Astrology + Tarot: Cards for Your Zodiac Sign

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Astrology + Tarot


Astrology and Tarot go hand in hand, both helping us to see into the world of intuition so that we can better know ourselves and the world around us, but did you know that each zodiac sign has its own matching tarot card? Knowing these astrological tarot correspondences can really help us to learn the energies of each sign!


Aries — The Emperor


Emperor Tarot card Aries


The Emperor is all fire and strength. He is a natural born leader and does things with passion and ambition. Just like an Aries, the Emperor is very good at getting things started, planning goals and giving others that much needed encouragement to get going – he’s a powerful energy and loyal too, but sometimes he needs to learn to rely on help from others to balance out that stubborn independence!

Taurus — The Hierophant


Hierophant Tarot card Taurus


The Hierophant is about tradition, doing things the “right” way and delving into the heart of each issue, person and activity. This fits a Taurus perfectly, who likes things to be done in certain ways; slowly, methodically and taking into consideration how others have done it before. With this energy, they can penetrate to the spiritual core of an issue and help to lift others up with their guidance and unconditional love, however, you’ll have to be patient before getting there as neither the Hierophant or Taurus are known to be speedy!

Gemini — Lovers


 Lovers Tarot card Gemini


The Lovers is a somewhat misunderstood card as it is more often about a choice, communication, or the union of opposites, than of strictly romantic endeavours. Gemini is all about choices and opposites, making them great communicators but sometimes a little erratic – constantly seeking to cover all bases and connect all the dots,
  but when they do this with passion and commitment, beautiful things will arise!

Cancer — The Chariot


Chariot Tarot Card Cancer Zodiac Sign


The Chariot may seem like an odd card to represent watery Cancer, but when you look at the yin and yang sphinxes, the moons on the shoulders of the driver and the opulent castles in the background, this card speaks of having the courage to leave the stability of home, forging a path forwards using our intuition and being able to balance our soft feminine inner with our masculine outer shell – all very Cancerian things indeed!

Leo — Strength


Strength Tarot card Leo Zodiac Sign


Now this one is a little more obvious, or is it? At first we may see the lion and assume courage, confidence and outward displays of strength – like a Leo on first glance, yet this card is more about how love and compassion are the strongest of all, and encourages us to use higher means to get what we want; to trust ourselves and thus become a loyal and trustworthy person to all around us – and here we have the Leo’s soft underbelly!

Virgo — The Hermit


Hermit Tarot card Virgo Zodiac Sign


The Hermit is a solitary and wise character. When he gets tired of the superficial and busy world around him, he goes within to find answers, peace and a higher purpose, returning once he is ready to serve the world again. A Virgo is the same – both introspective and independent yet ready to do their duty, and once they’ve filled up their inner tank, they’ll work until it’s done, but not before they’ve got everything else in place.

Libra — Justice


Justice Tarot Card Libra Zodiac Sign


The scales of the Justice card tip back and forth, seeking fairness and equality and judging those who don’t abide by the same principles. You won’t find a fairer person than a Libra, though sometimes their idea of fairness comes from their own conclusions! However, they are deeply concerned with others – what they think, need and how they behave, and they’ll always address you with poise and attentive understanding.

Scorpio — Death


Death Tarot card Scorpio Zodiac Sign


All you Scorpios out there are probably sighing with your cliché Death card here, but you should be pleased to know that, despite first opinions, this is one of the most powerful and spiritual cards in the tarot deck. It represents the ability to transform, to find the inner strength to release what is no longer serving us, let go and start anew elsewhere, to look death in the face and say “let’s do it” – plus it’s pretty darn cool looking right? Just like a Scorpio! 😉

Sagittarius — Temperance


Temperance Tarot card Sagittarius Zodiac sign


Temperance and Sagittarius are both dedicated to higher purposes, whether that be philosophical thinking, travel or finding themselves. Learning what makes people tick, how to grow and improve and how to direct their energy towards something solid and balanced is the path of a Sag – but it’s not an easy one! Caution and self-control are required to ensure that the path flows ahead rather than in a confusing swirl!

