7 Ways to Survive Mercury Retrograde


This Mercury Retrograde has been a particularly tough one for a lot of us! Beginning on Halloween and passing through a Scorpio New Moon and many other (frankly quite frightening) aspects, there’s been chaos, emotions, mix ups and mess. So how to deal with it? These are my 7 ways to survive Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio:

1. Breathe

OK, first of all, most of the issues surrounding Mercury Retrograde could be handled a lot better if we just slow down and take a big deep breath before reacting. Mercury is the fastest moving planet so it makes sense that just taking things slow can really help when things feel chaotic. This will also help you avoid some of the little mistakes that come with this time.

2. Check Yourself

Similarly, when emotions are high and thoughts aren’t working at their usual level (Mercury is the ruler of thought and communication), we can end up reacting to others in ways we regret later. In the moment it might seem justified, but most of the time it takes two to tango, so if we check ourselves, we can avoid wrecking ourselves!

3. Take Some Space

So when we’ve got a lot of emotions and thoughts flying around it can get confusing, and what happens when things get confusing is that we make more bad moves! It’s better to clear our mind, then take action. Best way to clear your mind? Get active or get outside. Whether that’s going running or a walk, cleaning the bathroom or doing some dancing or yoga – it will work a charm for your clarity.
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4. Write

Since our thoughts are all jumbly and talking to someone can make it feel worse due our current reduction in speaking and listening abilities (classic Mercury Retrograde), it’s better to take out a pen and paper (or computer, or notes on your phone) and write it all down! This will make you feel much lighter and able to make decisions with confidence.
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5. Listen

But on that note, do try extra hard to listen to others. It’s very easy during Mercury Retrograde to assume we know exactly what the other person is saying and thinking and intending, when actually we are assuming through our own filter of experiences and expectations. Hold back and listen first.
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6. Trust

Which means that we can end up not trusting people when we really should! We get things confused and don’t communicate properly so things get worse. Instead, give people the benefit of the doubt until you know the full story, but most importantly, trust your instincts over your thoughts right now.

7. Meditate

I know its cliche, but the best way to deal with the problems Mercury Retrograde sends is to close your eyes and focus on your breath. This way your emotions start to calm and your thoughts slow down. Eventually, you will see the lesson that Mercury Retrograde has been trying to teach you. Is it patience? Trust? Organisation or responsibility? Maybe it’s to be more open, or to protect your needs more. Maybe it’s telling you that it’s time for change, to take a break or to work smarter? Whatever the lesson is, you can bet that a little bit of meditation here and there will solve your personal issue.
How to deal with mercury rerograde
If you’re struggling with Mercury Retrograde, give one of our psychic experts a call for guidance that is only for you and your particular situation. Our readers always work around your specific questions and needs. And if you’d like to read more of my Astrological life guidance and advice, visit the Psychic Future blog here!

Much Love,

Ellie Rose xx

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5 Ways Scorpio Season Will Transform Your Love Life


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Scorpio Season, Halloween, Mercury Retrograde – this season is intense! Emotions are high (or low) and everything is shifting in one way or another, have you felt it? Here’s 5 ways Scorpio Season (and Halloween AND Mercury Retrograde!) will transform your love life!

Emotional Shifts

Scorpio is a water sign and very emotional, so with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all here, we’re likely to be feeling a bit wobbly, especially with those we love. Add the recent Scorpio New Moon AND Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and you’ve got yourself a volatile combination!

Of course, this all depends on where these planets are in your chart, for some of you, this season will be easy breezy and give you a wonderful dose of creative and intuitive energy to work with, but if (like the rest of us), you feel tired, sad or even a little unstable, this is why.
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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio can make it difficult to understand these emotions, and even make us try to blame the people around us, but we have to practice patience and understanding, even when things seem obviously “NOT ME”, remember you are looking through your eyes only – the story might be a little different from their perspective.

This emotional energy is all about transformation, so the emotions that come up now are coming up for a reason – what do you need to acknowledge, accept or change?

Trust Issues

If you don’t trust other people, this season will show that to you in full colour. Any insecurities are rising to the surface, not because the planets are mean (although sometimes it may seem that way!) but because something needs to change!
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A lot of the time, our lack of trust in others goes hand-in-hand with a lack of trust in ourselves and divine – we don’t feel safe letting go of control, just in case everything comes tumbling down around us, and this is such a Scorpio-themed problem!

Instead, this season, try to just surrender to whatever happens. It’s easier said than done, sure, but it will give you a lot more peace when you realise you can only control yourself.

