Savvy Ways To Expand Your Money Consciousness

Many people go through life making do or struggling with money. They usually have poor money consciousness that blocks finances from flowing into their bank account. The mindset and beliefs that were picked up in childhood is what stops you believing that you can have all the money that you want. Changing your beliefs can help you to expand your consciousness regarding how easy it is to be debt free, financially stable, wealthy and rich.

Letting Go Of Limited Thinking

If your parents had the attitude that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ or ‘you have to work hard for every penny’ you are more than likely to have picked up the same limiting beliefs. Without realising it, someone else’s beliefs are stopping you from having an abundance of cash. If you want to bring more money into you life you need to understand how to change your mindset so that you can attract it.

Most people don’t want to be mega rich just for the sake of it. Mostly, people want to have more money so that they can enjoy the freedom of having more choices in life. To attract a steady flow of income you need to let go of the negative thinking that blocks money coming to you. In some cases, the lack mentality may go back generations in your family. Identifying the core of the matter will help you release the block and open the flow of financial abundance.

Tapping Into Your Knowledge

Your knowledge and skills are worth more than you probably realise, or feel comfortable about admitting to yourself. Think about how you make your money and consider developing your money attitude and money mind energy. If you run your own business you are already tapped into money consciousness and just need to shift your thinking.

If like most people, you work for someone else, expand your possibilities by thinking about ways in which you can market your knowledge. Everyone has something special and unique to offer the world. Tap into divine consciousness and find out how you can share your gifts, and make an abundance of money at the same time.

Boost your knowledge further by reading books on how to make your money work for you, and attending courses, workshops or seminars. Not only will you pick up practical and useful money making tips, you’ll also meet successful people who have an expansive money consciousness. Their positive energy will rub off on you.

Using Money Mantras

Mantras are short, positive and repetitive messages that help to shift your mindset. You don’t have to shout it out in order for it to be powerful. You can speak your mantra to yourself or say it mentally. Each time that you say it, the message is reinforced and you put out positive energy to attract more money to you.

You can choose something like: ‘Money comes to me with ease and speed’ or ‘I have more money than I know what to do with!’.

It’s important to believe that you can have all the financial abundance that you want, particularly when using a money mantra. Each time that you say the mantra you are putting out a vibration that will align with your request and bring it to you. If you don’t truly believe that you can have the cash that is the message you are subconsciously relaying.

Starting A Luxury Fund

We all deserve to enjoy a few luxuries in life. If you expect to be able to have these whilst also freely splashing cash around you may be disappointed. Set up a fund so that you can regularly save some pennies for treats and luxuries. Once you get into the habit of setting money aside on a regular basis you’ll also see how quickly your savings expand and grow. Your fund could finance a 5 star holiday or dress you in designer labels. Whatever luxury appeals to you is attainable.

Get More Out Of Life

Your perceived view of, and enjoyment of life, is what colours your world and either makes you feeling happy and fulfilled or downright miserable. If you feel that life is passing you by, and that you have barely made your mark, let alone a lasting impression on it, it’s never too late to get out of your comfort zone and get more out of life.

Shift Your Thinking

The easiest and fastest way to begin the adventure of getting more out of life is to commit to changing your mind. Your reality is what you make it. To change your outer world you need to make the effort to shift, release and let go of everything that hinders you from being your genuine authentic self. This involves identifying core issues that limit your beliefs. Believing the words and comments that those around you told you when you are a child has simply lead you to the place in life that you don’t want to be. Start believing in YOU!

Thank Your Troubles

Every challenge and difficult situation in life that you have had to deal with has been a test of your strength of character. Stop putting the blame for your dull, boring or unhappy life, on things that happened to you in the past. Accept your troubles as the life lessons that they are, so that you can move on and really enjoy life. It’s your purpose to learn about who you really are and to grow into that amazing being. Honour yourself so that you can finally let go of pain and suffering.

Once More With Feeling

To really get the most out of life it helps to have a clear idea about what you want to experience and strive for. When you are visualising all the things that you what out of life, it’s essential that you turn up the volume on the physical feelings of having it all. Imagine how you will feel when you have the dream relationship, new job, ideal home etc. See that vision in your mind’s eye and feel the happy feel good emotion rising up in your body. The combination of the two will shift your vibration to align you with the new experiences.

