Year of the Pig: Chinese Zodiac

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The Chinese New Year is on 5th February and for 2019 we’re entering the year of the Pig! Find out more about your Chinese Zodiac and how this year will play out according to the Chinese zodiac system.

Year of the Pig: Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Pig: Chinese Zodiac


2019 is the year of the “earth pig”, the next one will be a “metal pig” in 2031. The pig is the last animal in the Chinese Zodiac so represents a time where we need to look back over the last 12 years and see how far we’ve come – celebrate our successes and see where we need to make changes to improve.
People born in the year of the pig are said to be friendly, generous and fun-loving. They appreciate comfort and tend to be happy go lucky in life, with abundance flowing to them easily. This will reflect on 2019, where there’ll be an emphasis on working hard at our goals, but also balancing that with having a good time.

We’ll need to watch out for people who might take advantage of our good-natured generosity and stay focused on our goals instead of getting distracted with indulgence or too much of a good thing.
How will the Year of the Pig affect your Chinese Zodiac sign?

*Remember that the Chinese year runs from February to February so if you’re born in January, you’ll be the previous sign.



(*1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)

Use your natural inquisitive nature this year to take your career into new directions as well as trying new hobbies and perhaps even learning a new skill. Your crafty nature will bring you exciting possibilities.


Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac

(*1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009)

Keep that slow and steady attitude going with your eyes on the prize and the year of the pig could be seriously beneficial for you in the material world! Promotions or extra cash could be on the cards if you work for it.


Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac

(*1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)

You might need to adjust in some way as the year of the pig is more about humility and happy-go-lucky connections than your tiger power! Apply your intensity to work and aim to go with the flow.


Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac

(*1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)

This year you’ll have more confidence in your abilities and find yourself making useful and positive connections. Last year might have been a bit worrying but all that will improve as long as you give it your all.


Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac

(*1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

Under the influence of the calm and content pig, you’ll probably find yourself looking at things from different angles and perhaps even embarking on something out of your comfort zone. You can relax this year so why not try something different?


Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac

(*1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)

You’ll have your work cut out for you this year as the pig is the snake’s natural opposition and the two are said not to get along! Use your smarts, intuition and persuasive nature to work your way up and take breaks to hide when things feel too much.

Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac



(*1942, 1954,1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)

You have a natural affinity with the pig so this will be a good year for you, as long as you keep up that impressive stamina and stay calm when things get a little unpredictable. If you need to, get some energy out with a regular exercise routine.


Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac

(*1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)

Take any opportunity available to you this year as there’ll be plenty coming your way and you’ll find yourself quite content with whatever comes your way. Try not to lose your ambition and just accept what’s offered to you though – you might do better!


Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac

(*1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

Who knows what’s ahead for you – with your playful demeanor it could be anything, though you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of fun new adventures and connections on the cards for you. Just make sure to keep yourself grounded at times too.

Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac


(*1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017)

You’ll be relying on other people a bit this year so make sure to nurture connections and let go of any that aren’t serving you anymore. Keep a good balance between knowing when to take the lead and when to compromise and you’ll see plenty of successes.

Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac


(*1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)

Make sure you’re putting effort into your own path this year, whether that’s in creative pursuits, work or relationships, try not to lean on other people and put yourself first whenever you can. Though you’ll still need others, your independence will bring confidence and rewards.

Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac



(*1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019)

This is your year so work it! Try not to get side-tracked in other people’s issues or demands and focus on what you want to bring into existence. Of course, make sure you’re having fun along the way and share that sunny disposition with those you love whenever you can!

Chinese Zodiac. Animal astrological sign. Pig.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Much Love,

Ellie Rose xx

Year of the Pig: Chinese Zodiac


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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Zodiac Sign

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Instead of writing a big boring list of New Year’s Resolutions, then beating yourself up come February when you haven’t done them all, why not choose something a little different – some New Year resolutions that are tailored to you and your Zodiac Sign?
New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
To help you decide, here’s a list of fun and magical New Year’s resolutions for your zodiac sign! And since they’re a little more exciting than usual, maybe they might up our chances of actually fulfilling our wishes for 2019? Worth a try, right?


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
Spend more time outdoors. Take up painting. Change your hair. Tell yourself everyday you’re beautiful. Start a blog. Plant flowers. Join a yoga class. Learn to do a headstand. Study something that interests you. Start your own business. Make something. Buy a bicycle and ride it instead of driving. Learn how to make a vegetarian dish. Eat kale. Jump for joy. Practice gratitude. Go camping. Catch a fish. Write lists and reward yourself when you complete them. Try sea swimming. Compliment people. Smile.


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign


Trust your own decisions. Make a recipe book. Go to bed at the same time every day. Join a dance class. Bake cakes for your friends. Be confident. Take a risk. Do something different. Rearrange your furniture. Paint your walls. Compare yourself only to a past version of you. Travel. Look for a better job with better pay. Sing. Go for walks in the park. Feed animals. Set a ten-year goal. Celebrate as if you’ve already achieved it all. Learn a martial art. Switch to natural beauty products. Meditate outdoors. Compromise. Laugh.


