Body Language Tricks That Make You Instantly Likeable

Posted on 10th January 2017

It’s natural to want to be liked by everyone you meet. Although you may convince yourself otherwise, deep down you want people to think that you are someone that they want to be around. If you are lucky to have a cheerful disposition and magnetic personality this will come easy to you. If however, you are like the vast majority of the human race you will have to do your bit and work for it. Fortunately for you, there are a number of body language tricks that you can use to make people like you more. No matter how you try to disguise the meaning of the words that you speak, the language of your body gives it all away. How you carry yourself either draws people towards you like a moth to a fly, or repels them. To turn your body language into pure magnetism, simply follow these steps.

Beam A Radiant Smile.

Your greatest physical asset is not your curves or your ripped abs. The greatest asset that you could possibly have is a million-dollar smile. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortunate perfecting that celebrity grin with cosmetic dentistry. Your teeth don’t have to be blindingly white to radiant genuine warmth. When you beam a true smile your eyes light up and you ooze sincerity and approachability. Everyone automatically wants to be in your company.

Greet With Confidence.

A firm handshake lets everyone know that you are comfortable in your own skin. Put out your hand as a greeting, and shake hands like you mean it. Be firm but non-aggressive. Combined with your killer smile this clearly puts the message of confidence across.

Stars In Their Eyes.

If you want someone to like you it’s important to show that you like them too. This means that you need to have the confidence to maintain eye contact when greeting and talking to people. As you shake hands with someone, make eye contact and hold this stare briefly. When talking to someone, alternate your glances between direct eye contact and a general look around your surroundings. Too much eye contact can be a little intimidating, and is best left for up close and personal moments.

Give It The Personal Touch.

One of the most subtle, but effective, body language tricks is the casual personal touch. This requires you to casually brush the other person’s arm as you are talking. This gentle touch suggests friendliness, and shows that you care, and invites the other person to open up and warm to you.

Personal Space.

The closer you are physically to someone, the more welcome and comfortable they feel around you. This doesn’t mean that you instantly invade their personal space though. If you correctly read the signs, that show someone likes you, move a little closer but respect personal space.

Stand Proud.

Whether you are standing or sitting it’s essential that your body language is working in your favour. Avoid slouching, or folding your arms across your chest. This defensive position keeps people at arms’ length and implies that you are standoffish. If you want to be the most likeable person in the room, simply use all of the body language techniques, and dazzle everyone with your personality. 

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