2020 Mercury Retrogrades: All You Need to Know

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There will be three Mercury Retrogrades this year. Each lasting three weeks. These are difficult to manage, but we can all learn positive spiritual guidance from them. Don’t panic and watch my video below, where I will explain it all to you in detail!

And why not check out my weekly horoscope predictions as well, to find out what the planets have in store for you while you’re here?

Much Love!

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Valentine’s Horoscopes 2020

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We’ve got your Valentine’s Horoscopes for 2020 here, filling you in on all things love for February’s favourite event. Whether you’re single or taken, there’s something in the stars for you, so read on!

Someone has noticed how much you give and you’re about to receive some much needed appreciation! Take it to heart because it’s truly meant. Your confidence is lifting so shine your sunshine on those you love – they’ll appreciate the same!

You are simply sensational this week and boy are people noticing. The more you worship yourself, the more others want to worship you too, but only the best of the best should be allowed in your company and you’re starting to understand your true beauty now.

You’ve got plenty of opportunities for dates this week, whether that’s with someone special or just a friend, you’ll not be short on people to talk to! Make sure to speak your feelings this week as others might do the same.

Cuddle up with a good film and something indulgent this week as you’re feeling luxurious and might even have someone to share it with. However, if you push yourself out of that comfort zone and take a risk, you’ll get more rewards in the romantic department.

cute couple kissing

Just ask, what’s standing in your way? This Valentine’s, put yourself out there a bit more, it’s a good time for being noticed and appreciated and you’re starting to see your awesomeness yourself too. Don’t worry what others think, just be you.

Let someone else take the lead this Valentine’s as the energies are trying to teach you what it feels like to be held. Security might not seem so exciting but it’s everything to you this week. Don’t judge a book by its cover, it might be more than you think!

Your charm has not gone amiss and someone really sees it this week, just don’t take advantage of it, your powers of attraction are high so be careful you don’t lead anyone on! If you want, you can be truly loved, but you have to let them in first.

Valentine's Day 2020

Your attention is much appreciated and you mean more to someone than it seems, it’s just that they’re not so good at showing it. Feel happy that you can give love how you do and don’t expect a return, so when you get it you’ll feel pleasantly surprised.

If you don’t say how you feel, how are they meant to know? If you don’t love yourself, how are you meant to love another? This week is a test of your confidence and commitment. It’s great to be passionate but don’t forget to communicate too.

Your feelings are flowing up and you better pour them in someone’s direction – don’t think about their response or what will happen afterwards, just act from the heart, speak with compassion and listen with love. You’ll see incredible results if you do.

Someone wants some of your affection but is unsure of whether you feel the same. Be warm and show that you are not only fun and friendly but passionate and cuddly too. You’ve got a great evening ahead of you so plan a hot outfit and get out there.

Don’t get stuck in your head this week, get out there instead, how else are you meant to feel those romantic flutters if you don’t connect with anyone? Time alone may seem alluring but a potential date is on the horizon and you can have a fantastic time, if you let yourself.

Happy Valentine’s from all of us at Psychic Future! We hope it’s full of magic, kisses and fun!

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How You Can Save the World in Aquarius Season

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Aquarius Season is upon us already and we’re having our attention turned to bigger issues, like other people, politics and the state of the Earth.

Instead of Capricorn Season’s focus on our work and money issues, we’re starting to realise that there’s so much more going on outside of our own homes – at times a scary amount! Our compassion is activated and we want to help save the world (and each other!).
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So, What Can We Do?


With Mercury moving into Aquarius first on January 16th, we’re communicating our opinions loud and clear.

People are taking to social media and telling it how it is. With so much political change, environmental worries and general outrage coming from the public, it can be a bit stressful looking at our news feeds at times!

This is because Aquarius can breed rebellion – we want peace and we want it now! Except that Aquarius can sometimes lack sensitivity, it’s not the most emotional sign, so people are often not thinking about the feelings of others.
Aquarius Season predictions

What Can You Do?

Instead of ranting on Facebook or just avoiding social media entirely, try and seek out official channels and message or comment to them directly. Government or media channels have the power to make change so your tweet to a local authority or news channel will have much more of an effect.

Increase Consciousness

The world is becoming more and more conscious. We care more about issues like recycling, animal cruelty and global warming than ever before. This is great news for the world, but there’s more work to be done!
underwater aquarius season
In Aquarius season, we’ll notice more issues that need our attention, especially when the New Moon in Aquarius on January 24th happens and we feel more connected to each other and the world around us.

No doubt we’ll see some causes crop up in the news, and our empathy will be higher than usual. We want to help!
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What Can You Do?

Aside from daily things like recycling, trying to avoid buying plastics (most ends up in the ocean) and cutting down on eating animal products, try and do a compassion meditation on the night of the Aquarius New Moon (Jan 24th).

This is based on the Buddhist practice of “Metta” or loving kindness meditation, and if everyone does it, the effect it has on the collective conscious will be huge! Each thought vibrates through the universe, so if we all focus our minds on saving the planet and ending suffering, you bet it will do some good.

Try the guided meditation below:


Practice Compassion

Mars won’t enter Aquarius until long after the other personal planets, which means that while all this is going on, Mars will be in serious and hardworking Capricorn still, leaving a lot of room for caring and compassion.

So until then, practicing compassion with others is a fabulous way to improve your own mood, and of course the people around you too.

This could mean that you’re a little more patient with other people, remembering that everyone has their own battle to fight will make you gentler on those who annoy you!
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Practicing compassion for all will vastly improve your personal relationships too. Instead of entering a debate when your opinion is different to someone else’s, try and just listen. You don’t have to agree, but you can learn something if you take ego out of the discussion and remember that we all see life through a different filter.

Nowadays it’s so easy to get triggered. With all these opinions flying around (especially on social media like we explored before!), and of course, in personal relationships we are always finding new ways to clash egos and feel hurt, it’s just so easy to feel frustrated or confronted.
fountain Aquarius season
But if it’s something small or unimportant, just shrug it off! It benefits you most as you get to keep calm and enjoy your day.

When we choose love, even for those who wrong us, we are free to move on and feel happy without the burden of upset on our shoulders.