Appreciate The Happy Moments

Although your life may not be as perfect as you would like it to be, you will still undoubtedly have many things to be grateful for. Shift your perspective and count your blessings. When you do this regularly you will notice that your general attitude to life changes in a way that is more beneficial to you. Your mood will become more uplifted and your energy more buoyant. You’ll naturally begin to attract new situations, opportunities and people that match your new ‘life is good’ vibe.

Live Your Story

Your life story is a unique experience that is solely for you. Let go of wishing your life away or of wanting to be someone else. Embrace your amazingness and look at your life in a fresh way. If you don’t like the life that you are presently living, turn the page and begin a new chapter. You have the power to live the life of your dreams. Dream big and make every action and experience count!

For guidance on letting go of the past, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.

Deepening The Bond With Your Dad

On Sunday 18th June, we honour dads, stepfathers and other father figures in our lives with quality time, a card and gift, and perhaps a treat like giving them complete charge of the TV remote control for the entire day!

Every year Father’s Day presents you with a prime opportunity to deepen the special bond that you share. On this day you can give your dad the priceless gift of strengthening your bond and developing a more loving connection.

Send A Letter

It’s sometimes easier to express how you feel in writing than it is to speak the words out aloud. Writing a special Father’s Day letter is a great way to express your genuine feelings without inhibitions. Your letter can be a simple list of all the things that your like and love about your dad. Or a complication of special memories that mean a lot to you. You can also enclose a photograph for added sentimental effect.

Writing from the heart shows genuine appreciation and sets a positive tone for improving, healing, and/or deepening your relationship.

Have Fun Times Together

Having fun times with your dad doesn’t stop the second you hit your teens. Nothing replaces happy memories of great times when you’ve shared a laugh and enjoyed each other’s company. This year, make it a plan to do something special with your dad, to create a new happy memory.

Take a drive out into the countryside, if your dad lives in a town or city. Plan an activity that involves something special that you know your dad with love and enjoy. Take a leisurely stroll together and talk about happy times. If you have children of your own you could also take them along to enjoy a quality generational bonding session.

Start Over

Not every parent/child relationship is nurturing, supportive and happy. Many adults have a difficult relationship with their father, but it’s not impossible to alter your perspective on the bond. As an adult you have life experience and wisdom behind you to be able to understand that not all relationships are created equal.

If you have had a falling out with your dad you can take the opportunity, on Father’s Day, to clear the air and make amends. Taking ownership of your feelings, and your part in the relationship breakdown, allows you to take charge of the situation in a grown up way that is beneficial to both of you. Have the humility to take the lead and apologise, and be open to having a real conversation. It takes real courage and the willingness to listen but you may learn something about your dad, and a lot more about yourself.

Practice Gratitude

This year give your parent/child relationship the peace, love and healing that it deserves. Being grateful for the loving bond that you share with your dad makes your connection stronger. Simple acts of gratitude, nurturing and kindness support your dad’s wellbeing and show him how much you care. On greeting your dad expand your usual “hi dad” and transform it into a genuinely warm hug to make your message of love loud and clear.

For spiritual communication with your dad, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.

Or Will Jeremy Corbyn Win the Election…

Our reader Paul tells us…

Jeremy Corbyn born 26th of May 1949 – Gemini

Leader of the Labour Party

Ruling planet – Mercury

Gemini’s are young at heart which is just as well as Mr Corbyn turns sixty seven on the 26th of May.

Will his age effect his election campaign?

The moon card shows two wolves howling at the moon, in the distance are two mountains and what’s behind them is a mystery,

Don’t let Jeremys age put you off. This card tells us that this man knows what he is doing and has the courage to stand up for what he believes in, although he has many mountains to conquer he will get over them and the moon will light up the path which will lead him in to battle.

Geminis like the casual look and this is definitely the case with Mr Corbyn.

The six of cups suggests that he has been wearing the same style of clothes for years and would usually buy like for like when he has worn them out.