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
Let the past go. Embrace the unknown. Spend more time in nature. Listen. Use your hands. Sit all the way back in comfy chairs. Drink tea. Read fiction. Learn to code. Run as fast as you can as often as you can. Doodle. Tell yourself you are ok, even when you’re not. Walk slower. Learn another language. Practice patience. Play squash. Make stupid decisions. Accept your own imperfections. Drive with the windows down and the music up. Plant a tree. Take baths. Stop procrastinating. Eat more. Breathe.


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
Love yourself as you are. Throw out your to-do list. Practice pranayama. Eat more greens. Ask yourself how you feel, then tell someone about it. Listen to the ocean. Take a break. Take a walk. Do something that scares you. Go for a weekend away. Throw a party. Get someone else to tidy up. Go ziplining. Buy chocolate with no guilt. Lie down when you need to. Learn how to knit. Try a karate class. Plan a holiday. Go swimming more often. Write a journal. Hug someone. Compliment someone. Say no.


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign


Create more quiet time. Look within. Forget about your troubles. Look at art. Imagine being someone else. Tidy your room. Join an acting class. Ride a horse. Get up early. Give money to the homeless. Take a deep breath. Learn to do a cartwheel. Buy less. Practice compassion. Carry rose quartz. Scream. Congratulate yourself and others for a job well done. Listen to meditation music. Go speed dating. Tell someone their best feature, remember your own. Try stand-up. Laugh.


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
Remember the present moment. Accept what is. Hug a tree. Talk to the moon. Give yourself a present. Pretend you’re not home. Listen to loud music. Daydream. Try belly dancing. Carry snacks. Plan a journey. Shout. Sing. Cry. Joke. Admit you’re a genius. Charge well for your time. Play table tennis. Breathe into your stomach not your chest. Go skinny dipping. Get lost in a book. Write about life. Learn your favourite rap song. Keep secrets. Play.


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
Ask yourself what you need. Put yourself first. Join a club. Speak your mind. Go ice skating. Ask for a raise. Learn how to debate. Be fearless. Choose. Go to the cinema alone. Read philosophy. Ask someone out. Paint your own portrait. Try synchronised swimming. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Stretch. Go without makeup. Accept a compliment. Get your hands dirty. Book a spa date. Disagree. Speak up. Love.


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
Lift your own spirits. Talk about your feelings. Practice magic. Sit in the sun. Share a secret. Tell a joke. Learn how to box. Take part in a competition. Make art. Learn to sculpt. Accept failures and admit successes. Dance. Ride a motorbike. Play an instrument. Smile even when you can’t or don’t want to. Send love letters. Go out in the rain. Fix something. Plan something. Give someone a gift. Drink coffee and write poetry. Train for a marathon. Keep trying.


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
Believe in yourself. Write a year plan. Write a musical. Run a mile. Tell yourself you’re amazing every day. Mow the lawn. Learn to dance. Focus on one task until it’s done. Stand up tall. Listen to punk rock. Forget the past. Remember the truth. Practice patience. Teach. Stay in one place long enough to see your own growth. Relax. Take day trips. Take photos. Tell people things you are proud of. Meditate on your root chakra. Eat healthy carbs. Create a routine. Grow.


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
Meditate. Love your imperfections. Spend time in the garden. Chant. Turn the laptop off. Don’t answer the phone. Ask people questions. Listen. Play mini golf. Practice breathing slowly. Accept that you can’t always win and that’s ok. Take a nap. Laugh at yourself. Go sailing. Pull silly faces. Take long showers and even longer baths. Become a leader or a teacher. Lay on a beach. Look at the positive. Grieve. Make eye contact. Study mysticism. Let go.


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
Create your own traditions. Explore somewhere new. Let out anger. Leave something for yourself. Study astrology. Write a short story. Get in touch with an old friend. Build a website. Start a club. Plant flowers. Design your own clothes. Help a charity. Cry. Cook for your family. Hug someone you love. Invent something. Paint something. Learn to astral travel. Volunteer your time whenever you feel able. Share. Practice Tibetan Buddhist compassion meditations. Love freely and openly. Learn.


New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
Believe in the divine. Become a healer. Turn your life into art. Go hiking. Stick to your decisions. Write down your dreams. Talk about problems. Use music as therapy. Yoga. Believe in the goodness of people. Do what you said you would. Don’t shy away. Make a mess. Use a planner. Never let anyone make you feel silly for who you are. Feel all your feels. Offer your help. Make sure you help yourself too. Read tarot. Drink lots of water. Keep on trying and learning. Trust.
Happy New Year my Lovely Stargazers!