What Can You Do?

Whenever you feel the rise of annoyance or hurt, take a deep breath or a short walk and don’t make big decisions when emotions are high – this is the key to a calmer life.

So, these are the themes of Aquarius season, and a little guide for how to save the world, one nice thought at a time. Which will you try first?
Let us know on our social media channels below how Aquarius Season feels for you:


Much Love Dear Stargazers!

Ellie Rose x
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2020 Predictions for your Zodiac Sign



What’s in store for your zodiac sign in 2020? In life, work, love and everything in between, 2019 was a year of ups and downs, in my 2020 predictions for your zodiac sign, I can already see that 2020 is going to be very different indeed! Read on for more…

Aries 2020 Prediction

Aries, 2020 is a great year for you to improve your confidence in yourself and your abilities. What you achieve now will set you up for the coming years, so make sure to take risks and be consistent in your work – it will pay off in the long run!

You’ll begin to receive more opportunities and gifts from the divine, perhaps you get better at manifesting what you desire and need? Either way, things will seem a little easier than last year, which was ripe with challenges. 2020 will seem to flow much better but do take into account the lessons from 2019 and try not to repeat the same mistakes! You have the ability to be great now. Trust in yourself and what you can do – its usually more than you think!


Happy New Year 2020 astrological predictions zodiac signs


From September to mid November, your energy levels will fluctuate with Mars Retrograde, so make sure you’ve established a good routine by then. You might feel less active at this time or even confused about which direction to take in life but this is all trying to teach you to be bigger, better, stronger and more creative in your visions and your actions. You need to put your all into it to see results but when you do it will be spectacular.

Love & Relationships

February, March and April are times of romance, learning and joy for you, Aries, and what timing, with the first bloom of spring?! Now is the time to be free and lighthearted. Let any problems slide off you and realise that the more you show your sunny side, the more others respond with the same warmth and generosity (and the universe too!). If you can keep the optimism strong, the rest of the year should fall into place for you and your partner or you and everyone around you!

You can really learn something now about how to manage your moods and expectations of others. You’ll begin to see that when you put up boundaries with others and refuse to take on their problems, you feel much lighter yourself. This will be a great foundation for later on in the year as Mercury Retrograde in Libra in late Oct/Nov shows you any places that need work. Overall, the year will give you sunshine if that’s what you choose to give out too!

Taurus 2020 Prediction

Life & Work

Oh Taurus, 2020 is a fabulous year for you. The more you hustle the more you’ll see your empire grow and this in turn will bring your confidence levels up to higher than you’ve ever seen before.


happy new year 2020 astrological predictions zodiac signs


With Jupiter in earthy Capricorn, you’ll have more focus on your goals and the determination to carry them out. It’s like suddenly you know what to do and how to do it – the last year (or even two!) have felt slow or frustrating but now you’ve got the power to push through any challenge and rise yourself up to the place you know you’re meant to be.

Keep yourself motivated by taking risks and rewarding yourself with nice treats here and there. There might be times when you need to be your own biggest cheerleader so taking care of yourself, speaking kindly to yourself and indulging in some quiet time here and there (but not too much!) Will keep you on track towards what it is you desire.

Love & Relationships

This year you’ll start to recognise yourself as the hottie you are, Taurus. 2020 is the year for you to start seriously acknowledging your worth. Of course, the work and money achievements will help with this, but this kind of self-worth comes from somewhere deeper. You’re really understanding why you had problems with this before, and starting to move onto a far more stable and fabulous way of connecting with the world.

From mid May till late June, your ruler, Venus, will be Retrograde in Gemini. This will give you even more opportunities to work on that self-esteem and may bring the odd hurdle or knock to your confidence, however, it is all a big test. Divine wants you to show what you’re made of. Do you have the ability to stand your ground, shine bright AND love yourself harder than ever? I think yes.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not really doesn’t matter this year as it’s literally all about you and what you need. The rest will come when it’s meant to.


2020 predictions for your zodiac sign

Gemini 2020 Prediction

This year, things will start to make a little more sense to you dear Gemini. 2020 is the time to start getting serious about what you want – no changing your mind! You’ll begin to feel like it’s safe to make decisions that last this year, and this in turn will enable you to build the home base and life you so desire.

With 3 Mercury Retrogrades (late February, late June and mid October) in water again this year, you’ll be focusing on how to live a productive and stable life while also paying attention to your emotional needs. It might be that some things have to go this year in order to heal something within you.



You’ll be thinking about the future a lot, and because of this, the past will come up too. A suitable healing technique like meditation, art or even therapy will support you and 2020 will be the year that you begin to see each part of your life fall into place without all the stress and challenge of previous years.

Take special care of your body this year and make sure you’re eating well and exercising. This body is your vehicle for life so treat it well! Don’t overwork as this year can bring burnout if you’re not living in sync with your own rhythms. Mind, body and soul is your focus in 2020 and you’ve got so many inspiring adventures on the horizon – many of them within!

Love & Relationships

This year, change is coming to your love life, and in fact, all your relationships. You’re done with old habits that kept you small and stuck and ready to open your arms to people that respect you and your needs.

Of course, this will take a bit of a new mindset and that won’t happen overnight, but the results will be fabulous relationships with people who make you feel safe and loved.

With Venus Retrograde in your sign of Gemini mid May till late June you will encounter small tests of this newfound mindset. Have you learnt from past experiences? What more is there to work on? This could come in your current relationship with ways to compromise or reconnect, or if single, by someone new in your life. You’ll be feeling ready to start connecting again so go for it if it feels good! Just be true to yourself and don’t take second best – you deserve so much!

Cancer 2020 Prediction

Life & Work

Cancer, 2020 will make more sense to you than the previous few years altogether! There’s been a lot of struggle and stress and you’re finally at a point where things will start to shift for you. Whatever it is that’s been troubling you, the solution will provide itself in 2020.

In terms of career, Jupiter in your opposite sign of Capricorn all year will provide you with the practical know-how to improve your current situation. You’ll see ways to create more stability in your life, whether that’s more money, more free time or just a feeling of achievement that’s been lacking in your work life for a while. If you put in some brains and effort, you could be seriously rewarded this year.