Capricorn — The Devil


Devil Tarot Card Capricorn Zodiac sign


Before you judge this card Cappy, remember it’s not all bad! The Devil is about releasing self-imposed earthly restrictions (which come in many forms – food, drink, work, status, other people), and a Capricorn can sometimes be held back by these things because they care too deeply about them over their own needs. HOWEVER! This card (and sign!) has a huge ability to break free and succeed, powered on by the self-knowledge that comes of overcoming something, making them conscientious, confident and highly capable beings of light.

Aquarius — The Star


Star Tarot card Aquarius Zodiac sign


The Star is about hope and shining bright in individual ways. It is the light at the end of the tunnel and the spiritual progress needed to get there. Just like an Aquarius, the Star is concerned with the evolution of humanity and it signals a breakthrough in the old ways that may not be serving you. While both the sign and the card can sometimes be overly optimistic or detached – sitting in the heavens instead of getting down there and doing something, this is the energy of someone who will bring great change and positivity to others when they believe in themselves.

Pisces — The Moon


Moon Tarot card Pisces Zodiac sign


The Moon represents our unconscious – the hidden place where dreams and visions rule – things that a Pisces tends to be naturally very receptive to. While sometimes this can get a little foggy in places or change with the tides, the Moon indicates deep compassion and, just like a Pisces, an ability to get in touch with our spiritual, emotional, feminine side so that we can bring a light of spiritual understanding and love to the world.

So, did you resonate with your tarot card at all? I’d love to hear what it brought up for you!

And if you want some more personalised tarot/astrology help, check out this week’s horoscope videos where I pick a card for the week for each sign.
Ellie Rose x

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The purpose of gemstones in a psychic reading

Not only are gemstones a bi-product of the mixture of different minerals found in rocks, but they also hold beautiful, healing characteristics when used in psychic and spiritual readings. There are many varieties of gemstones and the way in which they are used, but for psychics and tarot readers in particular, gemstones are a powerful tool that enhance and clarify their clients reading.

How are they used?

Like all natural and element based tools in psychic work, gemstones are a source of energy that heighten the spiritual self and also promote healing. You may find when attending a psychic reading that the reader will have gemstones laid out on the table in front of them. This is to re-balance the energies that are presented in the room between the reader and yourself, but mainly so the reader can tune into the spirits or their intuition more closely for a clearer outcome.

What types of gemstones are there and what do they mean?

Below are just some of the popular gemstones used in readings and they all pay a crucial role in optimising the reader’s vision.

    Clear Quartz – Clear Quartz is a highly recommended stone in psychic readings as it will amplify the reader’s ability to hear or see messages that are struggling to come across. Clear Quartz allows the reader to sift the higher spiritual messages from the irrelevant, making this particular gemstone a very popular tool.

    Amethyst – Amethysts are a very popular gemstone and are used in jewellery and other hand-made crafts. Their natural properties enable deeper mental control and awareness of messages and meanings that are presented either in everyday life or a reading. Amethysts range from a light lavender colour right through to deep purples and come in a range of sizes and cuts.

    Tigers Eye – Named after the pattern that surrounds the stone which mimics a tiger’s eye, this gemstone highlights the strengths and weaknesses within the psychic themselves and helps to recognise the talents and abilities that they possess, meaning they can concentrate on working towards a higher spiritual self.

Tarot card spreads: What you need to know

Tarot readers can practice tarot readings with not only different decks of cards, but also in the different ways in which they lay them out in front of them when giving a reading: this is called a tarot card spread. Each type of tarot spread follows an alternative pattern to how the cards are read and the reader is more than likely to choose this based on their own personal preference.

Below we have outlined just some of the many types of tarot card spreads that your professional reader may use during your cheap tarot reading.


