Can Babies See Spirits?

Posted on 8th September 2016

Babies and young infants are so much closer to the non-physical energy that we all originate from than adults are. This spiritual connection with Source enables them to remain energetically open to the vibrations around them. As babies grow, this loving energetic connection is usually shut down, and the ability to ‘see’ and sense spirits becomes dormant. Before birth a baby’s spirit exists in an in-between realm - between their mother’s womb and the spirit world. The baby is still connected to Source and remains so until physical birth. The veil between Source and the earthly realm is still very thin when they are born, and this vibrationally open connection means that can see and sense the spirits who visit and welcome them into the world.

Typical Signs. There are some common signs that can indicate that your baby is seeing spirits or sensing spirits around them.

  • Baby frequently stares at a particular area of a room
  • Baby is laughing or smiling at something, you cannot see
  • Baby is completely mesmerised by something they see, even when you are doing your best to get their attention
  • Baby happily laughs and coos when they are alone in their cot

Spiritual Visitations. 

In much the same way that spirits might pay you a ‘checking in’ visit to let you know they are always with you, spiritual guides visit your baby to see how he/she is ‘settling in’ to their new life. Every birth is marked with a celebration on the spiritual plane. During the visit the spirit will communicate with the infant and answer any questions that their soul may have.

Mothering Instincts

New mothers are naturally on high alert, when it comes to their baby’s wellbeing. These instincts kick in when you sense that something is different or not right with your child. Mother’s may become more aware in changes to the energy around their baby, and in turn may also find that their own psychic and spiritual awareness opens up more. Spirits will take advantage of this opportunity to try to communicate with you, directly and through your child. This connection may have started during pregnancy and will continue for as long as you are open to receiving it. Sensing the presence of departed loved ones, at this important time in you life, can also be a great comfort to a new mum.

Share The Experience

To share the special spiritual connection with your baby all you have to do is be open to experiencing the visitations whenever they occur. Once children become fully aware of the outside world, and begin to socialise at school, the connection to Source usually begins to close down. As baby grows up encourage your child to trust their feelings and to develop their intuition. This keeps the doors to the loving energetic connection open for your child, so that they can naturally develop their unique intuitive gifts.   

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