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What Does Your 2017 Horoscope Predict For You?


With 2016 in the rear-view mirror, any past baggage can now be shrugged off in pursuit of new horizons. 2017 is here and waiting for you, but what can you expect? What new challenges and opportunities will come your way?

Having insight to such things will help you to grow and progress spiritually. These predictions, like other spiritual related readings can also you help you deal with adversity and to embrace positive change.  So let’s have it, what’s instore for us in the year of 2017.


For Aries, 2017 is going to be an adventure, and a fun one at that. From your partnerships to progress in your long term career, you will start to formulate a game plan as to how tackle these two important factors in your life.


Peace and harmony will be coming your way in 2017, Taurus. You will be planning something others do not know about, preparing for a life that will give you the freedom and liberty that you have been desiring.


Geminis in 2017 need to remember not be too hyperactive as big changes are on the horizon. You will want to be calm, level headed and make sure to prepare and plan when undergoing server moves in your career.


Choices and how to deal with them will be the name of the game for Cancer in 2017. You will need to embrace the strong connections you feel to your family and only then will you be able embrace what life has in store for you and live 2017 to the fullest.


Blessings will surely find their way to all those that are Leo this year. Luck will be on your side and you will want to enjoy the happiness that surrounds you, allowing yourself to be proactive and make the right decisions on your own terms. There is no need to hang around this year.


Diplomacy will be high on the agenda for Virgo. Making sure to handle decisions smartly — especially things from the past — will be of the utmost importance. But your analytical mind will help guide you through as long as you embrace your critical side.


Appreciating your creative side and expressing all that is innovative about you will help bring Libra to a place of real discovery in 2017. Lead by example and know that there are no limits. Have confidence in your actions and don’t be afraid of making those tricky, tough decisions.


You will want your past behind you in 2017. You will go after your goals, and be ready for truly wonderful and exciting experiences that will make the year one to remember. Love and travel can also turn out to be rather breath-taking if you are ready to act and take those lucky opportunities.


While your professional endeavours will be challenging in 2017, they will be equally profitable. Your romantic life will have never been better and with a strong mind and clear thoughts, your enthusiasm for the future will guide you to some real progress and enact change in your world view.


Considering your normal practical outlook on life, 2017 forecasts a year of innovation beyond your usual sphere. Peace will be with you and once you’ve weighed your options you will be able to be bold in your approach to the year’s challenges. With family and friends by your side, 2017 will eventually be one of harmony.


By looking within yourself and going with your heart, 2017 should allow you to excel at anything you go after with pride and passion. The work will be hard but the rewards will be opulent. With these tools you will be able to bring about the change you desire and find the love you’re looking for from others.


2017 will allow you to look at life with a positive frame of mind and a new level of composure. The level headedness and peace you are experiencing will be the secret formula you will need to make great strides in your personal and professional life. If you stay true to your beliefs and attack your goals, 2017 will be one of fulfilment.


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How to stay spiritually well this winter

The NHS estimate that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects around one in 15 people in the UK between the months of September and April. However, many more people experience associated symptoms in less severity, which include low moods, difficulty sleeping, lethargy and anxiety. This is what we tend to call the ‘winter blues’. Whether it’s miserable weather, lack of light or simply the cold of winter that’s getting you down, there are plenty of mechanisms you can use to stay mentally and spiritually well throughout the winter season. We’ve teamed up with some leading experts to come up with the complete guide to staying healthy and positive during winter.


Set some realistic goals


Setting goals

The winter can be a de-motivating time of year, when it is much easier to get home and curl up in your pyjamas than to keep busy. Becoming lethargic and inactive can lead to a lack of personal fulfilment and the feeling that life is passing you by. This is why setting yourself personal goals is so important. But be gentle with yourself – set realistic tasks. As Geoff Woods from the spirituality website The ONE Thing points out, “a lot of times, people make a list and then they just start taking action based on whatever task is easiest.” He says:

“What we recommend is taking that list and applying priority to it. If you could do one thing, what would be the one thing you could do, such that by doing it would make staying spiritually and emotionally well during the holiday season easier?”

