Healing Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

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Hands up who has a healing crystals problem? You’re not the only one! With so many beautiful crystals to choose from, it can be overwhelming knowing which (or how many!) to pick. Aside from the old trick of letting the stone choose you, did you know you can also pick your crystals based on your zodiac sign?
Use one of the following astrology crystals for the ultimate healing potential:

Aries – Ruby, Garnet or Carnelian

All that fiery energy needs a deep red stone to balance it, making rubies, garnets and carnelians a great choice for an Aries. Hold a stone in your active hand (the one you write with) for increasing focus and stamina, so you can get all those amazing ideas out into the world with courage and dedication.

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Taurus – Jade, Pyrite or Moss Agate

taurus healing crystal

A creature of the earth, a Taurus needs stability and grounding to feel safe and happy, so keep a pyrite, jade or moss agate stone in your pocket to protect you from other people’s negativity and to help you to feel confident in yourself when you need it most.

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Gemini – Emerald, Aquamarine or Turquoise

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For the Gemini with too many ideas, an emerald, aquamarine or turquoise will help you find direction and keep you on your path with clarity and self-confidence. Put a stone where you can see it to keep your thoughts focused on the task at hand.

Cancer – Moonstone, Quartz or Opal

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Ruled by the Moon, moods can shift like the changing tides for a Cancer, so to ground those emotions, rub a moonstone, quartz or opal whenever you feel negativity, anxiety or any other undesirable feelings start to flood in.

opal crystal

Leo – Citrine, Tiger’s Eye or Gold

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Though a Leo can be loud and proud, they can also suffer from bouts of low confidence. To help you reach successes you perhaps didn’t think you were capable of, wear a piece of jewellery with a citrine, tiger’s eye or something gold to give you a much-needed nudge in the right direction and the courage to shine your true colours.

Virgo – Amazonite, Sapphire or Kunzite

The incredible analytical powers of a Virgo can often leave them feeling stressed out and closed to their emotions. To balance your heart and mind, place an amazonite, sapphire or kunzite under your pillow and heal while you sleep!

Libra – Rose Quartz or Watermelon Tourmaline

rose quartz
The lovely Libra is kind to everyone around them, but perhaps sometimes not to themselves? To bring in that much needed self-confidence and self-love, hold a rose quartz or watermelon tourmaline against your heart for a minute or two before making big decisions, or when you’re feeling down.

Scorpio – Citrine, Malachite or Amethyst

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For the deep and thoughtful Scorpio, carrying a citrine, malachite or amethyst with you at all times can transform any negative energies like anger or depression into happiness and peaceful tranquility. Just take out the stone when you need it and look carefully at it to help you focus on where your thoughts are taking you.

Sagittarius – Turquoise, Topaz or Atacamite

It’s hard to tell sometimes, for a Sagittarius, whether they’re chasing adventure, or running from a problem. To ground yourself in the real world and bring clarity and focus of mind, hold a turquoise, topaz or atacamite between both hands whenever you feel yourself beginning to spin too high again.

Capricorn – Aventurine, Cinnabar or Magnetite

You’ve got big dreams, Capricorn, so to see them manifested in reality, whisper your goals to an aventurine, cinnabar or magnetite – they’re very good at bringing in wealth and helping you have the strength to bring your epic plans to life.

Aquarius – Fluorite, Amethyst or Onyx

purple amethyst crystals
An Aquarius is an insightful soul, constantly observing and analyzing their environment, so when things get a little overwhelming, try meditating for ten minutes while holding a piece of fluorite, amethyst or onyx for positivity and mental balance.

Pisces – Quartz, Labradorite or Aquamarine

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Your compassion is your strength, Pisces, but sometimes you can feel things a little too strongly, carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and getting lost in your own head. To train your powers of intuition and give you emotional strength, carry quartz, labradorite or aquamarine healing crystals in your left hand and focus on their healing energies.

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Do any of these crystals resonate with you? What’s your favourite stone for healing? Please leave me your lovely comments below!

Much Love!

Ellie Rose x

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The Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Crystals: Agate

One of the most important tools for any psychic are crystals. Gemstones can be used to develop individuals’ psychic intuition, correcting unbalanced vibrations, making clients more receptive and open to personal exploration.

They can also be used for a number of purposes such as offering emotional protection and cleansing the psyche.

Recently we posted an article exploring the spiritual meaning and uses of quartz, and this week we are uncovering the psychic significance of agate crystals, and how they can be used in spiritual readings. Agate is famously used in spiritual healing to balance the energies, heal the soul and foster courage and calm.

However, the metaphysical properties of specific types of agate depend on its variety. So, here are some of the most popular forms of agate and why they are important for enhancing your spirituality.

Blue Lace Agate

If you’re having problems expressing your feelings, or have encountered a communicational barrier in a relationship, blue lace agate is the perfect crystal to cure your woes. This stone helps us to speak confidently and clearly, ensuring that we communicate what we mean and that what we say is received as such. It can also be used to calm and cleanse the emotions, attune the senses and allowing you to think clearly.

Dendritic Agate

Dendritic agate is known for being one of the most powerful stones for protecting individuals on their travels. Preventing fatigue and reducing the chances of encountering accidents, this crystal allows us to leave our comfort zone in security.

It is also known as the ‘Stone of Plenitude’ as it brings abundance to life, creating luck everywhere from our financial affairs to our personal emotions. Although it takes time to work in its full effectiveness, dendritic agate can centre the individual and deepen the connection with the earth.

Fire Agate

Despite the assumptions its name might conjure, Fire agate is primarily associated with bringing peace and calmness to the soul, making it very useful for comforting individuals in spiritual readings where they are confused or in turmoil.

This multi-tasking gemstone is able to dispel negative energy back to its source and make the source aware of the harm it is doing and instil deep security in the individual. However, at the same time, crackled fire agate is able to stimulate vitality and creativity, which, according to Healing with Crystals, can re-invigorate couples’ love lives.

Laguna Agate

Laguna agate is the perfect crystal for use in couples’ or families’ spiritual readings, as it helps bond groups and restore relationships. It also stimulates the imagination and inspiration, making it perfect for writers and artists. Laguna agate also stimulates precision and the intellect in general, making it useful for individuals faced with complex tasks and mathematical or financial endeavours.

Moss Agate

Moss agate is understood to promote a deep connection between the spiritual being and the psychical body. Through protecting the aura, moss agate neutralises fears and allows the mind to remain open to new ideas, which is incredibly valuable in spiritual readings because it makes clients receptive to learn about their problems through a psychic’s perspective. It also increases trust and stimulates universal love, connecting individuals with the land, according to Wicca.

Botswana Agate

Botswana agate, otherwise known as purple agate, is a potent crystal for alleviating stress and depression. Increasing emotional understanding and empathy, this form of agate can actually stimulate spiritual awakening. It offers protection for the super-sensitive and eases feelings of loneliness.

However, Botswana agate also helps individuals find solutions to their problems, opening clients up to explore unknown territory and see the bigger picture during spiritual readings.

Turritella Agate

Turritella agate is unique in that it contains fossilised snail shells which create the visible circular shapes in the stone. This ancient stone was discovered alongside artefacts from ancient Greece, Egypt, and other parts of Africa, so it is perhaps unsurprising that it is so powerful in giving individuals insight into their history.

As a record keeper crystal, it may be used in spiritual and psychic readings to discover one’s ancestry and to gain access to the wisdom of past worlds and past lives.