However, don’t rely on things to stay the same. There’s a lot of change on the horizon for you and this will take a bit of confidence to master. You’ll need to trust in the universe’s plan for you and go with the flow. This will be hard at times as you try to control your situation but its best to surrender and allow things to end and change if that’s what’s needed. It’s all for the best in the long term so just keep moving forward and try not to question it all. You’ll be highly rewarded if you can!

Love & Relationships

Amongst all this change in your work and life status, you’ll be looking for a deeper commitment in your love life. Whether you’re already paired or single, you’ll be wanting to create trust in all your relationships, romantic or not, and this will mean committing to certain ways of being.

You’ll have lessons about communication as Mercury Retrograde happens 3 times in water signs this year (again) so your ability to speak openly and honestly, communicate your feelings and needs, and also listen to others will come into focus throughout the year. If you can stay open and positive during these times, your relationships will evolve and take on new depth and loving kindness. When you connect to another and drop your guard, you’ll learn a lot about love, trust and security and begin to feel a lot more comfortable in these relationships.

Leo 2020 Prediction

Life & Work

This year will be a test of how much you’re willing to give for your dreams. What has been on your mind over 2019? The vision that you were yearning for? Maybe a new career, location, relationship, a whole new life? Well in 2020, you’ll have the opportunity to make it real. This will come with some serious elbow grease – you’re going to have to put in the work!

You’ll realise this year that just dreaming or planning something isn’t enough, things don’t just fall into your lap, BUT, that means that greater things are actually attainable! You can actually have better than this! But it will take a little bit of a shift.



When you balance dreaming with doing, and consistently work towards what it is you want, you’ll see great results. Don’t try to control it all too much though, the universe has plans for you and won’t leave you empty handed. In fact, it’s got some exciting adventures in store for you this year, so let that fabulous mane down a little and go with the flow here and there – it will be well worth it.

Love & Relationships

In relationships, Mars Retrograde (September to mid November) can make you want to challenge the status quo. Anyone that stands in your way might get the full fire of Mars! Try to adopt a breathing technique or meditation you can use on the spot when you’re feeling frustrated.

However, this can also be a good thing, because you’re more likely to stand up for yourself at this time – in particular, you’ll want to solve any physical problems like health, sex and responsibility – if it’s not balanced, you’ll want to sort it now.

The rest of the year, however, should be a breeze as you learn more and more how to connect, compromise and manage your own life so that you’re happy and relaxed with others too – this can only make you more magnetic!

Virgo 2020 Prediction

This year things will get a lot easier dear Virgo. 2020 will see you manifest your dreams with much more ease and your plans will start to become reality with less stress than previous years! If you’ve worried about money up till now, you’ll start to see ways to sort this situation and bring in what you need to thrive.

With Jupiter in earthy Capricorn all year, you’ll find work, projects and self-improvement the most important to you and these things will just flow naturally. Of course, the more effort you put in, the more reward you’ll get out, but you will actually start to see the rewards you deserve now rather than feeling like you’re working so hard and burning out for nothing all the time – this is your year for changing the game and seeing some results.



Make sure you also take time for you as all this earthy hustle energy can leave you burnt out if you’re not careful. Take breaks here and there and remember that life isn’t all about what you can do and achieve. You’ll find yourself learning how to just “be” too and this will help you connect more with a higher purpose than ever before.

Love & Relationships

As long as you’re not too absorbed in your work, your love life should flow in your favour. Couples will start to see ways to deepen their bond and singles will learn more about themselves and what they need in a relationship. This will help to attract the right person, just make sure you’re ready to commit as this is a year for being serious.



With your ruler, Mercury, retrograde in water signs 3 times this year (late February, late June and mid October) you’ll be feeling more sensitive and in tune with your own needs and the feelings of others. This will give you laser sharp intuition and more of a connection to divine. You’ll be looking for cosmic connections, whether that’s through relationships or through your own spiritual practice. There’s magic in the air either way.

Libra 2020 Prediction

As we move into 2020, Libra, you’ll start to feel energised and ready for action! This year is about movement and change, whether that’s in life, work or love will wait to be seen but definitely there are big shifts on the horizon for you.

Your confidence will be tested this year so ensure you’re being your best self, taking risks and making the decision to go bigger than ever before. You can manifest some serious results if you put your mind to it, but it will take some faith in yourself and the universe before you get there.



With Mercury Retrograde in late February, late June and mid October, these are the times you need to change a mindset that holds you back from being as awesome as you can be. Observe yourself at these times and take the opportunity to learn something about yourself and step into your full power. This time will set the foundations of the future and help you live a happy, confident and successful life.

Love & Relationships

2020 is a year of feeling fabulous and in control, dear Libra. You’ll have lessons to learn, sure, but you’ll understand what to do and why when it comes to relationships. Making decisions that change your future and doing things that benefit YOU are top priority now.

If you’re single, this will help you to stick to the ones that are good for you, though you might find that actually you’re happier being single for a while. Those in relationships will see themselves setting boundaries and committing to a more grounded and rewarding way of relating.

With your ruler, Venus, Retrograde in Gemini mid May till late June, this time will help you to set these boundaries where you need them most. Maybe you start saying no to people more often, maybe you begin putting your own needs first, maybe you change your whole view on romance and make a big change in your love life! Whatever it is, you’ll leave this year feeling stronger and more secure in yourself, and this will make you irresistible to everyone else!

Scorpio 2020 Prediction

Life & Work

In 2020, Scorpio, you’ll find yourself recognising your power more and more. You’re levelling up at crazy speeds and your life can start to look completely different from what you’re used to seeing. This ability to transform will at times scare you – change is never easy and the familiar is way more comfortable, but you know that you can’t stay in your small comfort zone any longer. It’s time to take your life to the next level and this is gonna take some confidence and some serious hustle.

Luckily, you’ve got some important dates coming that will deliver the challenges you need to succeed. Every transformation comes after a hurdle, a lesson or an obstacle that you first thought was impossible but later realised was actually totally doable. Great triumphs are on the horizon this year, so be the warrior you know you are.