Whether this is taking up yoga, writing an article or simply going to bed earlier, completing a challenge will give you a real sense of achievement to carry you through the winter. Geoff also comments:

“Oftentimes people say that they want to stay emotionally well. But what’s the why behind it? What’s the long-term pay-off for you? Holding that pay-off in your mind to drive you through your every day will help you.”


Work through your feelings


Phone conversation


Jim Tolles from Spiritual Awakening Process says that although the winter blues can be a difficult experience, it also provides us with “an opportunity to investigate the feelings that make us feel poorly.” He recommends many kinds of spiritual tools such as meditation, breath work, and journaling, saying: “it’s nothing magical, but it takes self-discipline and a willingness to sit with pain at times. Letting go of painful issues and illusions can lessen the blow of any winter blues you might feel and improve your general experience of life for the rest of the year.”

He continues, “Any time or season when an unhappy feeling comes up, go towards the feeling. Embrace it. Sit with it. When you resolve issues that emerge during the winter months, you can turn an annual low point into a season of transformation.”

You may find that you need guidance with processing your feelings and understanding why you are experiencing the winter blues. If this is the case, a psychic reading or spiritual consultation is a brilliant way to gain insight and support from an expert who can take you through the various stages of coming to terms with – and ultimately overcoming – your winter low.




Image credit: Ben White (Unsplash)


Once you understand the causes of your seasonal low, you can begin implementing spiritual practices to improve your mood throughout the winter. Geoff Woods explains that the technique he chose to use when he felt the need for spiritual development was meditation. “I knew the one thing I could do was to start meditating and make that a habit,” he says. However, he explains, “the mistake most people make when they want to start any habit including meditating is they bite off more than they can chew. They’ll say ‘I want to start meditating for ten minutes a day’ when they have no track record, no history of ever being able to meditate for ten minutes a day consistently.”

Mediation is one of the first things people decide to do if they want to experience spiritual growth, but meditating successfully is more difficult than it might seem. Geoff describes how he began by aiming to meditate for just a minute per day, saying: “I set the bar for success at a minute, that way I started to build momentum, because most people fail because they set the bar too high, and when they come in under it they feel like a failure.”

Take it slowly with meditation, ensuring that you are truly centring yourself and clearing your mind of the feelings that may be contributing to your seasonal low. Quality is much more important than quantity here: just a minute of focused mediation will be more spiritually healing than ten semi-concentrated minutes. Remember to know your limits and build on them gradually, as Geoff reiterates, “the key is can do. It’s not want to do, think you should do or must do, it’s what you actually can do.”




Recreational reading


Although it’s important not to allow yourself to get in a rut during the winter, the cold, dark evenings can provide the perfect time to recuperate. As Bodhipaksa from Wildmind says: “When the temperatures plummet and the days become shorter, we have a perfect opportunity, as we retreat indoors, to connect more deeply with ourselves and with others. Some winters I’ve gone on meditation retreats for a week or two — sometimes in solitude, and other times in the company of others — meditating deeply and experiencing stillness. Other years I’ve stayed at home, spending more time on reading, reflecting, and spending time with family and friends.”

There is great value to be found in occasionally taking it easy during the winter after the busy social calendar of the summer and before the Christmas rush. Whether you do this through reading, relaxing or enjoying a cup of coffee with friends, stillness will reinvigorate you if taken in moderation. As Bodhipaksa suggests, “This is recreation in the purest sense, where we “re-create” ourselves and our lives. Winter for me is a time to spiritually regenerate, and for nursing and nurturing the flames of my core values. As Camus wrote, “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”


Get creative


Creative painting


With more time spent indoors during the winter, we are left with plenty of scope for trying out new things. As Katie Dalebout, author of Let it Out: A Journey through journaling comments, “the winter is a great time to hunker down and create. I love that about the winter, I don’t have to feel bad about spending more time inside writing and reading with a cup of tea.” Be it drawing, painting, redecorating, writing, knitting or any other hobby you enjoy, make the most of winter to learn new skills and enjoy being creative. The act of creating something of your own can be incredibly motivational and bring a big boost to your mood.


