’s path. To help us with our readings we took a deeper look into what the festival means.

Why is Diwali celebrated?

Historically Diwali symbolises the victory of good over evil and is celebrated by individuals and whole communities. There are many legendary victorious folklore tales that have been passed down through generations and families that suggest the origins of Diwali. The most popular story dates back to the 15th century BC and tells of Lord Rama and his wife Sita, returning to their kingdom from exile, after defeating the demon King Ravanna.

How is Diwali celebrated?

During Diwali – the festival of lights – millions of people attend firework displays and celebratory prayer events throughout the world. Homes are cleaned and decorated with traditional earthen divas (candle lamps) and colourful rangoli art – folk art patterns made on the floor using coloured powder or rice. The rangoli designs are made to encourage the Goddess Lakshmi –  the goddess of wealth, and the principle deity associated with the religious  festival – to enter the home.

A delicious feast is prepared and shared with family and friends. As Diwali is all about celebrating harmony arguments and conflicts are settled at this time. Prayers are offered to Goddess Lakshmi so that she may provide assistance in cultivating the spiritual wealth of compassion, kindness and forgiveness throughout the New Year.


Celebrate Your Inner Light!


The festival of lights, which takes place during Diwali around October/ November, is the perfect time to reflect on your inner light. You do not have to be religious to celebrate your own innate brilliance or to shine your light with compassion and kindness in your heart.


During Diwali reflect on your thoughts, words and deeds over the past year and acknowledge how you can improve negative aspects of your behaviour, prejudices and habits. By gaining a better understanding of your self you can begin the process of personal transformation. Reflect on how you can be more loving, respectful and kind, and also how you can assist others to help them shine their own light in the world.


How To Shine Your Light Brightly

Celebrate Diwali in your own personal way by meditating on your unique innate brilliance and goodness. Light a candle and gaze at the flame for a few minutes. Breathe deeply to relax and connect with your inner light. Allow your heart to open fully as you embrace your inner light and invite it to shine brightly.

Recite a prayer in English, or a Vedic or Sanskrit chant. Prayer is a powerful way of increasing your spiritual vibration and is also a great way to make a commit to yourself.

Identify some simple ways in which you can share your light and spiritual wealth with others. Acknowledge your personal qualities that nurture your light and the qualities that dull its brilliance. Commit to letting go of negative qualities – such as greed, laziness and anger. Cultivate and nurture positive qualities of compassion, generosity, love and kindness throughout the New Year. Call our spiritual readers to help you identify your unique qualities.


Modern Christmas Rituals

Modern Christmas Rituals

 The way in which we celebrate Christmas has a varied history. Many seasonal traditions and customs have stood the test of time, and are still part of the annual festivities. Along with the Christmas stockings, carol singing and mince pies, many people are now also exploring modern Christmas rituals. Some of these contemporary rituals are inspired by international traditions, and reflect our desire for change, convenience and excitement. They also help us create a more personalised and memorable festive experience.



German Christmas Markets

German Christmas markets have become a popular seasonal attraction in the UK.

You no longer have to make a trip abroad, to sample the quaint customs and traditions of Germany. Many major cities and towns host the Christmas markets as part of their festive shopping experience. Some German Christmas markets in the UK attract visitors in their millions. In Birmingham alone, the Frankfurt Christmas market annually features 94 stalls and pulled in over 2.8 million visitors last year!

German Christmas markets are a popular attraction because they appeal to our sense of tradition. Whilst exploring with the stalls that sell handmade crafts and authentic German food, you’ll have an opportunity to sample the famous Glühwein mulled wine.




Open Air Skating

There’s something nostalgic and magical about watching Christmas movies that feature a snowy scenes and an outdoor skating rink. Skating outdoors surrounded by sparkling festive lights, with music playing, is a romantic Christmas experience that is becoming hugely popular in many major cities in the UK. Locations like Somerset House in London and Winter Wonderland in Edinburgh, now host an outdoor skating rink for 2-3 months every year.

If you dream about re-enacting your favourite Christmassy movie scene make sure that you take extra care. With the activity growing in popularity there are more skaters braving the ice. This also means that more injuries are likely.




OTT Outdoor Decorations!

The trend of decorating your home with a Christmas extravaganza lightshow doesn’t appear to be diminishing in popularity. More and more people are becoming obsessed with competing with neighbours, to see who has the most outdoor decorations and lights on display. There are even some people who spend all year preparing for the time when they can put their Santa and reindeer display on the roof, and decorate their home like Santa’s Grotto…



Christmas Home Makeover…

If you watch TV you’ll already be well aware of the unusual modern Christmas ritual of buying new furniture. The pre-Christmas sales offer appealing discounts to entice you to redecorate your home, in order to impress the family and friends that you have invited over for Christmas! The buy now, pay later option let’s you give your home a makeover in time for the festivities.



Professionally-Wrapped Presents

Having someone wrap up your Christmas presents is a luxury that is becoming highly popular. Up-market stores that sell lingerie, perfume and clothes tend to offer a gift-wrapping service as standard. Many major retail outlets are now also offering a designated gift-wrapping service to save you the time and bother. You simply take your presents along and pay for the convenience of someone else wrapping them for you.