Power Plays

Speaking of control, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the “Lord of the Underworld” and Pluto is all about power. You may notice that over these few weeks, people around you are being more controlling, stubborn, or that you are stepping into a power you didn’t know you had.
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One of the symbols of Scorpio and Pluto is the phoenix rising from the ashes – use this symbol as a guide. When everything seems out of your control, or negativity threatens to close you in, allow it. Welcome it. Look it in the eye and say: “come on then”. You can handle a lot more than you think right now, and your acceptance will fill you up with a power you never knew you had.


Another big theme, transformation, is knocking at our doors right now! Relationships are going through a process of healing, shedding the old so we can make way for the new. This can mean that things end. In the tarot, Scorpio is represented by the Death Card (eek!) which means that in every ending there is a beginning.
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But before you panic, this doesn’t mean things will definitely end for you, but rather, an old way of relating to others is ready to die, and in its place is a new, healthy way to love is born.

Open Hearts

By now you’re probably thinking “oh my God all of this is too much!” so let me pull you back from the brink and tell you it’s going to be alright! All of these difficult times are happening for a reason – to open your heart. There’s a famous quote (Leonard Cohen): “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” and this sums up this season well.

After all the emotional shifts, trust issues, power plays and transformations, we can choose to be bitter or we can choose love – it really is a choice. The more our hearts feel, the more they learn, and the more we learn about love, the more we can choose it, because it feels good to love!
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This is the perfect attitude for Halloween (or Samhain) too, on a night when it’s said the “veil” between the living and the dead is very thin. We are close to ancestors, people who died, as well as a comfort or darkness that tempts us to stay, but we are of the living and we have more adventures ahead of us. We have to continue on, and it’s much more fun when we have people alongside us.

So, this season, if you just do one thing, love. Give yourself love, give the people in your life love. Forgive and be forgiven. Open your heart. That will be your most magical transformation yet.

Why not also check out my weekly horoscopes for regular updates on what the planets have in store for you?


Happy Halloween/Scorpio Season/Mercury Retrograde!

Ellie Rose Astrologer xx

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How to Worship a Goddess


To celebrate all the Venus Energy around at the moment, why not tap into your divine femininity with some Goddess worship? If you want to embrace your own power and begin to stand up for yourself more, or perhaps learn how to nurture your needs and slow down a bit, connecting with a Goddess can be a great way to do all this and more!
Goddess worship

1. Pick a Goddess

There’s no wrong or right way to do this. Sometimes the Goddess will come to you, maybe a friend mentions Aphrodite or you see a book with Kali on the front and it triggers interest inside you so you start to look for more information. Or maybe, you just decide one day you want to connect with a Goddess and you go out and look for one! Google is your friend here!

Think about what cultures you’re interested in and what qualities you want to embody. I’ve included a few examples for inspiration, but the trick is to choose one that you resonate with.

  • For wisdom: Athena (Greek), Frigg (Norse), Ma’at (Egyptian)
  • For health & wealth: Lakshmi (Hindu), Mami Wata (African), Basthet (Egyptian), Gaia (Greek)
  • For family matters: Parvati (Hindu), Isis, Papatūānuku (Maori), Tiamat (Babylonian)
  • For strength & power: Sekhmet (Egyptian), Durga (Hindu), Morrigan (Celtic), Hecate (Greek),
  • For love: Ishtar (Mesopotamian), Lakshmi/Parvati (Hindu), Green Tara (Buddhist)

Some of these overlap each other and embody many qualities so make sure to do a little research for yourself!
Goddess worship


2. Learn About Your Goddess

Now you’ve picked a Goddess it’s time to learn about her a little deeper! Find out about her mythology – what stories are associated with her, as this is a great way to learn about her subconsciously – after hearing a few mythological stories you’ll start to feel as if you know her.

Find out what qualities, items, colours and actions are associated with your Goddess. What does she like, what doesn’t she like? What are the people that follow her like? What qualities do they represent? How do they worship her? All this information will deepen your connection to her.
Goddess worship

3. Create a Shrine

Since you’ve got to know your Goddess a bit better, create a shrine to her! This is more than a devotional act, it helps you to connect to her energy at first by focusing your subconscious mind on her image and qualities.

