5 Ways Scorpio Season Will Transform Your Love Life

29th October 2019

   Scorpio Season, Halloween, Mercury Retrograde – this season is intense! Emotions are high (or low) and everything is shifting in one way or another, have you felt it? Here’s 5 ways Scorpio Season (and Halloween AND Mercury Retrograde!) will transform your love life!Emotional ShiftsScorpio is a water sign and very emotional, s[...]

Halloween Costume Quiz

16th October 2019

Find your Perfect Halloween CostumeWhich Zodiac sign are you?AriesAquariusCancerCapricornGeminiLeoLibraPiscesSagittariusScorpioTaurusVirgo What kind of reaction do you want?What kind of reaction do you want from others who see your costume?JealousyShockLustConfusionWhich one of the Seven Deadly Sins describes you most?GreedLustEnvyGl[...]

3 Reasons to Love Libra Season (with music videos!)

24th September 2019

 Libra Season is in full swing soon so for the next few weeks, we can indulge in all things beautiful, bring a bit of harmony into our love lives and learn to communicate our needs in ways that serve us and everyone around us! Of course, I love all signs, but as a proud Libra Venus and Mercury, these are my top 3 reasons to love Libr[...]

Full Moon in Pisces: Manifesting Magic

6th September 2019

 On September 14th 2019, the full Moon in Pisces will occur. This is a time of deep transformational power and high magic – be careful what you wish for, it could come true at this time! Let’s dig deeper into the astrology of this Pisces Full Moon and see how we can utilise its power.Neptunian Dream Magic and DreamsThe Pisces Fu[...]

How to Worship a Goddess

24th August 2019

 To celebrate all the Venus Energy around at the moment, why not tap into your divine femininity with some Goddess worship? If you want to embrace your own power and begin to stand up for yourself more, or perhaps learn how to nurture your needs and slow down a bit, connecting with a Goddess can be a great way to do all this and more[...]

5 Ways to Rock Leo Season

23rd July 2019

 As Leo Season sets in, each of us will start to feel the effects of this fabulous zodiac sign. Whatever Sun sign you are, you’ve got a few weeks to look through the filter of a Leo and be a little louder, a little prouder and bask in the sunshine of summer.   Speak Up!A Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents our ego in [...]

What Your Rising Sign Says About You

6th June 2019

What does your rising star sign say about you? Your rising sign, or “ascendant" is the constellation that was rising above the horizon at the time you were born. It explains how we act in the world and the way other people see us, kind of like the mask we wear. Because of this, it’s the rising star sign that’s easiest to guess – so give i[...]

Asteroid Juno Shows Who You Will Marry

3rd June 2019

 Have you ever wondered why so many people get married in June? Well, it’s not just the nice weather, it’s also because of Juno, the Roman Goddess of love and marriage, from whom we get the month’s name. She also lends her name to an asteroid, which, in the birth chart, can tell who your long-term partner will be!  Roman Goddess[...]

The Ultimate Guide to Online Psychic Reading

3rd May 2019

People can now get their psychic reading through emails or via live phone calls. Both have their advantages. In emails, you have the time to consider the questions before asking. Here is some information about online psychic readings:1. What is a psychic reading?It’s a process where you ask psychics questions in the hope of getting some a[...]

Mantras for the New Moon

1st May 2019

It’s New Moon again, traditionally a time for change, and what better way to tell your mind that you’re ready for something new than with a mantra or two? You can learn these and repeat them to yourself while you’re walking, driving, exercising or even cleaning, or add even more motivated energy by singing them to yourself! This way, you’[...]

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