He does not care about designer labels or how much his clothes have cost as long as they are comfortable to wear.

The world card tells us Mr Corbyn loves the lady’s, he is more compatible with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

This card strongly suggests that he can be unpredictable with his relationships and can change his mind with who he wants to be with at a drop of a hat.

Will Jeremy Corbyn win the election?

He has all the qualities needed to win the election, being a Gemini he finds it easy to explain himself and he can think on the spot however I have dealt the ten of wands reversed which tells us that the opposition have a stronger campaign. Although Jeremy will fight and try to build a new last minute strategy he will get piped at the post.

Credit to Agent 5077 – Paul.

Will Theresa May Win the Election…

Our reader Paul tells us…

Theresa may born 1st of October 1956  is a Libra

Ruling planet Venus

Libra’s enjoy the fine things in life and Theresa may is no exception, the nine of cups is a great card for this fashion conscious lady and you can bet she will be planning her wardrobe for the upcoming general election.

Nothing flashy for Theresa though, you can expect to see her dressed in outfits that make a statement but nothing over the top, yellow and pale blue will be the colours she will choose when she is out shopping for her new outfits.

Libra people are sociable and romantic and the temperance card says a lot about Theresa’s social and love life.

This lady loves to party and meeting new people and will make every effort to attend functions and party’s she will rarely turn down an opportunity to socialise,

Theresa loves being the centre of attention and can get a bit flirty at times even when her husband is around.

Will Theresa may win the general election?

The ace of wands suggests that she is about to start a new venture, this could mean that she is going to win the election or it could mean she is going to lose and retire.

She has the capability to carry on the role however she can be a gullible and listen to what others say she can also be indecisive and change her mind. I think the ace of wands is telling us she is going to win the election but she must trust her gut feeling when making decisions.

Credit to Agent 5077 – Paul.

Alternative Spiritual Holidays For Singles

The world of the independent single spiritual traveller is no longer limited or restricted to an ashram experience in South Asia or New Age community gatherings in a field. Going it alone is an empowering experience and not solely reserved for brave souls and daring explorers. The alternative spiritual holiday is a life-changing travel option that opens the heart, expands the mind and rejuvenates the body. To enjoy this liberating experience you simply have to decide which holiday to choose!

The World Is Your Oyster

On a spiritual holiday you can deepen your spiritual connection, discover the real you and explore new and exciting creative possibilities. A spiritual holiday isn’t about bagging the best sun lounger by the pool or eating your body weight in exotic local food. It’s an opportunity for you to learn a new skill, enjoy creative activities or explore a passion, whilst discovering your authentic self.

You can choose a holiday centre based alternative break or try a taster weekend course. The wellbeing benefits of an alternative solo holiday last long after the suntan has faded. A spiritual solo break can reward you with new interests and skills, renewed self-confidence, a fresh outlook on life, and new friendships with like-minded people.

The Yoga Retreat

One of the most popular spiritual singles holiday is the yoga retreat. The popularity has a lot to do with the breathtaking scenic landscapes that are available for you to feast your eyes upon, whilst practicing your morning or afternoon asanas. The yoga holiday option caters for all levels of experience, and offers a serene setting in which to relax, free the mind, strengthen the body and lift the spirit.

Mastering Mindfulness Break

Mindfulness is the key to success in all spiritual practices. If you have trouble being fully present and need to let go of stress, a mindfulness holiday is a great first step towards self-transformation. Most mindfulness breaks combine daily meditation practice with mindfulness techniques to help you identify, and let go of, your disempowering thoughts and feelings.

The Writing Holiday

If you love to put pen to paper a writing holiday is the perfect alternative spiritual holiday for you. Your far away environment will be idyllic and inspiring, and the ideal location for you to explore the creative process of expression. You could find that your secret passion opens up a new world of possibilities. Holiday writing courses are open to writers of all levels of experience, and are delivered by tutors who love to help writers polish their skills and find the right outlet for their unique expression. You could also find that a famous published author is on hand to share their own experience!55

The Great Art Escape

If you are inspired by everything around you an art course holiday is the ideal alternative travel option for you. The courses cover a wide variety of mediums, including watercolour, sketching, mosaics, photography or glass work, for beginners and experienced artists. The destination is a visual treat that offers panoramic views to stimulate up your creative juices, passion and imagination.