You don’t need much for a shrine! A printed-out picture and a candle will do it. Extras like incense, flowers, crystals, shells and other decorative items are all up to you. You can have tons of fun creating a shrine.
Goddess worship

4. Make Offerings

The fun part! The energy of your Goddess lives in the shrine you’ve created, so make sure to treat her well. Make offerings to her in the form of: lighting a candle or incense, bringing flowers, fruit, sweets or whatever items she likes, meditate on her qualities or do a good deed in her name. The most important part is your intention. Giving her a pebble you found is just as good as donating a fortune if the intention is good.
Goddess worship

5. Meditate on Her

After making an offering, make sure to soak up her energy by meditating in front of your shrine. This way, you’ll start to embody all those lovely traits you wanted (the reasons you picked her in the first place!) and you’ll begin to see the places in your life where you could use her help.
Goddess worship
At this stage, you’re free to ask a favour or blessing, or just to give thanks for her support. If you want help with something, remember to offer something in return. You’d be surprised at how well this works!
Goddess worship
And that’s all there is to it! Soon, you’ll start to feel stronger, luckier and more connected to divine. The Goddess is protecting and guiding you, and the more attention you give to her, the more present she’ll be in your life.

And whilst you’re here, why not read some more of my Psychic Future blog posts on all things Astrological?
Happy Goddess Worship, my beauties!

Ellie Rose xoxo

3 Reasons to Love Libra Season (with music videos!)


Libra Season is in full swing soon so for the next few weeks, we can indulge in all things beautiful, bring a bit of harmony into our love lives and learn to communicate our needs in ways that serve us and everyone around us! Of course, I love all signs, but as a proud Libra Venus and Mercury, these are my top 3 reasons to love Libra season, complete with music videos!

1.    A Few of My Favourite Things

As the great Julie Andrews sang about, there are so beautiful things in the world to get excited about and Libra Season is the time to do it. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, creativity and abundance, we’ll be focusing more on aesthetics for this time – what we wear, what our house looks like and how we want to express our creative side.

It’s like our biannual beauty check-up (the other time is May as Taurus is also ruled by Venus). Ask yourself if everything is looking and feeling how you want it to look and feel? While sometimes the answer could be an unsatisfied “no” at least we now have the awareness to do something about it! If we’re not happy with how we look, we can put on our favourite lipstick and stand up a little taller, change our clothes, hair, attitude or do some self-improvement like going for a run or working on our confidence levels.

Libra Season may sound superficial when we first take a look but appreciating beauty and wanting to feel beautiful is more than skin deep! Dig a little deeper during this time and find out why you don’t feel beautiful, then ask what you can do to improve it.


2.    All You Need is Love

Contrary to the Beatles title, we actually need more than love to have a successful relationship! We also need things like self-worth, mutual respect and communication, but of course, those don’t sound as catchy in a song title!

Libra Season is a time that focuses on whether or not we have the things that make up a healthy relationship, this is because of the Venus associations. Pop culture astrology often talks about Libras as having “no boundaries” or being “indecisive” and while these are generalizations and not true for every case (it’s about the whole chart not one planet!) it does have some weight to it.

If you’re the kind of person who does more for other people while forgetting yourself, or if you go so far as to accept bad behaviour from others and wonder why you get treated in such a way, Libra Season will shine a light on this co-dependency.

The reason this happens is because people with too much Venus/Libra energy try so hard to ensure harmony that they’ll bend to the will of someone else to ensure things go smoothly. This can lead to unhealthy dynamics, because they’re with someone who’s controlling, selfish or argumentative. Instead of standing their ground and saying: “I disagree/I don’t want to/that’s not right/no”, they’ll back away and say “OK” just to keep the peace.

If this sounds familiar, try working with Venus through Goddess worship. Find yourself a goddess you like, print off a picture and start talking with her in private, offering her incense or flowers and trying to embody her qualities. Through this, you can feel more confident in your own power and able to protect your softer feminine sides.


3.    Say My Name

The good goddesses of Destiny’s Child had the right idea with the song “Say My Name” and since Libra is an air sign, this month is all about communication. We’ll be feeling the need to talk about our feelings, ask for what we need (see above) and say what we really think – very bootilicious!

There are, of course, two ways this can go: we communicate in healthy and productive ways that help to make our relationships and the people around us feel awesome. OR, we just talk and talk and talk until everyone leaves and we have a sore throat – either is possible during Libra Season!

Because Libra is ruled by Venus in air, represented by the scales, we have the ability to see both sides of an argument, but this also means we can spend forever not quite making a decision or being able to agree with the other person’s point.

Instead, use this time wisely to solve any communication issues you have. If someone you know is struggling, talk to them, help with a friendly ear. Solve any relationship problems you have by listening calmly and replying in a way that’s balanced and fair. These are the qualities of an evolved Libra – justice, equality and love for all!

So, happy Libra Season! If you want more tailored advice, look at what’s transiting your 7th house, Libra and where Venus falls in your chart right now to see how you’ll be affected specifically (or ask one of our experts of course!). Leave any comments in the box below!