Much Love,

Ellie Rose xx
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New Year#s Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon 2019: All You Need to Know

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On January 20th to 21st there will be a Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon. This is an exciting time both astronomically and astrologically. Read on to find out all you need to know about January’s Blood Moon Eclipse.

When and Where Can I See the Blood Moon?

People from Europe and America will be able to see the full eclipse, which will happen from GMT 05:16 and will last for 3 hours 17 minutes – so if you’re not enough of an early riser to catch the whole thing, you might be able to catch the second half before the Sun comes up in England.
Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon

What if I Miss It? When will the Eclipse Happen Again?

Unfortunately, this Blood Moon is a rare one and won’t happen again now until May 26, 2021. However, that one won’t be as visible from Europe, so best get out there for this one!
Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon

Why is the Lunar Eclipse Red?

A lunar eclipse always happens at a full moon, when the Sun and Moon are opposite, and the Sun’s light illuminates the full face of the Moon. Because the orbit of the Moon isn’t an exact circle, when we have an eclipse the Earth’s shadow covers the Moon (either fully as in the “Full Lunar Eclipse” or partially as in a “Partial Lunar Eclipse”). As the Moon moves out of the Earth’s shadow, the shadow crosses, eventually leaving us with a regular full moon.
The reason for the red colour is that the Sun’s light is refracted through particles floating in the Earth’s atmosphere like volcanic dust, meteor pieces and other bits and bobs – making the Sun’s light a lot dimmer and causing the “Blood Moon” effect!
Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon

What About the Astrology? What Does the Blood Moon Mean?

The January 21st Lunar Eclipse is in the sign of Leo and falls at 1°, meaning this is a time for change and focus on ourselves!

This particular eclipse is square Uranus so you could feel a little rattled or experience sudden changes to your routine or even restless energy that makes you want to break free of your usual ways. Emotional outbursts might be on the cards so you’ll need to treat yourself and others with an extra helping of patience and understanding.
Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon
However, with the Leo energy, leaning into kindness, generosity and creative expression will provide you with an outlet for any ups and downs and perhaps show you a new mindset or path to follow with confidence for 2019.
Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon
Show us your Blood Moon pictures on Instagram! Tag @psychic_future and let us know how the energies are coming up for you…

Much Love my Gorgeous Stargazers!

Ellie Rose xx

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The Astrological Roots of Christmas

Christmas is not just all presents and fairy lights, there’s actually a deeper historical background to it all, one that’s based in astrology! If you don’t know the astrological roots of Christmas already, read on to find out what it’s all about!
ellie rose astrologer in thailand

Christianity and the Solstice

So we all know that Jesus was said to be born on December 25th, which just so happens to be the day when the Sun is at its lowest point in the sky in the northern hemisphere. This is around the Winter Solstice, a time when darkness prevails, BUT, the light begins to grow from here. Each day gets longer and warmer as the year ends and we enter the next. This is similar to a phrase from the Bible calling Jesus “the light of the world”. Jesus was the “Son of God”, or was he really the “Sun”?

On this day, the Sun enters Capricorn, whose ruler is Saturn, and this brings us to another Christmas connection: Saturnalia.
Christmas Fairy Santa Claus 2018

The Roman Saturnalia

Saturnalia was the ancient Greeks’ celebration of the God Saturn who, in those times, was believed to rule over agriculture. Since farming was at a low in winter, the Greeks would worship Saturn on December 25th and hope to win his favours by feasting, celebrating and exchanging gifts – a symbolic demonstration of abundance, just like we do to this day!

When times are hard, sometimes a bit of festivity is all we need to bring some cheer to a gloomy dark time – which leads us to the next bit!
Christmas Fairy Santa Claus


Darkness and Lights

Since this time of year is darkest, it brings up people’s fear of survival. No crops would be growing and the nights would be long. Even today we get “Seasonal Affective Disorder” where the lack of light makes us all a bit glum – so in ancient times people would light bonfires and candles to drive away the darkness and bring in a bit of light, and nowadays we have fairy lights and towns light up whole streets to bring in a bit of festivity.
Woman with christmas box gift
The Biblical tale of the three wise men revolves around lights too. When the wise men went to find the baby Jesus they supposedly followed a “bright star” known as the “Star of Bethlehem” – these men were astrologers for sure!

It’s not certain what star they were following or whether it was an astronomical event rather than a fixed star, but the three wise men certainly had knowledge of how to understand the messages from above, and we still remember this symbol by adding a star to the top of our Christmas trees – lighting our homes from above.
Christmas Santa Claus 2018
So if there’s anything to take from all of this, it’s that despite our modern twist on things, Christmas is still very much a festival of light and we still have many traditions that are as ancient as the stars themselves! The Sun will soon come back, so for now let’s eat drink and make merry!
Christmas Fairy

Merry Christmas my Lovely Stargazers!