Connect with Mother Nature


Spending time outdoors


Although there are benefits to be found by staying in and stimulating your imagination during winter, it is important to get outside, too. A lack of connection with nature can make us feel claustrophobic, lethargic and uninspired. So even if the weather isn’t fantastic, make sure to get outdoors. Bodhipaksa says, “In Winter, the outdoor world has a more serene and reflective quality to it. There’s a Zen-like simplicity to nature in the winter months. There’s less detail to distract us, and of course fewer people, and I find I spend more time on beaches in the winter than I do in the summer. This spiritual benefit of communing with the stillness of nature is beautifully summed up in Wallace Steven’s great poem “The Snow Man,” where he writes of the one,

‘…who listens in the snow,

And, nothing himself, beholds

Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is…’”



How to deal with a spiritual awakening ‘hangover’

So you’ve made a spiritual breakthrough. You’ve suddenly gained insight into your own personal growth or a larger purpose that has made you feel more balanced, more connected and wiser. Or, perhaps you’ve recently felt these emotions and are now feeling at something of a loss. Do you feel as though your personal discovery isn’t fitting with your daily life after your spiritual awakening? Are you struggling to carry on as normal? If so, you may well be experiencing a ‘spiritual hangover’.


Blogger Ariane Hunter perfectly describes the process of the spiritual hangover:

“As you re-evaluate everything in your life, you find yourself feeling exhausted and completely drained.  Your mind is on overload, your body is tense, and your emotions have just gone through the ringer.”


Emilie from Puttylike points out that these emotions are common not only after spiritual breakthroughs, but also following achievements and highs of any sort. She poses the questions:

“Do you ever work really hard at something, only to reach your end goal and then feel… well, a little underwhelmed? You wonder what happened to that sense of accomplishment you had been working toward and you may even feel guilty for not being able to appreciate all your hard work and the praise you’re receiving from others.”


Emilie explains that there is a common pattern surrounding personal highs. First is the “initial thrill of working toward something you are passionate about”. This is followed by the feeling of “underwhelm once that thing is finally complete”, and finally the “slowly returning satisfaction and sense of gratification”. Although in most cases we do eventually reach this sense of gratification and growth after a spiritual breakthrough, sometimes the ‘comedown’ period can put a dampener on your sense of achievement. If you aren’t prepared to deal with one, it may last longer than necessary – but it certainly doesn’t need to hinder your overall spiritual growth. Here are our top tips for dealing with a spiritual hangover…


Take a moment to reflect


Ariane says that immediately after a spiritual awakening, people should take a moment to reflect upon their experience and register exactly what is happening to them. She says: “Tune into your body and resist the urge to react right away. This is the ego’s need to move too quickly rather than rest in this new state of being. We run the risk of acting too impulsively or thinking we have it all figured out before we’ve really taken the time to connect with this new realization.”

Taking this time to sit with your spiritual realisation and let it sink in will prevent your new understanding from dissipating before you have a real grasp on it, which would leave you feeling particularly unfulfilled. The more you are aware of your feelings and understanding at this stage, the more you can look back to it as you adjust to normal life once more.


Talk to someone about your realisations


The next thing to do is to share your experience. Not only is this the perfect way to really unpick the new knowledge you have acquired through your spiritual experience, but it will also help others by sharing your newfound wisdom. Ariane urges, “When you’re ready, talk to 2 or 3 trusted friends or a mentor about what you’ve discovered. Sharing your experiences with others who can understand what you’re going through will be extremely important. This creates a healthy sense of validation which will be so vital to you in this process.”

One of the best ways to talk through your spiritual experience is to go for a psychic reading. Here, a trained professional can coach you through your discoveries, telling you exactly what your spiritual revelation means and how you can implement your new knowledge into your life going forward.