Much love stargazers,

Ellie Rose xoxo

Guided Meditations for Your Zodiac Sign


In a world of non-stop responsibility – work, home, family, social media, our phones constantly buzzing for our attention, sometimes we could all do with a little me-time. Why not make it a bit of spiritual self-care? These guided meditations for your zodiac sign will help you de-stress and reconnect when you need it most.

ARIES – Recharge while you Sleep

An Aries is often on the go, so what better way to recharge than while sleeping? Switch off for a short nap and learn how to cultivate your inner power, patience and self-love.


TAURUS – Get Motivated

When a Taurus is overwhelmed, they can slow down to standstill and struggle to get going again. This guided meditation is perfect for getting you energised and motivated back on track.


GEMINI – Detach from Overthinking

If you’re a Gemini, you might be prone to overthinking, especially when facing a problem or last thing at night when you’re meant to be sleeping. This meditation is perfect for clearing your mind while you drift off.


CANCER– Release Emotions

Cancers are heart-centred folk who feel deeply, but sometimes, when it’s all too much, they can lock away their feelings which isn’t great in the long run. This guided meditation provides a safe outlet.


LEO – Let Go

Leos have such big hearts that sometimes they carry connections that should have been left behind. This guided meditation helps to let go of past relationships and allows your heart to heal by itself.


VIRGO – Surrender Control

Virgos are so “on” all the time, sometimes it might seem like they’ve got it all together, until something goes wrong and they freak! Try surrendering control to divine with this meditation for some inner peace.


LIBRA – Reclaim your Power

Libras are always seeking harmony, which, can lead to them giving away their personal power to keep others happy. Step into your strength with this guided meditation and put yourself first.


SCORPIO – Unlock your Magic

If you’re a Scorpio, you’ve probably got a whole host of creative skills and magical traits locked away, but maybe you’re not sure how to use them? This meditation helps you connect to your gifts.


SAGITTARIUS – Heighten your Mind Power

A Sagittarian’s mind is a wondrous place, but it can get a little distracted sometimes. Utilise that magnificent brain of yours with this meditation that helps to improve cognitive processes like focus, memory and learning.


CAPRICORN – Transform Negativity

Since a Capricorn is so capable, they can often neglect their emotions, allowing them to become repressed without them even realising. This guided meditation is superb for transforming subconscious negativity into inner peace.


AQUARIUS – Concentrate on the Positive

Being such deep thinkers, Aquarians are notorious for forgetting the emotions. That doesn’t mean they don’t have them though! Join spiritual leader, Ravi Shankar, for a guided meditation on transforming emotions into something positive.


PISCES – Clear your Blocks

Pisceans are deep and insightful folk whose depth can sometimes pull them in, making them feel like they’re drowning! This meditation connects you with your spirit guide to clear the way forward.


Why not try them all? Let us know which one you resonated with most on social media!

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Full Moon in Pisces: Manifesting Magic


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On September 14th 2019, the full Moon in Pisces will occur. This is a time of deep transformational power and high magic – be careful what you wish for, it could come true at this time! Let’s dig deeper into the astrology of this Pisces Full Moon and see how we can utilise its power.

Neptunian Dream

gothic full moon moonlight star nightsky sandclock magic beautiful woman brunette witch supernatural

Magic and Dreams

The Pisces Full Moon will be conjunct its ruler, Neptune. This gives an already magical moment some extra dreamy qualities. Pay attention to any vivid dreams you may have at this time or signs from the universe, they could be prophesy! This magical combo gives us lots of extra spiritual focus, so meditation, witchcraft, divination and creative pursuits like painting, writing or crafting will take on an otherworldly air at this time (and be much more likely to work)!


However, with so much dreamlike energy going on, it can be easy to slip into fantasy land – Neptune’s strong influence can make us want to escape the “real world” in bad habits, addictions or switching off our brains to go into “zombie mode” with a heavy dose of TV. This is the wrong way to deal with Neptunian energy as it will only suck you down into the abyss and spit you back out feeling frustrated and low.


Instead, do things that are sweetly magical. We mentioned creative pursuits, witchy things and meditation, but this Pisces Full Moon is also a great time to charge your crystals, care for loved ones and pets, do some gardening, listen to uplifting music or watch an inspirational documentary or a fantasy film. This is a time of great transcendence; you can find yourself lifted up to the high heavens of your mind – if you prepare the vehicle to take you there.