From September to mid November Mars Retrograde will show you the places where your energy is being wasted. This might seem frustrating at the time but will teach you to harness your motivation and make the most of your strengths.

Love & Relationships

Another chance to show your strengths is in love and relationships. 2020 will encourage you to open up, become softer and more trusting, whether this is through a relationship or single, you’ll start to see that you can indeed rely on some people, maybe not everyone, but at least a few.



Mercury Retrograde in your sign in October will feel difficult but deliver great rewards if you compromise and take risks. When you trust others, you’re more likely to want to come out of your comfort zone in the rest of your life.

A move or a big change will test your ability to trust and grow, and also deepen the bond with your favourite person or people. Eventually you’ll realise that trust in others reflects your trust in divine. 2020 will encourage you to have faith – but first you have to choose to believe.

Sagittarius 2020 Prediction

Life & Work

This is a good year for getting things done dear Sagittarius! 2020 predicts that you’ll start to manage your finances better and find more stability in your material world, which in turn, will take a big weight off your shoulders! Of course, with anything, what you put in is what you get out, but that’s OK because your motivation to achieve is higher than ever this year.

I know we say it every year, but 2020 really is the one for you. With your ruler, Jupiter, in Capricorn most of the year, you’re starting to think a little more realistically than usual and opportunities to improve your life and help you level up will come your way. At times they might not seem like the most exciting prospects but this year is about being more grounded and practical.



Sure, its great to have big goals and dreams, but you need to be able to achieve something (and make a living!) so the more realistic the better. You’ll work your way up to the big stuff eventually so don’t turn down any offers that seem beneath you – they could turn out to be a door to later success.

Love & Relationships

This year you’ll have some big lessons to learn about your communication skills. Your ability to understand others, and in turn, to help them understand you, will improve, but first you might experience some challenges. Learning new things can be difficult, but if you remain open to new mindsets, opinions and ways of doing things, you can greatly improve the way you connect with others.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll realise there is more to your partner than you first thought and this will teach you not to assume you know them inside out.
If you’re single, you’ll have plenty of options but perhaps not make your mind up as to what you want. Your desires can change quickly so take things slow.

Be aware that Venus Retrograde will happen in your opposite sign, Gemini, from mid May till late June so this time will be rich with romance and communication lessons. Watch what (or who) you judge at this time, you might have the wrong idea and situations can turn out to be very different from what you first thought! Great progress can be made in your true heart-centred connections so nurture the relationships that are dear to you.

Capricorn 2020 Prediction

Life & Work

Capricorn, this is a great year for you! You’ll be seeing the fruits of your recent labour finally. It might have seemed like you were working for nothing up till now, or that you were always putting in the work and not getting an equal reward. All that will change now in 2020.

With Jupiter in your sign all year, you have so many opportunities to make money, build foundations, achieve your goals and create security in your life. Just make sure you are working smarter not harder – there can be a risk of burnout this year so it’s important to take care of your health and wellbeing. You’ll find that creative or spiritual activities like yoga meditation and art will give you the most energy to continue on with your goal chasing and even provide a way of relating to the world that feels far more rewarding and comforting than your previous ways.



Love & Relationships

The pressure is off in 2020, Capricorn, as Venus doesn’t move into your sign all year. This might sound like a bad thing but it doesn’t mean that love won’t come your way!

Actually it means that relationships will just be something that either flow easily in the background, without too many problems to tackle, or you’ll be happily single getting on with achieving your goals.

Let’s be real, its easier to achieve your dreams when you’re not giving your energy away to someone else. This year is so much more about you than it is about anyone else, so if you’re in a couple, just let things tick along as normal and if you’re single, take the pressure off looking and focus on you and what you want in this life, then someone will come along without you having to do anything!

Aquarius 2020 Prediction

This year, you’re feeling like things are ready to take off finally. There are changes afoot and new experiences coming your way. For most people, this might be a bit nerve wracking but you’re so ready for something different.

Keep some of your roots though – old friends, family, faith and things that make you feel at home will provide a good foundation for you during all this change. You want to feel grounded as well as inspired.

You’ve worked hard over the past few years and now you’ll be rewarded. With Jupiter, the planet of luck, in committed Capricorn, you’ll see some things in your life becoming more stable. Buying property, getting married or creating deeper commitments in your work, home and relationships will be a big theme this year. At times you’ll feel a little dazed by all the new events in your life but it’s all for your future comfort.

Take any opportunities for promotion or upgrade this year as it’s a year for making good choices that set you up for life.

Love & Relationships

Carrying on with the theme of commitment, you’ll be feeling ready to settle down this year, whether that’s in your current partnership or just in the way you’re looking for someone new, you’re done with playing games or staying casual, it’s time to get serious and you’re feeling ready, if it’s the right person.

Take care of how you communicate to others this year, with so much earth energy added to your air, you can come off a little distracted or even cold at times.


2020 predictions for your zodiac sign


Even though this is not the case, just make sure you’re putting into your relationships what you would like to receive – warmth, affection and recognition now will create a deep bond that takes little effort in the following years to maintain.

Overall, your sincerity and a bit of humour will carry you far in life, love and everything in between!

Pisces 2020 Prediction

Dear Pisces, 2020 will be a breath of fresh air for you as things that, before, seemed so difficult to arrange and achieve, start to flow towards you like water. You’ll find that the work you put in last year will begin to shower you with little rewards, these can be material, like more money or they can be less tangible, like feeling proud of yourself on a regular basis or having higher motivation and energy.

With Jupiter in Capricorn most of the year, your opportunities for growth are flooding in. Take any chance you get to prove (to yourself) how awesome you are. The more you shine, the more others notice and you could see yourself getting promoted or praised at work or in something you’re good at. Take this as even more motivation to move onwards and upwards.

Spiritually, you’ll have to work a little harder to nurture your connection to divine as the physical world might get in the way at times, but if you persevere with this too, try yoga and meditation or trying out something creative, you’ll shine at that too and become even stronger in body, mind and spirit.


Love & Relationships

This year, go with the flow because the flow is trying to bring you something sweet. The more you try, however, the more you’ll miss out on chances to connect naturally. It’s all about surrendering to what’s meant for you.