Remind yourself that you deserve to feel pride


Emilie comments that there is huge importance in simply allowing yourself to feel fulfilled after an achievement – spiritual or otherwise. She says, “Learning to give yourself praise will also help lessen the feeling that you are undeserving of happiness. Become okay with feeling proud and content. You have worked hard and you deserve to feel good about yourself.” If you don’t allow yourself this luxury soon after your spiritual awakening, you may feel resentful or at a loss later on.


Stop deriving validation from others


One of the main causes of a ‘spiritual hangover’ is what individuals perceive to be the negative influence of others. You may feel like a new person with new values, but the people you interact with on a daily basis may not have had the same realisations, which can be frustrating. It is important to remember that you cannot expect everyone to understand your new values immediately.

However, more important is reminding yourself not to value the worth of your experience on others’ opinions. Emilie advises that “allowing our emotions and our sense of self to be swayed so easily by other peoples’ reactions is dangerous. If our self-esteem is at the whim of other people’s opinions, then our emotions are going to wax-and-wane constantly, depending on what others say. Plus, we are never going to feel fulfilled as we will always be looking outside for that continuous validation.” Remember that it is your own feelings about your spiritual awakening that count, and yours alone.


Set new goals


Once you have come to terms with your new level of spiritual connection, you may begin to feel frustrated as the spiritual comedown sets in and you lose that sense of fulfilment. Emilie recommends that the best way to overcome this is by setting new goals. She says, “The sooner you get your mind off the old project and onto a new goal, the sooner this feeling of disappointment will go away.” Don’t rush to make the next discovery so quickly that it all passes you by, but keep in mind your next goal for spiritual growth and you will be left with the optimism and inspiration that motivates self-development.


Accept that it’s ok


As David Markus explains in his article “Spiritual hangover: Coming down from the mountain”, achieving the balance of exploration and rest is important in all aspects of spiritual life:

“Too much and we risk burning out; too little and we risk fizzling out. Just as tides wash in and out, so does spiritual intensity. That’s why we need mountain tops and gently rolling plains, peak experiences and routine, moments that stand out and later places and spaces that reflect awareness back to those peak moments from exactly where we are.”

Markus argues that this feeling of deflation after a notable achievement or spiritual breakthrough is necessary. He says, “We must return after the peak experience of the High Holy Days. We must feel some sense of spiritual hangover, burnout or let down. This is the very downdraft that propels us into the rest of our year, and prompts us to seek meaning”. He continues, “This gentle return to “real world” routine is a key spiritual goal in itself” – we should not be striving for a constant epiphany, but for ways to improve ourselves and use a spiritual awakening to be better in our everyday lives.


Remain spiritually open


Ariane suggests that the last hurdle in overcoming a spiritual hangover is often the most important. She says that it is essential to be open to what comes next: “After the hangover is long gone and you’re left with this lasting new wisdom, you will be drawn to new ideas, possibilities, and experiences. Be willing to try, create, and experiment with it all.”

The spiritual meaning and uses of crystals: Agate

One of the most important tools for any psychic are crystals. Gemstones can be used to develop individuals’ psychic intuition, correcting unbalanced vibrations, making clients more receptive and open to personal exploration.

They can also be used for a number of purposes such as offering emotional protection and cleansing the psyche.

Recently we posted an article exploring the spiritual meaning and uses of quartz, and this week we are uncovering the psychic significance of agate crystals, and how they can be used in spiritual readings. Agate is famously used in spiritual healing to balance the energies, heal the soul and foster courage and calm.

However, the metaphysical properties of specific types of agate depend on its variety. So, here are some of the most popular forms of agate and why they are important for enhancing your spirituality.

Blue lace Agate

If you’re having problems expressing your feelings, or have encountered a communicational barrier in a relationship, blue lace agate is the perfect crystal to cure your woes. This stone helps us to speak confidently and clearly, ensuring that we communicate what we mean and that what we say is received as such. It can also be used to calm and cleanse the emotions, attune the senses and allowing you to think clearly.

Dendritic Agate

Dendritic agate is known for being one of the most powerful stones for protecting individuals on their travels. Preventing fatigue and reducing the chances of encountering accidents, this crystal allows us to leave our comfort zone in security.