Mars Mission



With Mars conjunct the Sun, opposing the Moon and its foggy friend Neptune, we have a tug-of-war feeling between doing nothing and doing everything. For some people, this could result in some incredible ideas, creations or insights as you’ll feel motivated to transcend, bringing the results of your otherworldly endeavours into reality or being driven by some unseen force to succeed at whatever task you set. This is a great time for starting to achieve BIG dreams.

Other People

But for some it could mean feeling under pressure from other people to “do” something, whether that’s fulfil some task or “be” a certain way, you might feel as if you’re having to change who you are, change your schedule or give into other people’s wills – in other words, things aren’t going your way. The trick to making this a positive exchange rather than one of bad feelings, is to be clear in what you need too. If you can’t (or don’t want to!) do something, just tell the other person straight. It will prevent misunderstandings and stop you getting distracted from what’s really important.

Plutonian Magic


Healthy Habits

The final planet with a big influence on this Full Moon in Pisces is Pluto, which will sit exactly between the Moon-Neptune \ Sun-Mars opposition in the position of a Sextile. This will provide us plenty of opportunities to shed bad habits and bring in magical new possibilities – giving up smoking, starting an exercise routine or planning a business will be much easier with this energy.


The power of transformation is high right now, so anything you want to change about your life will be given extra help to succeed! This includes things you want to manifest into your life, like more money, a new job or a hot date – where before you might have been resisting these things out of fear or uncertainty, now you have the power to bring them to you. Just decide what it is you need, and tell the universe clearly. With Pluto in Sextile to this Pisces Full Moon, anything you set your mind to (and start taking steps towards) will likely come to be!
Magic is in the air right now – if you want something at this time, just start taking steps towards it and the universe will listen. In the meantime, enjoy the spiritual vibes and keep your head clear, the rest will just flow.

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Much love,

Ellie Rose xx

Healing Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

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Hands up who has a healing crystals problem? You’re not the only one! With so many beautiful crystals to choose from, it can be overwhelming knowing which (or how many!) to pick. Aside from the old trick of letting the stone choose you, did you know you can also pick your crystals based on your zodiac sign?
Use one of the following astrology crystals for the ultimate healing potential:

Aries – Ruby, Garnet or Carnelian

All that fiery energy needs a deep red stone to balance it, making rubies, garnets and carnelians a great choice for an Aries. Hold a stone in your active hand (the one you write with) for increasing focus and stamina, so you can get all those amazing ideas out into the world with courage and dedication.

colorful healing crystals

Taurus – Jade, Pyrite or Moss Agate

taurus healing crystal

A creature of the earth, a Taurus needs stability and grounding to feel safe and happy, so keep a pyrite, jade or moss agate stone in your pocket to protect you from other people’s negativity and to help you to feel confident in yourself when you need it most.

natural jade surface, background or texture.

Gemini – Emerald, Aquamarine or Turquoise

healing crystal inside a seashell

For the Gemini with too many ideas, an emerald, aquamarine or turquoise will help you find direction and keep you on your path with clarity and self-confidence. Put a stone where you can see it to keep your thoughts focused on the task at hand.

Cancer – Moonstone, Quartz or Opal

rock crystal
Ruled by the Moon, moods can shift like the changing tides for a Cancer, so to ground those emotions, rub a moonstone, quartz or opal whenever you feel negativity, anxiety or any other undesirable feelings start to flood in.

opal crystal

Leo – Citrine, Tiger’s Eye or Gold

polished colored marble pebbles and semi-precious stones background
Though a Leo can be loud and proud, they can also suffer from bouts of low confidence. To help you reach successes you perhaps didn’t think you were capable of, wear a piece of jewellery with a citrine, tiger’s eye or something gold to give you a much-needed nudge in the right direction and the courage to shine your true colours.

Virgo – Amazonite, Sapphire or Kunzite

The incredible analytical powers of a Virgo can often leave them feeling stressed out and closed to their emotions. To balance your heart and mind, place an amazonite, sapphire or kunzite under your pillow and heal while you sleep!

Libra – Rose Quartz or Watermelon Tourmaline

rose quartz
The lovely Libra is kind to everyone around them, but perhaps sometimes not to themselves? To bring in that much needed self-confidence and self-love, hold a rose quartz or watermelon tourmaline against your heart for a minute or two before making big decisions, or when you’re feeling down.

Scorpio – Citrine, Malachite or Amethyst

minerals and gemstones

For the deep and thoughtful Scorpio, carrying a citrine, malachite or amethyst with you at all times can transform any negative energies like anger or depression into happiness and peaceful tranquility. Just take out the stone when you need it and look carefully at it to help you focus on where your thoughts are taking you.

