Ask an Astrologer: Will Wayne & Colleen Rooney Get Back Together?


What’s the story with footballers and their wives recently? As you may know, there’s trouble in paradise with not only Jamie and Louise Redknapp, but Wayne and Colleen Rooney too! So, if you’ve been dying for someone to dish the dirt on what’s really happening, maybe the planets could fill us in…


What’s their story?


Former England football captain, Wayne Rooney and his wife Colleen, have had a bumpy relationship. From getting engaged at just 17, to cheating scandals and most recently, a drink driving conviction, complete with another woman in tow, you’d think that Wayne Rooney would be ready to settle down and give his pregnant wife a break?!

With so many break ups and make ups, it’s hard to tell exactly what will happen with Wayne and Colleen Rooney’s relationship, so instead of piecing together tabloid snippets – let’s ask the stars!



The planetary lowdown:




As a Scorpio with Pluto conjunct his Sun, Wayne is no doubt deep and secretive by nature, yet Colleen, as an Aries, is probably very forthright and open. Their differences are perhaps what attracted them, as well as what drove them apart.

This difference is enhanced by Wayne’s Sun opposite Colleen’s Venus, in opposing signs too – Scorpio and Taurus, which would create a magnetic attraction between the two, but as much as opposites attract, at times they can repel too.

This is a couple who have trust issues, and with Wayne’s Mars on Colleen’s Neptune, certain ego-driven actions can bring in confusion, deceit and mistrust – like cheating perhaps?

However, the couple do have a lot of nice trines and sextiles, which means that there are a great many opportunities for them if they can learn to grow together and not take each other for granted.

With Wayne’s Moon square Colleen’s Pluto, domestic problems can arise from this complicated connection, and Colleen will no doubt be forced to transform, whether that’s with or without Wayne, we’re yet to see!




Since the split has happened over Wayne Rooney’s most recent scandal in September, where he was pulled over for drink driving with another woman on his arm, let’s take a look at his transits to see what drove him to such disgrace.


Rebellion and unconscious drives


So, long term, Wayne has had two quite disruptive transits going on: Uranus opposing his Sun has no doubt encouraged feelings of rebellion against the status quo – his family home. Feelings towards his own father, or about the father he has become will have been brought to the surface for him to face – whether healthily or not.

The other long-term aspect, Chiron opposing his Mars, if not properly addressed (and it certainly looks like it hasn’t been!) will have brought many challenges in the shape of unconscious drives. If he doesn’t learn to tame these drives, he could lose control over himself, and give in to a desire to act out and be “in charge”.


What triggered the fallout?


On the day Wayne Rooney was pulled over, September 1st, the Moon made a very short-term aspect to Pluto – Wayne’s ruling planet.

This would have brought unconscious emotions to the surface over the significant females in his life – namely, Colleen, which may have led him astray, not only out of his marriage vows, but at three times over the legal drink driving limit, also out of the law.

All of this adds to Wayne’s dangerous Plutonic/Scorpionic energy, and as mentioned previously, with Pluto conjunct his Sun, this is very much a part of who he is. However, Pluto can be a very positive planet, if the person has the motive to transform.


So, will they get back together?


This isn’t the first time Wayne has been caught cheating. In 2009 he was reported to have slept with two prostitutes, again, while Coleen was pregnant, and against most people’s judgement, she gave him another chance.

Already, we’re seeing signs of a reunion, just a couple of months later, so it’s more than likely that the Rooneys will survive to see another day – their astrological chemistry seems to suggest so. Let’s just hope that Wayne can learn to transform that Plutonic darkness, as I suspect we haven’t seen the last of his antics!

What do you all think? Please let me have your lovely comments below! Looking forward to reading them!


Ellie Rose x