Ellie Rose xx


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Ask an Astrologer: Who Will Win I’m a Celebrity 2018?

ellie rose astrologer in thailand
It’s jungle time again and with a brand-new cast of celebrities hitting our TV screens, you might be wondering who’s going to win I’m a Celebrity this time around? Last year our predictions were spot on, so looking at the birth charts of each celeb let’s see if we can use astrology to figure out who will win I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2018!

So, Who’s Likely to Be Voted Off First?


James McVey


James McVey I'm a Celebrity 2018

Musician, James McVey, as one of the youngest celebs in the jungle and a sweet-natured Taurus Sun and Mercury – both also in the second house of Taurus, might not have the required energy and spirit needed to stand out against all the other big personalities. If he’s not careful he could end up being nice but forgettable!

Sair Khan



As one of the lesser known celebs on this year’s season, actress, Sair Khan’s full birth chart info is unknown, but from her February birthday we know she’s an Aquarius, and from past winner’s info, this isn’t typically the best sign for the I’m a Celeb crown, possibly due to Aquarius’ cool, calm and quirky nature. She could end up fading into the background due to trying to fit in and possibly lose out on vital audience attentions.

Malique Thompson-Dwyer

Malique Thompson-Dwyer I'm a celebrity 2018
With big stars like Noel Edmonds and John Barrowman to compete against, another of the lesser known celebs, Hollyoaks actor, Malique Thompson-Dwyer, is likely to leave the jungle before winning the crown and as the youngest celeb, also with an Aquarius Sun, he could end up being left behind while other bigger personalities take the viewer’s favour.

Top 3 I’m a Celeb Winner Astrological Predictions!


John Barrowman

John-Barrowman I'm a celebrity 2018
Star of Doctor Who and Spin Off, Torchwood, John Barrowman, is a likely candidate for the King of the Jungle title and with his Sun in Pisces in the 7th house of relationships, Barrowman’s creative and cooperative nature combined with his eagerness to take on the infamous ‘Bushtucker Trials’ could see him as a firm favourite with other contestants and viewers at home.

Harry Redknapp

harry redknapp I'm a celebrity 2018
Legendary football manager and father of Jamie, Harry Redknapp, is another top contender for the I’m a Celeb throne due to his comedic approach to jungle life. With his Mars in Aquarius, Redknapp could provide even more entertainment in the Bushtucker Trials as well as camp life, opting for an approach that’s cooperative but questioning of the structure and authority of it all – he could turn out to be a fun one to watch.

Emily Atak

Emily Atak I'm a celebrity 2018
With her bubbly nature, actress, Emily Atak, is another hot contender for a place in the I’m a Celeb hall of fame. While her full birth details are unknown, we can gather from her Sagittarius Sun that she’ll be an adventurous and outgoing addition to the camp’s crew – she might even land a few more Bushtucker Trial meals with her confident and determined, Sagittarius-like, attitude.

So who’s your favourite to win I’m a Celebrity 2018? Come and let us know what you think of our astrological predictions below or on our social media channels!
Much Love,

Ellie Rose x

Expressing Mars in Pisces at India’s Holy River

From 16th November, Mars will be in Pisces, giving us extra motivation towards creative, empathetic and spiritual expression. This coincides perfectly with my trip to the River Ganges in Rishikesh, India, where people flock from all over the world to pursue their deeper drives.
ellie rose astrologer in thailand. Mars in Pisces

About Rishikesh and the River Ganges

The River Ganges is India’s holy river and Rishikesh is a pilgrimage place famous for its sprawling ashrams and colourful temples. Here you can find spirituality in abundance, from the many yoga centres to the chants of mantras around every corner.

This hub of spirituality draws people seeking something more from life, a deeper meaning or a bit of clarity or relief from their usual everyday chaos, and this fits with the theme of Mars in Pisces, which will drive us towards activities that soothe our soul, just like the cleansing waters of the famous holy river.

Rishikesh is a city in Dehradun, within the district of Uttarakhand state, in Northern India. It is known as the Yoga Capital of the World. Mars in Pisces
Rishikesh is a city in Dehradun district of the Uttarakhand state in Northern India.


How Can I Express Mars in Pisces at Home?

But you don’t have to be in India to experience the energies of Mars in Pisces – you’ll feel it at home too! While this isn’t a great time to be pursuing external things, in fact, work, finances and exercise might start to feel a little clouded, like you’re not sure exactly what you should be doing, Mars in Pisces is encouraging you to see things from a different perspective – one that’s both creative and spiritual.

View from a temple under a huge bell on the River Ganga and Lakshman Jhula bridge at sunset. Rishikesh. India. Mars in Pisces
View from the temple under huge bell on the River Ganga.


So How Can We Balance the Two?

Of course, we all have to work, even if the planets are hindering us somewhat, so instead of fighting the tides, go with the flow and add some watery vibes to your everyday life.