The Healing Benefits Of Neroli Oil

Named after the Italian Princess Nerola, in the 17th century, Neroli oil is a fragrant pale yellow essential oil with bitter sweet orange blossom notes and light citrus overtones.

Neroli essential oil boasts a wealth of health and healing benefits, including antidepressant, aphrodisiac and antiseptic qualities. The natural oil’s citrus fruit medicinal properties match the properties of other citrus based oils, and also blends well with Chamomile, Clary Sage, Coriander, Geranium, Lavender, Jasmine, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang. For healing use, the oil from the small, white waxy flowers of the bitter orange blossom tree is extracted by steam distillation.

The Health Benefits Of Neroli Oil

Neroli essential oil is a versatile natural product that can be effectively used in a wide variety of ways, both for healing and beautifying. It is naturally calming and healing.

Antidepressant – Neroli oil’s bitter sweet citrusy fragrance helps to relieve chronic depression by invoking uplifting feelings of joy and happiness.

Antiseptic – Neroli oil is an excellent antiseptic that protects cuts and wounds from infection. The oil also keeps microbial infections and toxins at bay.

Digestive – When taken as a tonic, Neroli promotes healthy digestion and increases natural appetite. Neroli oil is effective for the treatment of infections of the colon, prostrate, kidneys and urinary tract. It also helps to lower blood pressure, maintain the correct rate of metabolism and good circulation, and also boosts the immune system.

Disinfectant – Neroli oil can be used to disinfect the body and your surroundings.

Sedative –The heady, sedative scent of Neroli has a positive effect on the mind, body and spirit. It can provide relief from anxiety, distress, irritation, stress, anger, and depression. Neroli oil can also improve the symptoms of menopause.

Beauty Benefits

Deodorant – The exotic fragrance of Neroli effectively drives away unpleasant and foul odours, whilst its disinfectant properties help to eliminate toxins and germs. It can be used as a perfume for the body and the home. Choose colognes and perfumes that feature Neroli as an ingredient. Or scent your home with a Neroli oil blend and diffuser reeds.

Emollient – Neroli essential oil is a popular ingredient in many top cosmetic and skincare products. The oil’s natural emollient qualities soften the skin and enhance the texture and appearance. Used for facial treatments, Neroli also promotes a healthy radiant glow.

Scaring – If a scar is slow to heal, a Neroli essential oil ointment, applied regularly, can make the skin healthy. Neroli stimulates the health of skin cells and promotes the generation of healthy and strong new cells. It is therefore also beneficial for rejuvenating the skin and improving the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. Its antibacterial properties also make it a good choice for treating acne breakouts.

Other Benefits

It’s not surprising that Neroli’s uplifting aromatic scent has aphrodisiac properties. When used in a massage oil blend, candles or a room fragrance diffuser, Neroli stimulates the senses, promotes sensual arousal and boosts the libido. Sexual health problems like the loss of interest in intimacy, frigidity, impotence and erectile dysfunction can all be helped by the healing oil.

Simple Summer Rituals For Lasting Relationships

Regardless of the season when you met your beloved it’s important to enjoy a blast of summer loving. If you want a happy and lasting relationship you need to put in the necessary work every day. By introducing simple summer rituals into your date night schedule you’ll enhance your connection and relationship longevity.

For maximum relationship benefits practice all 12 steps on a regular basis.

  1. Be Respectful

Respect is the foundation for all healthy relationships. Like trust, respect must be earned and maintained if you want a relationship to thrive and survive. Treat your partner in the manner that you want to be treated, at all times. It’s not one rule for you, and another for them.

  1. Support Each Other

It’s important to support each other no matter what. Whether your partner is experiencing emotional or financial issues, being their rock is one of your primary roles. Don’t wait to be asked for support. Always be ready to give it freely.