The past year has been a little up and down in your love life. Disappointment was something you learnt how to get over, but this year is a very different energy. Things will feel easier and you’ll attract a lot more positive connections.

Whether you’re single or in a couple, make sure to be authentic and know your worth. This is a year that you could make serious commitments with someone, but only if you’re committed to yourself first and foremost.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one, so nurture you and your needs before giving to others. This year you’ll understand this deeply and begin to treat yourself like the superstar you are!

Love Magic for Your Venus Sign

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Everyone is looking for love! It’s the most common topic that us astrologers and psychics were asked in 2019. So to help you out a little, here are 12 types of love magic for your Venus sign!
You can choose your Venus sign or stick with your Sun sign, or whatever resonates! We each have all 12 signs somewhere in our charts, but just remember to use this stuff wisely – whatever is meant to be will be and sometimes not getting what we want at the time is a huge relief in the future. I’m sure you’ve all had a date or two that you’re glad never went any further?
So, be wise, my little love witches, love yourself first and only then move on to your spells!

Aries Venus – Truth Divination

An Aries Venus moves fast. You know what you want when you want it and aren’t afraid to do a bit of chasing. However, because of this, you can sometimes get involved with people who turn out to be, well, not your cup of tea, to put it mildly! So, when you need to know the truth about someone, try a bit of tea leaf reading.
Make some loose leaf tea while chanting 11 times “show me the truth of the one I’m with”. Drink the tea while thinking of that person. Then when you’re done, swill the leftover leaves in the bottom of the mug, let your eyes glaze over a little and see what shape appears. If it’s not clear, look it up online in symbol or dream dictionaries.
magic fairy ballerina wings flowers forest witch wicca mystic

Taurus Venus – Attract The One

Venus is at home in Taurus so this placement is naturally all about love, and the finer things in life. You can have quite high standards because of this, so sometimes need to search a little harder for your perfect partner. If you’re single and looking, try this quick spell while in the shower.
Choose a fancy body wash and while using it in the shower, treat it as a seriously indulgent experience. Chant “I have choices, I’m admired, I attract one that lights my fire”. Then head out somewhere with your best smile on!

Gemini Venus – Communication Boost

Gemini is ruled by Mercury so its important to have good communication with the one you love. If you’re currently in a stage where communication isn’t flowing in the way you want, try this simple yet effective meditation.
Sit somewhere quietly and take 6 deep relaxing breaths with your eyes closed. Then picture your love in front of you. What do they look like, what kind of presence they have. Then start by telling them first (in the visualisation) “I love you” or “I respect you” then begin telling them how you feel. Let them reply and converse in the visualisation as long as you need. At the end, say “I love you” or “I respect you” again. Come back to the room and decide now if you need to go and do this for real with that person, in which case, the practice will make your communication much clearer, or if this practice was enough to feel better.
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Cancer Venus – 4D Trust Bond

Venus in Cancer is a homebody and values security over anything. This means that sometimes they can get stuck in worry or mistrust, or even create problems themselves. If you are lacking trust in your relationship, for whatever reason, try a bit of couples magic to create a safe and loving bond.
Get together somewhere comfortable and spend 5 minutes simply staring into each other’s eyes. The eye is the window to the soul, so by sharing eye contact, your souls can communicate on their own level. Make sure to hug afterwards to bring the energy into the physical realm. Do it often!

Leo Venus – Attract Appreciation

A Leo Venus is incredibly generous and warm but needs the same attention in return. However, since you’re so confident, people can forget that and you might end up feeling neglected! To attract the kind of appreciation you deserve, try this easy charm.
While getting ready in the morning, imagine that someone else you know is doing these things for you – picture your partner brushing your hair, your child brushing your teeth, whoever isn’t fully appreciating you. Then after each task is done, say “thank you so much. I enjoyed that” with a genuine smile. You’re putting the vibration into the universe and the universe will reflect the feeling back to you. Just watch!
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Virgo Venus – Body Confidence Goddess

Virgo Venus is so busy attending to everyone and everything that she can forget herself, but this is kind of convenient as shes often so wrapped up in her thoughts she forgets her body. Try letting your hair down and lighting a fire within. Everyone knows Virgo is secretly a hot earthy Goddess when she allows herself to be, so let’s work on that body confidence.
Find a place where no one will disturb you and put on some seductive music. Dance like you are the Goddess herself. Embody that earth Goddess energy by moving each body part freely. Afterwards you will feel like the queen you are.
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Libra Venus – Karmic Justice

The other sign ruled by Venus is Libra, so here we have someone in love with love! But this means that sometimes our expectations and reality don’t match up – we get treated badly or give too much, someone leaves when we wanted more. Being a Libra Venus means we care deeply about justice, harmony and fairness, so if you’ve been dealt a bad hand, this Karmic charm should help.
Find a Goddess you resonate with and settle down to connect with her. Meditate on her image for a while, to music if that helps. Then ask her “Oh Goddess, thank you for everything you do, I ask you just one thing, to deliver me what I deserve, someone who matches my energy, my kindness, my heart. If we all get what we deserve, please show me this kindness” then every day until the next full moon, light a candle by her image. On the full moon, repeat the spell and wait to see what happens!
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Scorpio Venus – Cord Cutting

Scorpio Venus loves deeply, sometimes a little too deep! You can attract people that aren’t good for you sometimes, in friendships as well as romance. At some point you might decide you are better off without someone but not be able to shake them off! This can sometimes be Karmic, but you can do something about it.
Get into a meditative state and call in Archangel Michael. He is a powerful protecting figure and he helps with “cord cutting”. Ask him “Archangel Michael, please cut any cords I have with “person” and end any soul contracts I have with them. I give you full permission to do this now. Thank you”.
Imagine a beam of white or purple light around you, protecting you from harm. Then know you will begin to see the back of that person now.
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Sagittarius Venus – Spice It Up

Since a Sag Venus needs so much freedom in a relationship, they can get bored easily! This can make problems where all that’s needed is a little spice in the relationship to shake things up.
You can do this charm on you or your partner. While making you or them a cup of tea or coffee, sprinkle a little cinnamon while whispering “spices, fire, Venus & Mars, make our love as exciting as the Moon and the stars”. Then serve!