You could try meditating while doing your housework – this works particularly well while washing dishes. Just focus on your breath instead of letting your mind wander and you might find that some issue that’s been evading your recently becomes clearer when you apply your intuition instead of your logical mind.

River Ganges in India. Mars in Pisces
River Ganges in India.

Activate your empathy, just as I’m doing here in India by feeding cows and stray dogs. You can do this simply by making someone a cup of tea, listening to a friend who needs an ear or if you’re really driven, get out there and do some charity work – you’ll find doing things for others will give you more energy and self-confidence while Mars is in Pisces.

If your work has felt a bit stuffy recently, try adding some creative flair to the mix, even if it’s just doodling on your coffee break, trying something completely different to your usual style or taking a walk in the park at lunch. If you have time, a session of swimming can work wonders for your body, mind and soul at this time – make like a fish and go diving for inner wisdom!

Rishikesh aerial view, India. It is known as the Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas and the Yoga Capital of the World. Mars in Pisces
Rishikesh aerial view, India. It is known as the Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas.


Mars in Pisces – Tips from India

If you want to add some Indian flair to your Mars in Pisces experience, why not try one of these famous mantras. You can search them on YouTube and listen while you work, exercise or travel, or you can memorise them and repeat them to yourself, in your head is fine too!

ellie india ganges mars in pisces
Ellie Rose by the River Ganges.


Ganesha Mantra:

“Om Gan Ganpataye Namo Namah” – (YouTube link)
This one is great for unblocking stuck energy, whether that’s emotional – as in you’ve got a problem that just can’t be solved and is making you feel tired or blue, or even a physical block like you want to earn more money but can’t find a way. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, so perfect for Mars in Pisces when we need to let life flow like a river.

Shiva Mantra:

“Om namah shivaya” – (YouTube link)

This mantra is for Lord Shiva, one of Hinduism’s main deities and is designed to get us focussing on our inner world so we can learn more about ourselves and increase our feelings of oneness with divine love. It’s a powerful mantra for seeing the truth in all experiences, so a great way to shift any confusion that Mars in Pisces might bring.

ellie rose astrologer in india by the river ganges mars in pisces
Banks of the Holy River Ganga.

But whatever you do, let your creative, spiritual side flow freely and Mars in Pisces will be a very enlightening time!
Much love from the Banks of the River Ganges,

Ellie Rose xx

Astrology + Tarot: Cards for Your Zodiac Sign

ellie rose astrologer in Thailand


Astrology + Tarot


Astrology and Tarot go hand in hand, both helping us to see into the world of intuition so that we can better know ourselves and the world around us, but did you know that each zodiac sign has its own matching tarot card? Knowing these astrological tarot correspondences can really help us to learn the energies of each sign!


Aries — The Emperor


Emperor Tarot card Aries


The Emperor is all fire and strength. He is a natural born leader and does things with passion and ambition. Just like an Aries, the Emperor is very good at getting things started, planning goals and giving others that much needed encouragement to get going – he’s a powerful energy and loyal too, but sometimes he needs to learn to rely on help from others to balance out that stubborn independence!

Taurus — The Hierophant


Hierophant Tarot card Taurus


The Hierophant is about tradition, doing things the “right” way and delving into the heart of each issue, person and activity. This fits a Taurus perfectly, who likes things to be done in certain ways; slowly, methodically and taking into consideration how others have done it before. With this energy, they can penetrate to the spiritual core of an issue and help to lift others up with their guidance and unconditional love, however, you’ll have to be patient before getting there as neither the Hierophant or Taurus are known to be speedy!

Gemini — Lovers


 Lovers Tarot card Gemini


The Lovers is a somewhat misunderstood card as it is more often about a choice, communication, or the union of opposites, than of strictly romantic endeavours. Gemini is all about choices and opposites, making them great communicators but sometimes a little erratic – constantly seeking to cover all bases and connect all the dots,
  but when they do this with passion and commitment, beautiful things will arise!

Cancer — The Chariot


Chariot Tarot Card Cancer Zodiac Sign


The Chariot may seem like an odd card to represent watery Cancer, but when you look at the yin and yang sphinxes, the moons on the shoulders of the driver and the opulent castles in the background, this card speaks of having the courage to leave the stability of home, forging a path forwards using our intuition and being able to balance our soft feminine inner with our masculine outer shell – all very Cancerian things indeed!

Leo — Strength


Strength Tarot card Leo Zodiac Sign


Now this one is a little more obvious, or is it? At first we may see the lion and assume courage, confidence and outward displays of strength – like a Leo on first glance, yet this card is more about how love and compassion are the strongest of all, and encourages us to use higher means to get what we want; to trust ourselves and thus become a loyal and trustworthy person to all around us – and here we have the Leo’s soft underbelly!