  1. Provide Space

Everyone needs a bit of personal space in which to reflect, contemplate and make plans. This means stepping back occasionally, and maintaining your own independence and freedom. Don’t suffocate or smother, or be tempted to question your lover like they are on trial. If you don’t already, make space for regular ‘time out’ from each other.

  1. Lead By Example

Trust is an essential requirement in any healthy relationship. If you have trust issues, it’s a good idea to work on these before getting romantically involved with someone. Without carrying a big neon sign, your loyalty and trust must be evident at all times. Don’t try to change your partner into your idea of the perfect lover. They are either already this, or never will be.

  1. Be Prepared To Compromise

Give and take is the ideal way to keep a relationship harmonious and balanced. You don’t always have to get your own way. Being happy to reach a compromise shows that you love, trust and respect your partner. Take it in turns to do the nice things, as well as the boring household chores.

  1. Be Generous With Your Compliments

Genuine compliments have the power to uplift someone’s mood and spirit. Get into the habit of being generous with your compliments every day. Tell your beloved how fabulous they look in their new outfit, or compliment them on their skills and knowledge.

  1. Show Appreciation

Be grateful for having such an amazing person in your life. Always say thank you for the little things that they do for you, and let your partner know how much you appreciate them. Let your actions speak louder than your words.

  1. Encourage Each Other

Life partners who are in love with each other and with life understand the importance of encouraging each other. This could involve encouraging them to maintain a healthy lifestyle or fitness regime, or to develop a skill or spiritual awareness. Whatever their passion is, make sure you’re their No.1 fan.

  1. Share More Laughter

Laughing at the funny moments you share brings you closer together. Make time to share jokes and do fun stuff together every day. Even when you’re super busy you can still find the time to send a silly message or text to the one you love.

  1. Talk Honestly

Open communication is an integral part of any happy and successful relationship. Open your heart and express your feelings and emotions with honesty. Even if your partner is a little shy about doing the same in return, they will eventually follow your lead.

  1. Work As A Team

For a lasting relationship you need to work as a team. Help each other in a physical, emotional and spiritual way. Your partner is a reflection of you. Be your best so that they can be theirs.

  1. Don’t Forget

Do not forget important dates, like birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. If you have trouble remembering set up a reminder text service so that you never disappoint.

For relationship guidance, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.


What Is Aeromancy?

We’ve all done it… Gazing up at the sky and admiring the cloud formation is a fascinating pastime that can easily while away the hours. The shapes of the clouds can usually be interpreted in forms that are very familiar to us. The art of cloud reading, and divining the future using the weather, is known as aeromancy.

The Origins Of Aeromancy

Aeromancy is one of the oldest forms of divination. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that Gods were in charge of controlling the weather, and the clouds were symbolic signs that displayed the Gods’ emotions and feelings towards the people. The word ‘aeromancy’ is derived from the Greek ‘aero’  (meaning air) and ‘mateia’ (divination). It is also believed that the practice of aeromancy was also a divination method favoured by the ancient Babylonian priests.

Popular weather related Gods and Goddesses include:

  • Adad – the Babylonian God of prophecy, thunder and lightning
  • Adti – the Hindu Goddess of the sky
  • Agni – the Hindu god of the sun and lightning
  • Amon – the Egyptian God of wind, fertility and secrets
  • Tinia – the Etruscan God of lightning
  • Thor – the Norse God of thunder
  • Zeus – the Greek God of the sky

Aeromancy Classification

Aeromancy is classified as one of the seven ‘forbidden arts’ that date back to Renaissance times. The divination method combines the interpretation and reading of cloud formations, wind currents and cosmological events, like comets. Under the term ‘aeromancy’ are several sub-categories that are used to predict the future. These include:

  • Anemoscopy (also known as Austromancy) – wind divination
  • Ceraunoscopy – observing thunder and lightning
  • Chaomancy – aerial vision
  • Nephomancy – observing the movement of the clouds
  • Meteormancy – meteors and shooting stars

Aeromancy How To:

On a fine day, grab a blanket and find a quiet spot outside. Get yourself relaxed and grounded, as you think about a question that you would like an answer to. Close your eyes and focus on your question for a minute or two. When you are ready to receive your answer, open your eyes and examine the sky above for clues.

