Venus Retrograde – Lessons on Self-Love

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Venus Retrograde is happening from 6th October to 15th November and within this time we’ve got a lot of lessons to learn about love, in particular, the love we have for ourselves! This may manifest in some uncomfortable relationship issues, but this is just Venus trying to get you to see a better way of relating to yourself and others.

So, what’s in store for us during this Venus Retrograde season?
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A New Grasp on Self-Love during Venus Retrograde

There’s a common misconception that self-love looks like bubble baths and getting your hair done, but it’s so much more than that and Venus is gonna try and show us!

Self-love is more about knowing who you are and where you’ve come from and allowing yourself to make mistakes along the way.

So often, we beat ourselves up for not being everything we want to be or not being good at the things we try so hard to achieve, but we forget that we’re only human, just like everyone else!

If one of your friends or family were trying their best at something, you wouldn’t keep on at them telling them they weren’t good enough, would you? So why do it to yourself?!

Venus Retrograde Tip:

By all means take a bubble bath and get your hair done – that stuff feels good! But also take some time out to make a list of all the things that make you awesome. If you make a mistake during Venus Retrograde, try and treat yourself with the same patience you would give someone else.
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Shiny New Boundaries

Venus Retrograde will be trying to teach us to put ourselves first. If you’re the kind of person that attends to everyone’s needs before your own, you’ll no doubt feel this one quite strongly! Venus might throw extra responsibilities your way, pushing you to your limit of how much you will do for others – if you even have a limit?!

If this is the case and you find yourself swamped in other people’s expectations, just take a step back and think about your own needs as a priority that is equal if not more important than everything else.

Ask yourself how much you can realistically take on? And whether or not you could turn some other stuff down if you need to?

Venus Retrograde will be trying to show us how to establish better boundaries and not let other people disrespect those boundaries – whether that’s by expecting you to do something for them or treating you badly. A lot of us assume that having healthy boundaries and self-love is selfish, and in a way, it is, but only when we’ve filled up our own cup can we pour for others!

Venus Retrograde Tip:

Try to write down some personal boundaries for yourself about the way you want to be treated. These can be as simple as: “I will not accept phone calls after 9pm” or “if someone is rude to me I will walk away” then recognise when people are taking advantage or expecting too much from you. Practice saying no in a mirror if you have to!
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While Venus Retrograde might throw some relationship curveballs in your path, if you can master these two tips: self-love and healthy boundaries, you’ll find yourself coming out the other end of this retrograde period feeling empowered and loved – by yourself – and that’s the most important kind of love.

Ellie Rose xx

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Natural Love – Relationship Advice from Psychic Caz

Hello, I’m Psychic Caz PIN 6323. I’m a Psychic Tarot and Angel Card Reader from Northern Ireland. I’d like to offer you some easy-to-follow love and relationship advice today. I’ve used my long experience of listening to and helping my clients to offer you these insights.
Psychic Caz
When somebody shows you a little bit of attention it can make you feel flattered and excited, just knowing that you are attractive and interesting to others. It can take you on a journey that you hadn’t thought was possible, as you are swept off your fee in a whirlwind of romance and charm.

Beware though, as this can have its negative points, along with its positive ones.

If you already know this individual (perhaps you are good friends), there is a chance that if a romantic relationship doesn’t work out, your friendship could then be at risk.
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Another thing to think about, if you do not know anything about one another, you are taking that person as you find them, trusting every word they say, without knowing if they are speaking the truth.

Putting these negative points to the side, it is such an exciting time when you are on the receiving end of love and attention from another individual. Enjoy those early days when you are spending time in each other’s company and getting know one another.
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The key factor is not to have to high of expectations, then you won’t be disappointed at any time. Relax your mind and keep your heart open to the idea of love and the opportunities that it brings to you.

Keeping your heart open to love and what it has got to offer is the key to finding happiness. However, the heart is a very fragile organ, and can be left very much broken when things go wrong.
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When in a relationship, effort must be mutually given, and be a two-sided connection. Do not make the mistake of being the only one who puts in the effort or does all the running. This will certainly leave to a breakdown in the future.
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Trusting your own instinct is very important, if you feel that something is wrong, or just doesn’t ring true in your mind, then do not sit back and not do anything. Question it and show that you will not simply lie down and accept everything you are told.

Never stay in a relationship that is clearly not working. It will not improve. Never make excuses for the negative behaviour of another towards you, or convince yourself you are staying for all the right reasons. If it doesn’t feel right, finish it sooner rather than later.
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It is always better to be on your own for a little while and be happy than to be in a relationship that is not working, and which is making you feel unhappy and miserable.

Nevertheless, do not look for problems that do not exist. If a relationship is going well, and you feel a close and special chemistry with that person, and it just feels right in your heart and mind, welcome and embrace the moment.

And remember, for somebody else to love and respect you…you must first love and respect yourself!

Love and Light,

Psychic Caz x – PIN 6323 

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