It is also known as the ‘Stone of Plenitude’ as it brings abundance to life, creating luck everywhere from our financial affairs to our personal emotions. Although it takes time to work in its full effectiveness, dendritic agate can centre the individual and deepen the connection with the earth.

Fire Agate

Despite the assumptions its name might conjure, Fire agate is primarily associated with bringing peace and calmness to the soul, making it very useful for comforting individuals in spiritual readings where they are confused or in turmoil.

This multi-tasking gemstone is able to dispel negative energy back to its source and make the source aware of the harm it is doing and instil deep security in the individual. However, at the same time, crackled fire agate is able to stimulate vitality and creativity, which, according to Healing with Crystals, can re-invigorate couples’ love lives.

Laguna Agate

Laguna agate is the perfect crystal for use in couples’ or families’ spiritual readings, as it helps bond groups and restore relationships. It also stimulates the imagination and inspiration, making it perfect for writers and artists. Laguna agate also stimulates precision and the intellect in general, making it useful for individuals faced with complex tasks and mathematical or financial endeavours.

Moss Agate

Moss agate is understood to promote a deep connection between the spiritual being and the psychical body. Through protecting the aura, moss agate neutralises fears and allows the mind to remain open to new ideas, which is incredibly valuable in spiritual readings because it makes clients receptive to learn about their problems through a psychic’s perspective. It also increases trust and stimulates universal love, connecting individuals with the land, according to Wicca.

Botswana Agate

Botswana agate, otherwise known as purple agate, is a potent crystal for alleviating stress and depression. Increasing emotional understanding and empathy, this form of agate can actually stimulate spiritual awakening. It offers protection for the super-sensitive and eases feelings of loneliness.

However, Botswana agate also helps individuals find solutions to their problems, opening clients up to explore unknown territory and see the bigger picture during spiritual readings.

Turritella Agate

Turritella agate is unique in that it contains fossilised snail shells which create the visible circular shapes in the stone. This ancient stone was discovered alongside artefacts from ancient Greece, Egypt, and other parts of Africa, so it is perhaps unsurprising that it is so powerful in giving individuals insight into their history.

As a record keeper crystal, it may be used in spiritual and psychic readings to discover one’s ancestry and to gain access to the wisdom of past worlds and past lives.

Good habits you need to implement into your life

Implementing good habits into your life can enhance your happiness and health. If you are going through an important time in your life and need to change the way you work, or just need some ways to enrich your everyday life, changing bad habits into good and positive ones can help.

It is never too late to implement good habits into your routine either. Sometimes we don’t even realise we have habits, but to others they can stand out like a sore thumb and become irritating over time. Although it is your decision to change these, it is worth asking yourself if altering your habits could have a better impact towards new and existing friendships and relationships and psychic readings are a great way of indicating this.

The first port of call when implementing good habits is replacing the old/bad ones. Quitting smoking, for instance, is at the top of everyone’s list alongside getting fitter and healthier in the New Year. Many people are able to stick to good habits and some others aren’t, it’s all about will power and persistence. If you are in the midst of practicing one of these good habits, it is worth setting goals at the end of a period of time. For example, when you have gone without a cigarette for one week, award yourself with a new piece of clothing or something that will signify accomplishment.

Other good habits to include are:

    Reading a book.

    Implement time for mindfulness, even if it’s just for a few minutes out of your day.

    Limit your time that you spend on your phone, social media in particular.

    Where you would rather take the car to the shops for your Sunday newspaper, get out into the fresh air.

    Instead of dreading Mondays and the start of the working week, switch your mind-set and see it as a great reason to make it better than the previous week, physically and mentally.

Psychic Future’s Guide to Chakras

Let the flow of energy throughout your body work continuously and in harmony with the rest of your physical being.

Our simple guide to chakras will give you everything you need to know on how to practice meditating and exercise each point of the seven chakras.

What are the seven chakras?

The seven chakras are seven points of the body, which, once aligned, create optimum body and mind functioning.

If one of the seven points of the chakras are blocked or isn’t maintained, it can often lead to illness, making irrational decisions or can influence negative behaviour that you wouldn’t normally associate with your true self.