Sagittarius – Turquoise, Topaz or Atacamite

It’s hard to tell sometimes, for a Sagittarius, whether they’re chasing adventure, or running from a problem. To ground yourself in the real world and bring clarity and focus of mind, hold a turquoise, topaz or atacamite between both hands whenever you feel yourself beginning to spin too high again.

Capricorn – Aventurine, Cinnabar or Magnetite

You’ve got big dreams, Capricorn, so to see them manifested in reality, whisper your goals to an aventurine, cinnabar or magnetite – they’re very good at bringing in wealth and helping you have the strength to bring your epic plans to life.

Aquarius – Fluorite, Amethyst or Onyx

purple amethyst crystals
An Aquarius is an insightful soul, constantly observing and analyzing their environment, so when things get a little overwhelming, try meditating for ten minutes while holding a piece of fluorite, amethyst or onyx for positivity and mental balance.

Pisces – Quartz, Labradorite or Aquamarine

crystal quartz transparent
Your compassion is your strength, Pisces, but sometimes you can feel things a little too strongly, carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and getting lost in your own head. To train your powers of intuition and give you emotional strength, carry quartz, labradorite or aquamarine healing crystals in your left hand and focus on their healing energies.

semi precious gemstones

Do any of these crystals resonate with you? What’s your favourite stone for healing? Please leave me your lovely comments below!

Much Love!

Ellie Rose x

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5 Ways to Rock Leo Season


As Leo Season sets in, each of us will start to feel the effects of this fabulous zodiac sign. Whatever Sun sign you are, you’ve got a few weeks to look through the filter of a Leo and be a little louder, a little prouder and bask in the sunshine of summer.


Speak Up!

A Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents our ego in astrology. This means that a Leo tends to know who they are and not be afraid to show it. Take a leaf out of the Leo’s book and shine even stronger than usual.

Speak up for yourself, especially when you’re at risk of being controlled or minimised – a lion wouldn’t take that, so why should you? Your voice can be heard and your needs are important, so watch out for an opportunity to show your strength and enforce your boundaries to be treated a little better.


Look Fabulous!

Leo Season falls right in the middle of summer, meaning we can all lose the woolly jumpers and stop living in our coats for five minutes! Take this opportunity to bask in the glory of a Leo and up your personal style.

Go shopping, wear that kooky outfit you’ve been too self-conscious to wear. Show who you are through your clothes and don’t hold back. Who’s really judging? And does it even matter? Choose your style based on what you like, pay no mind to anyone else.



Be Generous!

Aside from being loud, proud and fabulous, the Leo is also famous for having a lion-sized heart. Generosity is a Leo’s middle name and you know when you’re with one because they’ll try their best to make you feel warm and welcomed and comfortable around them.

Do the same with those you love. Go out of your way to make someone feel special. Throw your best friend a surprise party, just because, tell a stranger you love their hair, invite your neighbours over for a BBQ. Just spread the love you have within you and you’ll notice that you start to get it back too!


Get Creative!

Since it’s ruled by the Sun, the sign of Leo is notoriously creative. As the Sun represents our self-expression it makes sense that all things artistic can come under the traits of a true Leo. During summer, it’s easier to feel inspired and light-hearted. When we feel like there are no problems to focus on, we free our mind up to be creative.

Try something new. Paint a portrait. Take a drama class. Join your local improv group. Start a blog. Bake a cake. Decorate your bedroom. Try a new recipe. Dress a friend. Take up knitting. Go dancing. Basically anything that helps you tap into your creative side and enables you to fully express yourself will get you feeling full of joy.



Don’t Act Your Age!

Leo rules the 5th house in astrology, which rules joy and creativity and children, and what better time to practice being a big kid than the peak of summer? It’s so easy to get caught up in work and bills and social media and chores that we can lose sight of fun, just for the sake of it.

So use this Leo Season to unleash your inner wild child. Go play outside, build sandcastles and go swimming, hang out with your friends and eat ice cream, just do things purely because you enjoy them, take a little risk here and there (tree climbing anyone?) and you’ll find that once you get back to the adulting, it all seems a lot easier than before.

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Happy Leo Season! How are you feeling so far?
Ellie Rose xx

Holiday Destinations for Your Zodiac Sign

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It’s coming up to the summer holidays, and us astro-lovers don’t just want an average trip away, we want magic and mystery, romance and adventure. So, here are 12 mystical holiday destinations for your zodiac sign – that aren’t even that far from home!

Aries – Explore Ancient Dubrovnik

Walk the medieval walls of Croatia’s famous city, Dubrovnik. Perfect for an Aries who loves their ancient history, Dubrovnik is a winding cobblestone maze of ornate architecture, crumbling churches and tiny cafés. For the adventurous Aries, you’ll find the surrounding area perfect for hiking, and the beaches prime for some water sports.