Virgo — The Hermit


Hermit Tarot card Virgo Zodiac Sign


The Hermit is a solitary and wise character. When he gets tired of the superficial and busy world around him, he goes within to find answers, peace and a higher purpose, returning once he is ready to serve the world again. A Virgo is the same – both introspective and independent yet ready to do their duty, and once they’ve filled up their inner tank, they’ll work until it’s done, but not before they’ve got everything else in place.

Libra — Justice


Justice Tarot Card Libra Zodiac Sign


The scales of the Justice card tip back and forth, seeking fairness and equality and judging those who don’t abide by the same principles. You won’t find a fairer person than a Libra, though sometimes their idea of fairness comes from their own conclusions! However, they are deeply concerned with others – what they think, need and how they behave, and they’ll always address you with poise and attentive understanding.

Scorpio — Death


Death Tarot card Scorpio Zodiac Sign


All you Scorpios out there are probably sighing with your cliché Death card here, but you should be pleased to know that, despite first opinions, this is one of the most powerful and spiritual cards in the tarot deck. It represents the ability to transform, to find the inner strength to release what is no longer serving us, let go and start anew elsewhere, to look death in the face and say “let’s do it” – plus it’s pretty darn cool looking right? Just like a Scorpio! 😉

Sagittarius — Temperance


Temperance Tarot card Sagittarius Zodiac sign


Temperance and Sagittarius are both dedicated to higher purposes, whether that be philosophical thinking, travel or finding themselves. Learning what makes people tick, how to grow and improve and how to direct their energy towards something solid and balanced is the path of a Sag – but it’s not an easy one! Caution and self-control are required to ensure that the path flows ahead rather than in a confusing swirl!

Capricorn — The Devil


Devil Tarot Card Capricorn Zodiac sign


Before you judge this card Cappy, remember it’s not all bad! The Devil is about releasing self-imposed earthly restrictions (which come in many forms – food, drink, work, status, other people), and a Capricorn can sometimes be held back by these things because they care too deeply about them over their own needs. HOWEVER! This card (and sign!) has a huge ability to break free and succeed, powered on by the self-knowledge that comes of overcoming something, making them conscientious, confident and highly capable beings of light.

Aquarius — The Star


Star Tarot card Aquarius Zodiac sign


The Star is about hope and shining bright in individual ways. It is the light at the end of the tunnel and the spiritual progress needed to get there. Just like an Aquarius, the Star is concerned with the evolution of humanity and it signals a breakthrough in the old ways that may not be serving you. While both the sign and the card can sometimes be overly optimistic or detached – sitting in the heavens instead of getting down there and doing something, this is the energy of someone who will bring great change and positivity to others when they believe in themselves.

Pisces — The Moon


Moon Tarot card Pisces Zodiac sign


The Moon represents our unconscious – the hidden place where dreams and visions rule – things that a Pisces tends to be naturally very receptive to. While sometimes this can get a little foggy in places or change with the tides, the Moon indicates deep compassion and, just like a Pisces, an ability to get in touch with our spiritual, emotional, feminine side so that we can bring a light of spiritual understanding and love to the world.

So, did you resonate with your tarot card at all? I’d love to hear what it brought up for you!

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How to Manifest with the Moon Phases

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Do you consider yourself a witchy sort but when it comes to magic you get kinda lost? If so, you’re not alone! Practicing “magic” or “manifesting” with the Moon phases if you’re a Law of Attraction lover doesn’t have to be complicated or hard and you don’t need a bajillion herbs or even experience – all you need is your will to create change and some divine timing!

The “will” part is up to you, but I can help with the timing. When you time your manifesting with the Moon cycles, seriously exciting things can happen, and you’ll get to feel more in tune with the universe at the very least!


New Moon


When the Moon is new, it’s yet to be born in the sky. We’re at the beginning of the lunar cycle, so the most natural magic to work is to bring in new stuff! Whether that’s a new job opportunity, a date or some extra cash, the New Moon is a perfect time to list down all that you would like to see shiny and new.




Set intentions. Write a list of what you want and why, then read it aloud, light it on a candle flame (carefully), throw it into running water or bury it outside – whatever feels most fitting for you.

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Crescent Moon


As the Moon begins to grow in size, so should your intentions! To make sure you see results, choose just one thing to focus on. Write it down somewhere you’ll see it, like on your fridge or your mirror and read it aloud daily.




Reading your one chosen intention aloud everyday will encourage you to start working it at it – don’t forget that the Moon alone isn’t enough to bring in what you want, you have to do your part too! Make sure you’re taking regular action towards your goals to help the magic along.

night sky moon phases

First Quarter


The Moon is now at the halfway point and the Sun and Moon are forming a 90° square to each other, which in astrology, brings some tension to the table. Use this tension to your advantage by looking at what might be blocking you from manifesting your desires.




Do some journaling about your goal! If you have some subconscious blocks, like perhaps feeling that you don’t deserve the thing you’re manifesting, try working through this by writing to allow the abundance to flow in unchecked.