It’s important to understand what each chakra represents, where it is located in the body and how, through meditation, it can strengthen positivity and well-being, just like spiritual readings. Practising the system of chakras and understanding the healing and spiritual aspects of the meditative process is easy too. Many people take part in this type of meditation daily, but it can be done any time and at your own pace. It will become second nature through practice and understanding of your own body. describes the alignment of the chakras as being a whole system of personal healing: “Chakra balancing is viewed as a rebalancing of energies at all levels, including physical, emotional and psychic. The chakras as a whole form an energy system, relating specifically to a number of points or sites in the body.”



Crown Chakra

Location: The top of the head.

Related body areas: Central nervous system and the cerebral cortex.

Represents: Spiritual will/self, idealism and perfection. It also focusses on the union of definite and indefinite intelligence with human nature.

Third Eye Chakra

Location: The centre of the forehead.

Related areas: Temple and the pituitary gland. The eyes, nose and mouth.

Represents: Vision, imagination and wisdom. Concentration is also a main feature of this chakra and is needed when meditating, focusing on the present and letting go of the past, freeing the future.

Throat Chakra

Location: Throat and neck area.

Related areas: Throat, mouth and the thyroid gland.

Represents: Communication, sound and creative intelligence through sound and writing which demonstrates knowledge, loyalty and truth.


Heart Chakra

Location: Centre of the chest.

Related areas: The heart, circulatory system, lungs, arms and hands.

Represents: Balance and peace. Unconditional love, understanding and acceptance through the centre of the soul.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Below chest, stomach area.

Related areas: The stomach, abdominal muscles and liver.

Represents: Warmth, confidence and self-esteem. This area focuses on the physical energy of the body and the nervous sensitivity produced in certain situations. It is the centre of human recognition.


Sacral Chakra

Location: Lower abdomen.

Related areas: The womb, ovaries and the spleen.

Represents: Procreation, sexual desire and harmony. The lower abdomen is the location at which the body adapts to new ideas and change, focusing on tolerance.

Root Chakra

Location: Base of the spine, tailbone.

Related areas: The kidneys, spine, legs and bones.

Represents: The power to recreate and the survival instinct. Courage and grounding is grown out of the root chakra and this area also takes hold of the stability and vitality in life.

By acknowledging the areas of the body that are associated, you will realise how easy it is to create one flowing movement of energy throughout the body. Visual meditation is a good technique to apply to this. Every chakra has its own vibrational frequency which is depicted through colours (see diagram above).


Practicing chakra meditation


chakra meditation

Image Credit: We Are Social (

This element of chakra meditation will become more meaningful over time as you learn more about your body.

Being in the moment will provide you with total relaxation and will allow you to focus on the chakras that need total focus, attention and TLC. Patience is key when meditating as practice, after all, does make perfect.

Here is a guide to how you can practice chakra meditation easily and comfortably:

  1. Just like any type of meditation, start off by making sure you are in an environment that is calm, relaxed and closed off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This could be your bedroom, your garden or a place where you can ‘just be’.
  2. Choose whichever position you feel comfortable, it doesn’t necessarily have to be sitting in the lotus position with your legs crossed and hands resting on your knees. If it is more comfortable to lay on your back or with your legs stretched out then do so; chakra meditation is all about you.
  3. Once you have settled yourself, start by taking some deep breaths. Breathe in for four seconds and out for eight. Repeat this until you find yourself relaxing into the space around you.
  4. Aligning your chakras is all about starting from the bottom up, so in this case, the root chakra. Imagine a red glow (as seen in the diagram above) in the area of the root chakra and hold it there for two to three seconds. Once the glow has disappeared, concentrate on how that area feels and release any tension that may be held here.
  5. Repeat the same exercise for the remaining six chakras, concentrating on the colour of the glow for each; orange for the sacral chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra etc.
  6. Spend an extra amount of seconds on the crown chakra. The purple glow associated with this chakra may turn white and this is the point at which your chakras are aligned.
  7. Take a few moments to examine your body and acknowledge how positive it feels to spend some time with just you, your body and mind.