Taurus – Romance in Tuscany

Next on the zodiac sign’s holiday list is the Taurus and we need just three things to make it a great trip: beautiful scenery, incredible food and a bit of romance, so Tuscany has it all. Sprawling vineyards and rolling green hills dotted with poppies and ancient towns where you can sit in a sun-drenched square feasting on fresh pizza and feeling like you’re in a romance novel.


Gemini – Uncover Mysteries in Turkey

The ancient site of Goblekli Tepe in Turkey is said to be the oldest surviving temple on the planet, making it even more exciting than the pyramids. Use your great Gemini combo of logic and intuition to try and theorise a story for this place – many suggest it was built with the help of an alien civilisation, so not your average holiday destination!

Cancer – Spot Unicorns in Spain

Not many people know about the mysterious Otzarreta Forest in Spain, but once you see it your magic-loving Cancer side will never forget its mysterious beauty. Twisted ancient trees, silvery fog and trickling streams are the perfect location for some hiking or unicorn spotting!
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Leo – Watch Stars in Cannes

For a Leo, unicorn spotting could get old quick, so why not a bit of star watching? Cannes in the French Riviera tends to be full of celebrity holidaymakers, providing a lot of fun and games for us normal folk! Sip wine in fancy bars or take an afternoon trip on a yacht – just don’t forget to get that impressive holiday selfie while you’re there.

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Virgo – Find Fairies in the Black Forest

Germany’s Black Forest is about as earthy as you can get, so perfect for a Virgo who indulges in a bit of tree-hugging from time to time! Not only is it beautiful, but the Black Forest is also the location of a number of fairy tales and is said to be home to witches, nymphs and even fairies, so there’s magic in these woods too!

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Libra – Seek Bliss in Santorini

The beautiful Santorini in Greece is one of the most “Instagrammable” European destinations for its dazzling white and blue architecture. While it’s not as mysterious as the rest, it’s known for putting people into blissful trances over its incredible scenery, delicious fresh food and exquisite accommodation – so the ideal holiday for a bliss-seeking Libra?
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Scorpio – Learn Mythology in Athens

Any Scorpio will love a trip to Athens in Greece, discovering the ancient mythology, interpreting gorgeous symbolism and strolling around sprawling ruins on a balmy afternoon. There’s such a rich history here that has influenced the rest of the world, complete with magic, horror, bravery and triumph.
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Sagittarius – Connect with the Ocean in the Algarve

If you’re a Sagittarius and you haven’t been to Portugal yet, you’re missing out! Along the gorgeous coast of the Algarve are a myriad of surf schools just waiting to get you riding those big blue waves. Even though you’re not a water sign, any Sag will surely love an adventurous chance to commune with the ocean – just watch out for mermaids!
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Capricorn – Go Wild in Plitvice

Another of our earth signs, the Capricorn, deserves an even more impressive encounter with nature in Plitvice National Park in Croatia. This isn’t just any national park, set in sprawling forests, this incredible destination has giant lakes and cascading waterfalls, meadows of orchids and excesses of wildlife to explore by foot, kayak or climbing – you won’t find a deeper connection to Mother Nature.
Plitvice national park waterfall travel

Aquarius – Road-trip to Reykjavik

For the Aquarius who wants something a little different, a road trip to Iceland will kick that wonder into gear. This icy playground is home to waterfalls and glaciers, giant geysers and geothermal pools that look like something from another planet. All you need is a van, a camera, and something a little warmer for those potential snowstorms!


Pisces – See Sacred Sites in Ireland

Get all spiritual in beautiful Ireland, where a Pisces can fascinate themselves with sacred sites, pagan mythologies and all sorts of mysterious locations. If you’re the outdoorsy type, Ireland is as green as it gets, making it great for hiking, meditating with Mother Nature and a bit of expansive yoga before a delicious pub lunch.
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So, no matter which zodiac sign you are, does one of these mysterious holiday destinations tickle your intuition? Let us know your favourite on social media! And don’t forget to check out my weekly video horoscopes and regular astrology and lifestyle articles!

Much love dear Stargazers!

Ellie Rose x


What Your Rising Sign Says About You

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What does your rising star sign say about you? Your rising sign, or “ascendant” is the constellation that was rising above the horizon at the time you were born. It explains how we act in the world and the way other people see us, kind of like the mask we wear. Because of this, it’s the rising star sign that’s easiest to guess – so give it a go, who do you know with each of these rising star signs?