Moon at the end of night , just before the sunrise

Waxing Gibbous


This is the last few days before the Full Moon, so things are starting to hot up! This is a time of sizzling potential energy and should be a time when things feel like they’re starting to align for you.




Take one BIG action towards your goals to signal to the universe that you’re still in it to win it! This should be something a little outside of your comfort zone, like asking out that hot co-worker, planning a trip, applying for that job you don’t think you’re good enough for or taking the plunge on that course you’ve had your eye on – anything that makes you go “eek!” but gets you a little closer to your goal.

half moon at night

Full Moon


The Full Moon is the time that the Sun shines his light directly onto the Moon’s surface, lighting her up in a celebration of divine opposites! This is a potent time for magic, in particular, for feeling your feminine power – the power of creation.




Dance, sing, gaze at the Moon. Do something that makes you feel magical and free. Look back over the last couple of weeks and note how far you’ve come in your goals. Give thanks for this progress so far – you probably have some way to go, but if you’ve put in the effort, you should be seeing some results by now – let the Moon know that you appreciate her assistance in this matter.

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Waning Gibbous (or Disseminating Moon)


As the Moon starts to wane, some things that aren’t serving us will begin to wane with her. Take this time to look at what in your life could do with being left behind – any attitudes, beliefs, habits or even material circumstances. What do you want out of your life now so that you can continue to grow in the direction you wish?




Meditation is the best thing to do now. Either take some time to focus on your breath and clear your mind so that important details come to light or visualise what you want to leave behind and what you desire your life to look like.

Ocean sunset moon is a colorful cloud filled sky over the ocean with a three quarter moon rising high in the sky.

Last Quarter


During the Waning Gibbous phase, was there anything that came up for you as a negative? Some belief or habit or circumstance that you’d like left behind? If so, now’s the time to take action to eliminate it from your life.




Again, take some action towards removing this block or obstacle. Whether that’s having a clear out of your home, quitting a bad habit or adjusting your behaviour in some way – do something that signals to the universe that you’re done with this negativity and you want it out!


Waning gibbous on deep blue sky.


Waning Crescent (or Balsamic Moon)


We’re almost at the New Moon again and ready to start a new cycle once more. Think about the previous few weeks and your progress – what have you brought in? What have you let go of? What needs more work?




If you’ve still got a list of wishes or intentions pinned to your fridge, take them down now, take stock of whether or not you achieved them and why, then burn, bury or throw them into water – anything left behind now is just going to become stagnant so get ready to begin a new chapter. Any goals you aren’t done with can be adjusted and set as a new improved intention at the next New Moon.

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Happy Manifesting!

Ellie Rose xx

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Venus Retrograde – Lessons on Self-Love

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Venus Retrograde is happening from 6th October to 15th November and within this time we’ve got a lot of lessons to learn about love, in particular, the love we have for ourselves! This may manifest in some uncomfortable relationship issues, but this is just Venus trying to get you to see a better way of relating to yourself and others.

So, what’s in store for us during this Venus Retrograde season?
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A New Grasp on Self-Love during Venus Retrograde

There’s a common misconception that self-love looks like bubble baths and getting your hair done, but it’s so much more than that and Venus is gonna try and show us!

Self-love is more about knowing who you are and where you’ve come from and allowing yourself to make mistakes along the way.

So often, we beat ourselves up for not being everything we want to be or not being good at the things we try so hard to achieve, but we forget that we’re only human, just like everyone else!

If one of your friends or family were trying their best at something, you wouldn’t keep on at them telling them they weren’t good enough, would you? So why do it to yourself?!

Venus Retrograde Tip:

By all means take a bubble bath and get your hair done – that stuff feels good! But also take some time out to make a list of all the things that make you awesome. If you make a mistake during Venus Retrograde, try and treat yourself with the same patience you would give someone else.
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Shiny New Boundaries

Venus Retrograde will be trying to teach us to put ourselves first. If you’re the kind of person that attends to everyone’s needs before your own, you’ll no doubt feel this one quite strongly! Venus might throw extra responsibilities your way, pushing you to your limit of how much you will do for others – if you even have a limit?!

If this is the case and you find yourself swamped in other people’s expectations, just take a step back and think about your own needs as a priority that is equal if not more important than everything else.

Ask yourself how much you can realistically take on? And whether or not you could turn some other stuff down if you need to?

Venus Retrograde will be trying to show us how to establish better boundaries and not let other people disrespect those boundaries – whether that’s by expecting you to do something for them or treating you badly. A lot of us assume that having healthy boundaries and self-love is selfish, and in a way, it is, but only when we’ve filled up our own cup can we pour for others!

Venus Retrograde Tip:

Try to write down some personal boundaries for yourself about the way you want to be treated. These can be as simple as: “I will not accept phone calls after 9pm” or “if someone is rude to me I will walk away” then recognise when people are taking advantage or expecting too much from you. Practice saying no in a mirror if you have to!
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While Venus Retrograde might throw some relationship curveballs in your path, if you can master these two tips: self-love and healthy boundaries, you’ll find yourself coming out the other end of this retrograde period feeling empowered and loved – by yourself – and that’s the most important kind of love.

