Easter 2019: What’s in Store Astrologically?

20th April 2019

  It’s Easter 2019 already, so settle down with some chocolate to nibble and let’s see what’s going on astrologically! We’ve got exciting changes, jam-packed social lives and even a bit of deep and meaningful healing to fit in this Easter Sunday, so let’s get on with it!… If you want more Easter reading material, check out “Easter an[...]

Year of the Pig: Chinese Zodiac

29th January 2019

  The Chinese New Year is on 5th February and for 2019 we’re entering the year of the Pig! Find out more about your Chinese Zodiac and how this year will play out according to the Chinese zodiac system.  Year of the Pig: Chinese Zodiac YEAR OF THE PIG 2019 is the year of the “earth pig" the next one will be a “metal pi[...]

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Zodiac Sign

21st January 2019

Instead of writing a big boring list of New Year’s Resolutions, then beating yourself up come February when you haven’t done them all, why not choose something a little different – some New Year resolutions that are tailored to you and your Zodiac Sign?  To help you decide, here’s a list of fun and magical New Year’s resolutions for [...]

Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon 2019: All You Need to Know

16th January 2019

On January 20th to 21st there will be a Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon. This is an exciting time both astronomically and astrologically. Read on to find out all you need to know about January’s Blood Moon Eclipse.  When and Where Can I See the Blood Moon?People from Europe and America will be able to see the full eclipse, which will happen[...]

The Astrological Roots of Christmas

14th December 2018

Christmas is not just all presents and fairy lights, there’s actually a deeper historical background to it all, one that’s based in astrology! If you don’t know the astrological roots of Christmas already, read on to find out what it’s all about!   Christianity and the SolsticeSo we all know that Jesus was said to be born on Dec[...]

Expressing Mars in Pisces at India’s Holy River

13th November 2018

From 16th November, Mars will be in Pisces, giving us extra motivation towards creative, empathetic and spiritual expression. This coincides perfectly with my trip to the River Ganges in Rishikesh, India, where people flock from all over the world to pursue their deeper drives.  About Rishikesh and the River GangesThe River Ganges is[...]

Astrology + Tarot: Cards for Your Zodiac Sign

7th November 2018

 Astrology + Tarot Astrology and Tarot go hand in hand, both helping us to see into the world of intuition so that we can better know ourselves and the world around us, but did you know that each zodiac sign has its own matching tarot card? Knowing these astrological tarot correspondences can really help us to learn the energies[...]

How to Manifest with the Moon Phases

6th November 2018

Do you consider yourself a witchy sort but when it comes to magic you get kind of lost? If so, you’re not alone! Practicing “magic" or “manifesting" with the Moon phases if you’re a Law of Attraction lover doesn’t have to be complicated or hard and you don’t need a bajillion herbs or even experience – all you need is your will to create c[...]

Venus Retrograde – Lessons on Self-Love

2nd November 2018

Venus Retrograde is happening from 6th October to 15th November and within this time we’ve got a lot of lessons to learn about love, in particular, the love we have for ourselves! This may manifest in some uncomfortable relationship issues, but this is just Venus trying to get you to see a better way of relating to yourself and others. So[...]

How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

23rd August 2018

Hello,  I'm a Psychic Tarot and Angel Card Reader from Northern Ireland. I'd like to offer you some easy-to-follow advice on how to contact your Spirit Guide today. I've used my long experience of listening to and helping my clients to offer you these spiritual insights, as well as my own personal experiences as a Psychic and a Clair[...]

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