The Tetraktys spread explores everything from the most basic physical elements of the body to your spiritual self. The cards in the tarot spread represent: fire, air, water, earth, creator, sustainer, destroyer, light, dark and premise.

Cross and Triangle Spread

The cross and triangle spread is concerned with the overall direction your life is going to take. This involves answering questions that are concerning you in the present and the future. These cards represent: life force, thoughts, emotions, spirit, physical self, opposing forces, other opposing forces, necessary energies to call upon and question outcome.

Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic cross card spread is the most popular and widely used spread by tarot readers today. Like the cross and triangle spread, each card will answer a question that you wish to shed light on in your life: the significator, the crossing, the foundation, the recent past, the crown, the future, emotions, external forces, hopes and desires and the outcome. All of these will lead to a clearer path towards your future.


Relationship Spread

The relationship spread is used to interpret a relationship between two parties by exploring the needs of both. These cards represent: how you view your partner and vice versa, your needs, your partner’s needs, the current state of the relationship, the path you would like it to follow and vice versa, aspects to consider and question outcome.

What to expect from a tarot reading: a first timer’s guide

It is no surprise that many people are sceptical about their first tarot reading and what to expect, with questions going unanswered. Here at Psychic Future, we want to help you find peace in the knowledge of our professional tarot readers and to make sure you are comfortable when knowing what to expect from an in-depth, cheap tarot reading.


Preparation for your reading


Whether you are participating in a phone or email tarot reading, all of the factors presented below will be representative of both so there is no need to change your mind-set if you decide to try both at separate times.

Our psychic readers want you to feel at ease when giving your reading so it is always best if you can take yourself away from crowded places to somewhere calming without any distractions. This could be your bedroom, garden or park if you know that the location will be appropriate when reading or listening back to your chosen psychic. Not only will you be mindful of the quiet surroundings, but your physical being will be relaxed too.



Keep an open mind


One of the most important factors of preparing for a tarot reading is to keep an open mind as to what will come out of it. If you are expecting miracles to happen or that you will find all of your answers to your situation or problem in the reading, then try to change your mind-set at this point.

Your tarot reader is there to help and advise you on your personal situation, but cannot come up with a concrete solution to these. It is also worth noting at this point that you should never expect your reader to be 100% accurate; your future can change in a split-second and your psychic reader may not be able to see this coming. What you can expect, however, is a guided path to different scenarios that may come out of your situation. As for this, you are able to pick out the best solution that the reader recommends and put into reality if you feel happy to do so.


Are there ‘bad cards’ in a deck?

In short, no. However there are a few things you should know about two cards in particular that normally puts fear into unsuspecting first time tarot participants. It is always good to understand the cards before your reading, so you have background knowledge on the signs and meanings of what you could receive.


The death card

If the death card is dealt by the tarot reader, do not fear for the worst! Even though this card may ring alarm bells to anyone who receives it, it doesn’t represent the physical death that we would normally associate it with. It could, however, mean that there is a future end to something in your life, being a relationship, job role or willingness to let go of something that is out of your control – a part of you ‘dying’ as it were.

The devil card

Again, this particular card can denote evil and torment occurring in your future circumstances to the first time tarot reading recipient. However, the devil in tarot reading actually represents our ego and inner demons of materialism and addiction. If you receive this card in your reading it may signify the need for you to look closely at your priorities as a whole. Are you putting materialistic features of your life before your friends and family? What drives your ego and is this affecting your happiness? These are both questions that could relate to the devil card. On the other hand, it is a good indicator of positive omens in relationships as it can identify unbreakable bonds between two people.



What can I expect from my tarot reader?

Regardless of who you choose to read your professional and knowledgeable tarot reading, be reassured that they will be participating in your reading with 100% confidentiality and trust, whatever your question might be. There will be no judgemental comments towards whatever situation you bring to the virtual table. Expect a friendly and deeply honest service from your tarot reader, this in itself should cure any pre-reading doubts. Most importantly, relax and listen to what positives will be coming your way if you are finding yourself in a difficult position in the current moment!