Aries Rising Star Sign

You have a way of doing things like no other, in fact, you prefer not to be like everyone else if you can help it! Trying something new isn’t so scary to you and you’ll take risks if you know it’s for a good cause. You fight for what’s important to you, including your own independence, which can get you into trouble, but you’re a big kid at heart really!

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Taurus Rising Star Sign

You’re strong in body and mind and not easily swayed by other people’s opinions or demands. You see the world in your own way and refuse to do things that aren’t in line with your own personal values. This makes you a reliable friend and dedicated partner, though perhaps at times a little stubborn! Your patience and gentle way make other people feel safe around you and able to be themselves.

Beauty lonely thoughtful woman sitting on the crescent moon looking up on falling stars. Dreamland imagination screen saver background. Face expression, emotion, life perception

Gemini Rising Star Sign

You’re inquisitive and always seeking out new information, meeting new people and thinking about so many subjects – if something interests you, you’ll try to work it out, but this can mean you easily get bored of one thing (or person!). You’re fun to be around and friends love to chat with you. You’re a great guest as you really know how to lighten a mood and make people smile.

Beautiful girl sitting on the moon toy

Cancer Rising Star Sign

To strangers, you can seem a little quiet or distant at first, but once they get to know you, they’ll find you warm, quirky and fiercely loyal. In fact, you care more about those you love than yourself and will happily put their needs first. You like to be comfortable, especially when it comes to taking action, so you’ll often suss out a situation before moving forward, making you cautious yet strategic.

Girl paints the moon and the stars

Leo Rising Star Sign

If your friends had to vote who’s the most fabulous, you’d easily win. You have your own signature style and people tend to notice you, however, you don’t take yourself too seriously and are happiest when playing and joking. You’re least happy when being disrespected or ignored, but you forgive easily, have the biggest heart and warm to people quickly and fondly.

Fairy woman with magic wand with star pointing at white background

Virgo Rising Star Sign

At first glimpse, you could be shy or perhaps even stand-offish, however, you’re one of the deepest and most caring of all the signs, as well as the sexiest! You keep your cards close to your chest, but when you connect with someone, you’re as loyal as they come. You’re the last person to ever be rude or inconsiderate and expect others to do the same, but you’ll happily give your last chocolate to those you love.

Fairy image of a beautiful young woman in the clouds

Libra Rising Star Sign

Look up the word “charming” in the dictionary and it will surely have your picture underneath! You really know all the right things to say and you look gorgeous while doing it. You have a naturally easy way about you, but behind the scenes you’re always thinking. You value fairness and harmony and no one can ever win an argument against you, however, when things don’t go as expected you can feel unsettled until you learn to trust your own decisions.

Attractive delicate woman playing with butterflies

Scorpio Rising Star Sign

Out of all the rising star signs, you’re the easiest to guess as your intensity is hard to miss. When people talk with you it feels like you’re looking straight through them which can make some people uncomfortable and others drawn to you. Despite first appearances, you’re actually light-hearted and deeply caring, but you only accept those with sincerity in their heart, and boy can you tell the difference!

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Sagittarius Rising Star Sign

You’re liked by many for your honesty, fun-loving nature and generosity. You’re the person most would love to have by their side on a road trip or adventure as you’re a pro at conversation and know how to keep the vibes high. However, there is such a thing as too much honesty and sometimes it’s better to be grounded and practical, even if you usually have fantastic luck!

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Capricorn Rising Star Sign

You’re impressive, you look good, and you know how to win people over, whoever they may be. But it’s not just outer appearances that impress, you’re also talented, dedicated and ambitious, but sometimes you can get a little caught up in what you’re achieving (or not achieving) and you can forget to just “be”. Those close to you know that you’re as loyal as they come and underneath it all you’re a softy really!

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Aquarius Rising Star Sign

If you weren’t the cool kid at school, you certainly are now, at least in the way that you don’t actually care what anyone thinks of you! Everything you do is coloured with your own individual style and you’re happiest connecting with people who think like you or exchanging ideas with those who think differently. While you’re not the most comfortable in the spotlight, you make a great motivator and can find a solution to any problem.

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Pisces Rising Star Sign

You’re creative to the core and imagination is your lifeblood. When you’re not creating or thinking creatively you feel stuck and dull, like all the colour ran out of the world. Because of this, you can be a little unpredictable, since you need to feel stimulated in order to partake fully in the world. However, you are deep and sensitive and always try to truly understand people.

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What’s your rising star sign? Do any of the above rising signs sound like you. or like someone you know? Feel free to comment on our social media channels or using the box below!

Much Love,

Ellie Rose x