Capricorn Venus – Time for Two

Sometimes a Capricorn Venus is so busy hustling on the money and security aspect of Venus, they forget all about the love and pleasure side, but what to do? If there’s no time, there’s no time! Or is there? Use this little charm to bring in an unexpected break – could be a random day off from work, a free babysitter or just an hour for coffee one morning. If you’re craving time with your beloved (or even just for you!) This is the one.
You don’t have time for set spells so throughout the day, every time you look at a clock, repeat 3 times “wow I have some time for me (and person)”. If you’re in the office, just whisper or think it. Do this for 3 days and you’ll start to believe it, that’s when your free time will come.
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Aquarius Venus – Sweet as Honey

Since Aquarius is an air sign and traditionally ruled by restrictive Saturn, emotions can be a little hard to share sometimes. If you or someone you know is struggling to open up and be sweet and loving, try this little spell at home.
Get a jar and either a picture of you or the person you want to sweeten up, put it in the jar and fill the jar with sugar and honey while chanting “sweet as sugar, sweet as honey, share your sweetness, share your love”. But do remember this only works to enhance and share existing feelings rather than to create feelings from nothing.

Pisces Venus – Unrequited Magic

And we come to the most sensitive of all the signs, dear Pisces Venus, who can sometimes fall so deep it’s not reciprocated, or maybe it is, but you’re too shy to ask? This charm will help to nudge that person towards you, so you can see how they truly feel.
Write on a piece of paper the person’s name and date of birth if you have it. Then the line “Come to me, come to me, if we are meant to be”. Take it outside on a New Moon and bury it in the earth so that feelings will grow, if they’re meant to!
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So, that’s it love witches! If you liked this article please share it so others can feel the love too!

Ellie Rose x


7 Ways to Survive Mercury Retrograde


This Mercury Retrograde has been a particularly tough one for a lot of us! Beginning on Halloween and passing through a Scorpio New Moon and many other (frankly quite frightening) aspects, there’s been chaos, emotions, mix ups and mess. So how to deal with it? These are my 7 ways to survive Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio:

1. Breathe

OK, first of all, most of the issues surrounding Mercury Retrograde could be handled a lot better if we just slow down and take a big deep breath before reacting. Mercury is the fastest moving planet so it makes sense that just taking things slow can really help when things feel chaotic. This will also help you avoid some of the little mistakes that come with this time.

2. Check Yourself

Similarly, when emotions are high and thoughts aren’t working at their usual level (Mercury is the ruler of thought and communication), we can end up reacting to others in ways we regret later. In the moment it might seem justified, but most of the time it takes two to tango, so if we check ourselves, we can avoid wrecking ourselves!

3. Take Some Space

So when we’ve got a lot of emotions and thoughts flying around it can get confusing, and what happens when things get confusing is that we make more bad moves! It’s better to clear our mind, then take action. Best way to clear your mind? Get active or get outside. Whether that’s going running or a walk, cleaning the bathroom or doing some dancing or yoga – it will work a charm for your clarity.
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4. Write

Since our thoughts are all jumbly and talking to someone can make it feel worse due our current reduction in speaking and listening abilities (classic Mercury Retrograde), it’s better to take out a pen and paper (or computer, or notes on your phone) and write it all down! This will make you feel much lighter and able to make decisions with confidence.
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5. Listen

But on that note, do try extra hard to listen to others. It’s very easy during Mercury Retrograde to assume we know exactly what the other person is saying and thinking and intending, when actually we are assuming through our own filter of experiences and expectations. Hold back and listen first.
Ellie meditating near the River during her Indian Goddess Temple trek

6. Trust

Which means that we can end up not trusting people when we really should! We get things confused and don’t communicate properly so things get worse. Instead, give people the benefit of the doubt until you know the full story, but most importantly, trust your instincts over your thoughts right now.

7. Meditate

I know its cliche, but the best way to deal with the problems Mercury Retrograde sends is to close your eyes and focus on your breath. This way your emotions start to calm and your thoughts slow down. Eventually, you will see the lesson that Mercury Retrograde has been trying to teach you. Is it patience? Trust? Organisation or responsibility? Maybe it’s to be more open, or to protect your needs more. Maybe it’s telling you that it’s time for change, to take a break or to work smarter? Whatever the lesson is, you can bet that a little bit of meditation here and there will solve your personal issue.
How to deal with mercury rerograde
If you’re struggling with Mercury Retrograde, give one of our psychic experts a call for guidance that is only for you and your particular situation. Our readers always work around your specific questions and needs. And if you’d like to read more of my Astrological life guidance and advice, visit the Psychic Future blog here!

Much Love,

Ellie Rose xx

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5 Ways Scorpio Season Will Transform Your Love Life


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Scorpio Season, Halloween, Mercury Retrograde – this season is intense! Emotions are high (or low) and everything is shifting in one way or another, have you felt it? Here’s 5 ways Scorpio Season (and Halloween AND Mercury Retrograde!) will transform your love life!

Emotional Shifts

Scorpio is a water sign and very emotional, so with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all here, we’re likely to be feeling a bit wobbly, especially with those we love. Add the recent Scorpio New Moon AND Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and you’ve got yourself a volatile combination!

Of course, this all depends on where these planets are in your chart, for some of you, this season will be easy breezy and give you a wonderful dose of creative and intuitive energy to work with, but if (like the rest of us), you feel tired, sad or even a little unstable, this is why.
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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio can make it difficult to understand these emotions, and even make us try to blame the people around us, but we have to practice patience and understanding, even when things seem obviously “NOT ME”, remember you are looking through your eyes only – the story might be a little different from their perspective.

This emotional energy is all about transformation, so the emotions that come up now are coming up for a reason – what do you need to acknowledge, accept or change?

Trust Issues

If you don’t trust other people, this season will show that to you in full colour. Any insecurities are rising to the surface, not because the planets are mean (although sometimes it may seem that way!) but because something needs to change!
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A lot of the time, our lack of trust in others goes hand-in-hand with a lack of trust in ourselves and divine – we don’t feel safe letting go of control, just in case everything comes tumbling down around us, and this is such a Scorpio-themed problem!