How to optimise emotional healing

Trying to pick yourself up after a difficult time in your life can be hard, especially if it was something close to your heart. We all know that it takes time for the physical body and the mind to recover fully from disappointment and grief, but in order for you to get back up on your feet and start living again as soon as possible, we have come up with some tips on how to optimise emotional healing.

Don’t ignore your feelings

After all the pain you have been through, the first thing you want to do is stand up to your emotions or at least talk to someone about how you are feeling. Ignoring your emotions can lead to them manifesting into something a lot worse than they already are, so when you feel strong enough to, write down how you are feeling and get your raw thoughts onto paper as this will help for a clearer mind, or even consider free psychic readings to help you see a clearer path to your future.

Be yourself

It’s easy to forget yourself and the ‘real’ you amidst the chaos and struggle, but never forget to be yourself. Of course it’s OK to have negative emotions sometimes, but don’t let this overrule your permanent state of mind. A positive mind can have a positive impact on the rest of your life, making it easier to optimise emotional healing in the long run.

Love yourself first

The key to happiness is to always love yourself first before turning to anyone else. Self-happiness and self-love is a key component of the healing process and you will learn a lot about yourself by doing so. Take small steps such as buying some new clothes, new furniture or something meaningful to you so you can learn to love you again and your surroundings.

Top tips for proficient goal setting

Having the chance to sit down and reflect on what you would like to achieve in the next few months or next year is important, either through writing down your goals or taking the time out for an in-depth psychic reading. It’s also easy to forget the importance of realistic and achievable goal setting when there is pressure on yourself to get the job done quickly. That’s why we have some simple tips for proficient goal setting in today’s somewhat stress-filled world.

Proficient goal setting

Goal setting is the route of all success and can be a really helpful tool, not only in your professional career but your personal life too. Having trouble seeing where you want to be on the career ladder in several years’ time? Want to achieve your personal best in a particular sport and not sure how to? Setting tangible and effective goals for self-fulfilling results is a major part of every individual’s life; it’s an evolutionary trait. Follow these steps to easy, proficient goal setting:


Make sure that your goals are specifically tailored to you and no one else. Having outside influences that could change your path or direction towards your goal may hinder your achievements and success.


When you are setting out your goals, it is important to give yourself enough time to complete them. If you are in a rush or don’t acknowledge the barriers you may face when you’re heading towards the finishing line, it could have a negative effect on a positive outcome.

Change of path

Take one step at a time and try not to panic if you face a hurdle. If this happens, take a moment to stop, breathe and make a confident plan.

These steps, as well as letting go of your insecurities and what you think you can’t achieve, will lead you into a world of success and happiness. Take your first steps towards the rewards of goal setting today.

How to make long distance relationships work

So you’ve met the love of your life, your other half and best friend, you’re on cloud nine. But it turns out they live miles away from you, or even halfway across the globe, and your world starts to shrink. Some people can identify with this feeling, but people who haven’t experienced long distance relationships before can find it particularly hard to cope with the separation between them and their partners. If you are going through this problem and need some advice, then take a look at how you can still be happy in love regardless of the space between you.


Working on the important things

It is really easy to overthink the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘what happens when…’ sorts of questions when it comes to long distance relationships. Instead of getting stressed and anxious of what could go wrong, focus on the things that are going right in the present. It’s easier said than done, but with time you will begin to understand the importance of living for the moment and appreciating what you have.

Try to make small and realistic plans and goals to work towards, like those that would come out of a psychic reading. This way you won’t be disappointed if something doesn’t go in your favour or unexpected events happen that are out of your control.


It won’t be forever

Remember, that if you truly love each other and plan to spend the rest of your lives together, the distance won’t be forever. Communication is key in every aspect of a relationship and try to understand that this equally goes for couples who see each other every day. Don’t make the distance get in the way of the most valuable factor in any relationship. If you work on your plans whilst setting realistic goals along the way, you will soon be in the comfort of each other’s presence every day.