Explore the shapes of the clouds. Once you can see a clear, familiar shape examine the cloud’s position, in proximity to other clouds. You may find an expanded answer to your question, if you also interpret the shifting of the cloud formation.

Cloud reading is a personal experience. No two people will interpret a cloud in exactly the same way. Therefore the image that you identify as your answer will hold a special meaning just for you.

Common Cloud Formation Interpretations

Aeromancy can tell you a lot about yourself.

How you interpret the pattern and formation of the clouds can reveal your fears, hopes and desires. Your subconscious mind is directing you to spot particular forms that reflect your inner self.

Angels – angelic forms are connecting you with your spiritual side, and suggesting that you open up to receive guidance, and pay attention to your intuition

Babies – seeing the form of a baby or child could be showing you that you are ready to settle down

Cats – feline shapes indicate that you are expanding your natural psychic abilities

Circles – signify a feeling of completion and satisfaction with life

Buildings – skyscraper buildings reveal your inner confidence, whilst small buildings symbolise that your self-esteem and self-worth need some work

Hearts – heart shaped clouds are alerting you to the fact that love is all around you, even if you think that it is not.

May Day Traditions


May Day is celebrated on 1st May and traditionally marks the start of summer in the UK, even though the season officially begins in June. On the first day of May people get together to celebrate the warmer weather and to enjoy the 3-day Bank Holiday weekend.

The Origins Of May Day

May Day celebrations are believed to date back over 2000 years. In ancient Roman times the celebration of the start of summer was known as the festival of Flora, in honour of the goddess of fruit and flowers.

The customs and traditions of May Day, in the UK, have their roots firmly embedded in the pagan festivals that celebrate spring and fertility, and the welcoming of summer. Beltane (or the Fire of Bel), as the pagan festival is known, is usually celebrated with bonfires, rituals and feasting.

May Day in Ireland and Scotland was originally held between the spring equinox, at the end of March, and the summer solstice in June. The annual celebration is now combined into a one-day event. The present day, secular festival national holiday was introduced in 1978 by the Labour government.

May 1st is also known as International Workers Day around the world.

Typical May Day Celebrations

May Day is often associated with dancing around the maypole, Morris dancing and the crowning of the May Queen. The Green Man, who embodies the spirit of spring, is also likely to put in an appearance.

The maypole is a quaint custom with pagan traditions. During the ancient pagan festivities young trees would be cut down and stuck into the ground so that dancing rituals could be performed around them. Dancing around the colourful ribbon decorated maypole symbolises the celebration of new life.

Getting Involved

The Beltane Fire Festival, in Edinburgh, marks the traditional pagan festival and is usually held around the May Day bank holiday weekend. The event features dancing and fire displays, and typically welcomes over 12,000 people.

In Padstow, Cornwall, the ‘Obb’ Oss Day of Festivities includes music and dancing in the streets. The festival is a celebration of colour and everyone gets involved in decorating the town. Over 30,000 visitors come to see the traditional folklore Hobby Horse caricature rampage through the town.

Rochester, in Kent, hosts the annual Sweeps’ festival on May Day. This commemorates the customary one-day holiday that chimney sweeps were once allowed to enjoy. The festival features traditional Morris dancing, folk music and open-air performances.

Many villages and towns host annual May Day attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Join a May Day parade, or celebrate in traditional pagan ritual style with friends and family.

Unusual May Day Facts

In 1660 Oliver Cromwell passed legislation against maypole dancing, because he considered it to be “heathenish vanity generally abused to superstition”.

King Charles II (known as the Merry Monarch) reinstated the custom of fun and merriment. He erected a 40-metre high maypole on the Strand in London. The maypole remained in place for almost 50 years.

Some villages in Warwickshire have maypoles that can be seen on the village green all year round.

The largest maypole in the UK can be found in Barwick, Yorkshire. It measures 30 metres in height.

On May Day, it is customary for many students at the University of St Andrews to get into the spirit, by rushing naked into the sea at sunrise.