Instead, this season, try to just surrender to whatever happens. It’s easier said than done, sure, but it will give you a lot more peace when you realise you can only control yourself.

Power Plays

Speaking of control, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the “Lord of the Underworld” and Pluto is all about power. You may notice that over these few weeks, people around you are being more controlling, stubborn, or that you are stepping into a power you didn’t know you had.
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One of the symbols of Scorpio and Pluto is the phoenix rising from the ashes – use this symbol as a guide. When everything seems out of your control, or negativity threatens to close you in, allow it. Welcome it. Look it in the eye and say: “come on then”. You can handle a lot more than you think right now, and your acceptance will fill you up with a power you never knew you had.


Another big theme, transformation, is knocking at our doors right now! Relationships are going through a process of healing, shedding the old so we can make way for the new. This can mean that things end. In the tarot, Scorpio is represented by the Death Card (eek!) which means that in every ending there is a beginning.
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But before you panic, this doesn’t mean things will definitely end for you, but rather, an old way of relating to others is ready to die, and in its place is a new, healthy way to love is born.

Open Hearts

By now you’re probably thinking “oh my God all of this is too much!” so let me pull you back from the brink and tell you it’s going to be alright! All of these difficult times are happening for a reason – to open your heart. There’s a famous quote (Leonard Cohen): “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” and this sums up this season well.

After all the emotional shifts, trust issues, power plays and transformations, we can choose to be bitter or we can choose love – it really is a choice. The more our hearts feel, the more they learn, and the more we learn about love, the more we can choose it, because it feels good to love!
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This is the perfect attitude for Halloween (or Samhain) too, on a night when it’s said the “veil” between the living and the dead is very thin. We are close to ancestors, people who died, as well as a comfort or darkness that tempts us to stay, but we are of the living and we have more adventures ahead of us. We have to continue on, and it’s much more fun when we have people alongside us.

So, this season, if you just do one thing, love. Give yourself love, give the people in your life love. Forgive and be forgiven. Open your heart. That will be your most magical transformation yet.

Why not also check out my weekly horoscopes for regular updates on what the planets have in store for you?


Happy Halloween/Scorpio Season/Mercury Retrograde!

Ellie Rose Astrologer xx

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3 Reasons to Love Libra Season (with music videos!)


Libra Season is in full swing soon so for the next few weeks, we can indulge in all things beautiful, bring a bit of harmony into our love lives and learn to communicate our needs in ways that serve us and everyone around us! Of course, I love all signs, but as a proud Libra Venus and Mercury, these are my top 3 reasons to love Libra season, complete with music videos!

1.    A Few of My Favourite Things

As the great Julie Andrews sang about, there are so beautiful things in the world to get excited about and Libra Season is the time to do it. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, creativity and abundance, we’ll be focusing more on aesthetics for this time – what we wear, what our house looks like and how we want to express our creative side.

It’s like our biannual beauty check-up (the other time is May as Taurus is also ruled by Venus). Ask yourself if everything is looking and feeling how you want it to look and feel? While sometimes the answer could be an unsatisfied “no” at least we now have the awareness to do something about it! If we’re not happy with how we look, we can put on our favourite lipstick and stand up a little taller, change our clothes, hair, attitude or do some self-improvement like going for a run or working on our confidence levels.

Libra Season may sound superficial when we first take a look but appreciating beauty and wanting to feel beautiful is more than skin deep! Dig a little deeper during this time and find out why you don’t feel beautiful, then ask what you can do to improve it.


2.    All You Need is Love

Contrary to the Beatles title, we actually need more than love to have a successful relationship! We also need things like self-worth, mutual respect and communication, but of course, those don’t sound as catchy in a song title!

Libra Season is a time that focuses on whether or not we have the things that make up a healthy relationship, this is because of the Venus associations. Pop culture astrology often talks about Libras as having “no boundaries” or being “indecisive” and while these are generalizations and not true for every case (it’s about the whole chart not one planet!) it does have some weight to it.

If you’re the kind of person who does more for other people while forgetting yourself, or if you go so far as to accept bad behaviour from others and wonder why you get treated in such a way, Libra Season will shine a light on this co-dependency.

The reason this happens is because people with too much Venus/Libra energy try so hard to ensure harmony that they’ll bend to the will of someone else to ensure things go smoothly. This can lead to unhealthy dynamics, because they’re with someone who’s controlling, selfish or argumentative. Instead of standing their ground and saying: “I disagree/I don’t want to/that’s not right/no”, they’ll back away and say “OK” just to keep the peace.

If this sounds familiar, try working with Venus through Goddess worship. Find yourself a goddess you like, print off a picture and start talking with her in private, offering her incense or flowers and trying to embody her qualities. Through this, you can feel more confident in your own power and able to protect your softer feminine sides.


3.    Say My Name

The good goddesses of Destiny’s Child had the right idea with the song “Say My Name” and since Libra is an air sign, this month is all about communication. We’ll be feeling the need to talk about our feelings, ask for what we need (see above) and say what we really think – very bootilicious!

There are, of course, two ways this can go: we communicate in healthy and productive ways that help to make our relationships and the people around us feel awesome. OR, we just talk and talk and talk until everyone leaves and we have a sore throat – either is possible during Libra Season!

Because Libra is ruled by Venus in air, represented by the scales, we have the ability to see both sides of an argument, but this also means we can spend forever not quite making a decision or being able to agree with the other person’s point.

Instead, use this time wisely to solve any communication issues you have. If someone you know is struggling, talk to them, help with a friendly ear. Solve any relationship problems you have by listening calmly and replying in a way that’s balanced and fair. These are the qualities of an evolved Libra – justice, equality and love for all!

So, happy Libra Season! If you want more tailored advice, look at what’s transiting your 7th house, Libra and where Venus falls in your chart right now to see how you’ll be affected specifically (or ask one of our experts of course!). Leave any comments in the box below!

