10 Top Tips for Mercury Retrograde

26th July 2018

  It’s that time of year again – Mercury Retrograde! From July 26th to August 19th, the planet of thought and communication will be creating a standstill. But before you panic, Mercury Retrograde is not necessarily a bad thing, despite what a lot of stuff online may say, but rather, this can be a great time to focus in [...]

Spiritual Travel and Buddhist Meditation

9th July 2018

  Hi there my lovely Stargazers! This is Ellie Rose, reporting to you from Dharamsala, India. I’ve been here doing your horoscopes, learning about Buddhist  meditation and I’d like to share a little bit of it all with you guys back home!   Astrology from the Mountaintops  So right now, I’[...]

Yoga Poses for Your Zodiac Sign (with Insta-Inspo!)

26th June 2018

 Aries – Warrior 1  Aries is the sign of the warrior, so what better pose to do than the Warrior?! This pose is great for stretching legs, hips and backs as well as boosting energy and self-confidence, so you can go back to your life with your inner strength at its peak, like the warrior you are.  A post shared by Le[...]

How to Make the Most of the Summer Solstice!

20th June 2018

 This Summer Solstice is on June 21st, the time when the Sun is at its peak. For thousands of years people have worshipped this astrological event, but in a modern world it’s not easy to get to Stonehenge or even find a bonfire to dance around! So here are some small things you can do to mark the occasion and bring in some sun[...]

The Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Crystals: Agate

9th June 2018

One of the most important tools for any psychic are crystals. Gemstones can be used to develop individuals’ psychic intuition, correcting unbalanced vibrations, making clients more receptive and open to personal exploration. They can also be used for a number of purposes such as offering emotional protection and cleansing the psych[...]

4 Ways Uranus in Taurus Will Rock Your World

6th June 2018

 Uranus has just moved into Taurus, where it will be until mid-November, which means we have six months to harness this metamorphic energy and become the butterfly we know we deserve to be! This is a time of great change, in so many ways, but we need to be strong and flexible in order to reap the benefits. So how will Uranus in Tauru[...]

Are You Psychic?

25th May 2018

Did you know that everybody is a little bit Psychic? We have interviewed our expert Psychic readers, and they have given us the lowdown on what it feels like to be clairvoyant and possess extra-sensory abilities, which allow us to see into the future. With their expert aid, we have created an informative questionnaire for you to find out [...]

Ellie Rose Astrologer in Rishikesh, India

25th April 2018

Allow me to update you on my exotic and enlightening travels in India! I was last in Goa (read my earlier post here), where I stayed for several weeks enjoying the beautiful seaside and studying Vedic Astrology with a well-known Hindu spiritual expert. Now I have decided to move further up north to the city of Rishikesh in order to escape[...]

Studying Vedic Astrology and Travelling in India

19th April 2018

 What is Vedic Astrology, plus My Travels in India! Hi there stargazers, Ellie Rose here! Today I’ve got a bit of an exotic topic for you – an insider’s glimpse at my travels in India, studying Vedic Astrology! You might have spotted some of my tropical locations in my horoscope videos and wondered what life[...]

Spring Equinox – March 2018

19th March 2018

The word Equinox takes it’s meaning from the Latin translation ‘equal night’ because the hours in this day are more or less equally divided between day and night. The Spring Equinox marks the time when the sun crosses the imaginary line in the sky that is known as the celestial equator. This occurs each year between t[...]

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