Ellie Rose xx

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The Witchy Origins of Halloween

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Halloween 2018 will see the Sun in Scorpio square Black Moon Lilith – pretty much the epitome of witchiness… So, to celebrate this spooky and captivating time of year, let’s delve into the pagan roots of Halloween and see what magic we can dig up!

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The Pagan History of Halloween


Over 2,000 years ago, the Celtic pagan people of Britain, Ireland and parts of Europe would divide the year based on the movements of the Sun and Moon.

The year was split into four parts primarily – the two solstices and the two equinoxes marking the movement of the Sun, the most important times of year. We know this from the placements of such monuments as Stonehenge – which is lined up with the astronomical points for the solstices.

But supposedly there were another four celebrations which further divided the year and also marked the changing of the livestock seasons, keeping people in synch with their agricultural lives and the whole of nature around them.

Celtic astrological calendar wheel illustration pagan traditions Halloween origins


Halloween, or “Samhain” (pronounced “Sow-een”) as it would have been called then, came between the Autumn Equinox, or “Mabon”: harvest time, and the Winter Solstice, or “Yule”, when the Sun is at its lowest point and the nights are at their longest. This would have represented the end of the year – an annual death of the Sun.

Woman in Victorian dress imprisoned in a dungeon Gothic fairy tale castle Halloween

Samhain was the time when darkness began to prevail. It also would have been the time when any livestock that wouldn’t make it through the cold season would be slaughtered and stored for food throughout winter, along with the grain that was harvested at the equinox.

People believed that the veil between the living and the dead was very thin at this time and that ancestors that had passed over could be contacted and seen at Samhain.

Shoot of sad brunette over ancient building background Halloween origins Celtic traditions witch Wicca witchcraft magic spells Gothic

Though we can’t know exactly where the ghosts and ghouls tradition comes from, there are some interesting ideas from the more obvious: dark nights breeding fear and superstition and people lighting bonfires and wearing costumes to keep away the bad spirits, to the belief that the druids had some special esoteric knowledge about this time and encouraged people to embrace darkness and chaos, and pay their respects to the ancestors.

Perhaps the not knowing exactly preserves the mystery?

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How we arrived at Modern Day Halloween


When Christianity was brought to Britain by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago it took a while before everyone was singing from the same hymn sheet, so to speak!

So, to encourage the native Celtic people to celebrate the Christian festivals, in the 8th Century AD, Pope Gregory III nominated November 1st as the “Eve of All Saints” or “All Hallows’ Eve” and the pagan people eventually took to it, since it was so similar to their own festival in both date and theme. Eventually Samhain was lost, and Halloween took its place.

Girld dress black as angel of death and holding demon pumpkin and kira angkor in Halloween festival. Halloween concept. Psychopomps.

So let’s tie it all back to Astrology!


The most obvious connection to western astrology (aside from the timing between the equinox and solstice) is that Halloween falls in Scorpio season!

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is intertwined with the Greek myth of Pluto and his underworld. To cut a longer story short, every year, the goddess Persephone would descend into the underworld to be with Pluto, leaving her mother, Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, above ground to mourn for her lost daughter, letting all the crops die in her grief.

Halloween origins traditions Celtic bloodthirsty female vampire rises from the coffin on the night cemetery

The ancient Greek people attributed this myth to the changing of the seasons and the natural death of the plants and animals, which would hibernate below ground ready to be reborn the next spring – voila the underworld myth!

sensual beautiful girl in smoke on nature on sunset Halloween origins Celtic traditions Wicca witch

So how does Lilith come into all of this?


Well, just like Persephone, Lilith is known as a dark goddess. She represents the untamed, wild and feminine half of the divine. Her history dates back 5,000 years to Sumerian times and in Hebrew myth she was said to be the “first wife of Adam”, made not from his rib like Eve, but in her own right, born expecting equality and getting her feminist self damned to the wilderness where she befriends wild animals and spirits instead.

Sounding pretty witchy so far, right?

lady of the lake magic witch mystic Halloween origins Celtic traditions Wicca magic spells

So, this Halloween, against the backdrop of mysterious pagan traditions, we have the Sun in Scorpio playing the part of the Lord of the Underworld, squaring Lilith, history’s very first witch – reminding us all of the darker times in life, and how we can overcome them in mystical ways. Bringing light into places of shadow that would otherwise frighten us and keep us weak.

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To mark the occasion, light a candle for your ancestors, dance under the moon or around a bonfire, throw on a costume and make merry to keep the spooky spirits away and let yourself delve into another realm of dark mystery and intrigue – if only for one night.

Have a Magical Halloween!!

Ellie Rose xx

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