Much love stargazers,

Ellie Rose xoxo

Guided Meditations for Your Zodiac Sign


In a world of non-stop responsibility – work, home, family, social media, our phones constantly buzzing for our attention, sometimes we could all do with a little me-time. Why not make it a bit of spiritual self-care? These guided meditations for your zodiac sign will help you de-stress and reconnect when you need it most.

ARIES – Recharge while you Sleep

An Aries is often on the go, so what better way to recharge than while sleeping? Switch off for a short nap and learn how to cultivate your inner power, patience and self-love.


TAURUS – Get Motivated

When a Taurus is overwhelmed, they can slow down to standstill and struggle to get going again. This guided meditation is perfect for getting you energised and motivated back on track.


GEMINI – Detach from Overthinking

If you’re a Gemini, you might be prone to overthinking, especially when facing a problem or last thing at night when you’re meant to be sleeping. This meditation is perfect for clearing your mind while you drift off.


CANCER– Release Emotions

Cancers are heart-centred folk who feel deeply, but sometimes, when it’s all too much, they can lock away their feelings which isn’t great in the long run. This guided meditation provides a safe outlet.


LEO – Let Go

Leos have such big hearts that sometimes they carry connections that should have been left behind. This guided meditation helps to let go of past relationships and allows your heart to heal by itself.


VIRGO – Surrender Control

Virgos are so “on” all the time, sometimes it might seem like they’ve got it all together, until something goes wrong and they freak! Try surrendering control to divine with this meditation for some inner peace.


LIBRA – Reclaim your Power

Libras are always seeking harmony, which, can lead to them giving away their personal power to keep others happy. Step into your strength with this guided meditation and put yourself first.


SCORPIO – Unlock your Magic

If you’re a Scorpio, you’ve probably got a whole host of creative skills and magical traits locked away, but maybe you’re not sure how to use them? This meditation helps you connect to your gifts.


SAGITTARIUS – Heighten your Mind Power

A Sagittarian’s mind is a wondrous place, but it can get a little distracted sometimes. Utilise that magnificent brain of yours with this meditation that helps to improve cognitive processes like focus, memory and learning.


CAPRICORN – Transform Negativity

Since a Capricorn is so capable, they can often neglect their emotions, allowing them to become repressed without them even realising. This guided meditation is superb for transforming subconscious negativity into inner peace.


AQUARIUS – Concentrate on the Positive

Being such deep thinkers, Aquarians are notorious for forgetting the emotions. That doesn’t mean they don’t have them though! Join spiritual leader, Ravi Shankar, for a guided meditation on transforming emotions into something positive.


PISCES – Clear your Blocks

Pisceans are deep and insightful folk whose depth can sometimes pull them in, making them feel like they’re drowning! This meditation connects you with your spirit guide to clear the way forward.


Why not try them all? Let us know which one you resonated with most on social media!

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Full Moon in Pisces: Manifesting Magic


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On September 14th 2019, the full Moon in Pisces will occur. This is a time of deep transformational power and high magic – be careful what you wish for, it could come true at this time! Let’s dig deeper into the astrology of this Pisces Full Moon and see how we can utilise its power.

Neptunian Dream

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Magic and Dreams

The Pisces Full Moon will be conjunct its ruler, Neptune. This gives an already magical moment some extra dreamy qualities. Pay attention to any vivid dreams you may have at this time or signs from the universe, they could be prophesy! This magical combo gives us lots of extra spiritual focus, so meditation, witchcraft, divination and creative pursuits like painting, writing or crafting will take on an otherworldly air at this time (and be much more likely to work)!


However, with so much dreamlike energy going on, it can be easy to slip into fantasy land – Neptune’s strong influence can make us want to escape the “real world” in bad habits, addictions or switching off our brains to go into “zombie mode” with a heavy dose of TV. This is the wrong way to deal with Neptunian energy as it will only suck you down into the abyss and spit you back out feeling frustrated and low.


Instead, do things that are sweetly magical. We mentioned creative pursuits, witchy things and meditation, but this Pisces Full Moon is also a great time to charge your crystals, care for loved ones and pets, do some gardening, listen to uplifting music or watch an inspirational documentary or a fantasy film. This is a time of great transcendence; you can find yourself lifted up to the high heavens of your mind – if you prepare the vehicle to take you there.

Mars Mission



With Mars conjunct the Sun, opposing the Moon and its foggy friend Neptune, we have a tug-of-war feeling between doing nothing and doing everything. For some people, this could result in some incredible ideas, creations or insights as you’ll feel motivated to transcend, bringing the results of your otherworldly endeavours into reality or being driven by some unseen force to succeed at whatever task you set. This is a great time for starting to achieve BIG dreams.

Other People

But for some it could mean feeling under pressure from other people to “do” something, whether that’s fulfil some task or “be” a certain way, you might feel as if you’re having to change who you are, change your schedule or give into other people’s wills – in other words, things aren’t going your way. The trick to making this a positive exchange rather than one of bad feelings, is to be clear in what you need too. If you can’t (or don’t want to!) do something, just tell the other person straight. It will prevent misunderstandings and stop you getting distracted from what’s really important.

Plutonian Magic


Healthy Habits

The final planet with a big influence on this Full Moon in Pisces is Pluto, which will sit exactly between the Moon-Neptune \ Sun-Mars opposition in the position of a Sextile. This will provide us plenty of opportunities to shed bad habits and bring in magical new possibilities – giving up smoking, starting an exercise routine or planning a business will be much easier with this energy.


The power of transformation is high right now, so anything you want to change about your life will be given extra help to succeed! This includes things you want to manifest into your life, like more money, a new job or a hot date – where before you might have been resisting these things out of fear or uncertainty, now you have the power to bring them to you. Just decide what it is you need, and tell the universe clearly. With Pluto in Sextile to this Pisces Full Moon, anything you set your mind to (and start taking steps towards) will likely come to be!
Magic is in the air right now – if you want something at this time, just start taking steps towards it and the universe will listen. In the meantime, enjoy the spiritual vibes and keep your head clear, the rest will just flow.

Read more of my posts on astrology and lifestyle advice in the Psychic Future Blog. Also, don’t miss my weekly horoscope videos!
Much love,

Ellie Rose xx