The Witchy Origins of Halloween

13th October 2020

Halloween 2018 will see the Sun in Scorpio square Black Moon Lilith – pretty much the epitome of witchiness... So, to celebrate this spooky and captivating time of year, let’s delve into the pagan roots of Halloween and see what magic we can dig up!The Pagan History of HalloweenOver 2,000 years ago, the Celtic pagan people o[...]

3 Positive Things about Mercury Retrograde

6th October 2020

Mercury Retrograde brings plenty of challenges with it but there’s also some positives to be found too! From xxx to xxx, here are 3 positive things about Mercury Retrograde that will (hopefully) make this time a little easier for you!Mercury Retrograde dates for 2020: February 17 to March 10 (Mercury Rx in Pisces and Aquarius) June[...]

5 Easy Rituals to Celebrate this Autumn Equinox

18th September 2020

  The Autumn Equinox falls on the weekend of 22nd/23rd September. This is the time of year where the days and nights are of equal length, moving us into the darker half of the year, but also celebrating the abundance of Harvest. While we’re not so reliant on harvesting crops nowadays, paying attention to the changing seasons i[...]

Holiday Destinations for Your Zodiac Sign

9th August 2020

It’s coming up to the summer holidays, and us astro-lovers don’t just want an average trip away, we want magic and mystery, romance and adventure. So, here are 12 mystical holiday destinations for your zodiac sign – that aren’t even that far from home!Aries – Explore Ancient DubrovnikWalk the medieval wa[...]

Tarot card spreads: What you need to know

6th August 2020

Tarot readers can practice tarot readings with not only different decks of cards, but also in the different ways in which they lay them out in front of them when giving a reading: this is called a tarot card spread. Each type of tarot spread follows an alternative pattern to how the cards are read and the reader is more than likely to cho[...]

How You Can Save the World in Aquarius Season

22nd July 2020

Aquarius Season is upon us already and we're having our attention turned to bigger issues, like other people, politics and the state of the Earth. Instead of Capricorn Season's focus on our work and money issues, we're starting to realise that there's so much more going on outside of our own homes - at times a scary am[...]

Guided Meditations for Your Zodiac Sign

10th July 2020

   In a world of non-stop responsibility – work, home, family, social media, our phones constantly buzzing for our attention, sometimes we could all do with a little me-time. Why not make it a bit of spiritual self-care? These guided meditations for your zodiac sign will help you de-stress and reconnect when you need it m[...]

Saturn in Aquarius 2020

9th June 2020

Saturn is moving into Aquarius for most of 2020. Saturn takes 29 years to go through all signs of the zodiac so this is a rare shift - our first Saturn in Aquarius for 29 years! Things will be changing for many of us including our mindset, beliefs and the way we connect with others. We will be experiencing less emotional triggering and mo[...]

What to expect from a tarot reading: a first timer’s guide

5th June 2020

It is no surprise that many people are sceptical about their first tarot reading and what to expect, with questions going unanswered. Here at Psychic Future, we want to help you find peace in the knowledge of our professional tarot readers and to make sure you are comfortable when knowing what to expect from an in-depth, cheap tarot readi[...]

Healing Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

18th May 2020

Hands up who has a healing crystals problem? You’re not the only one! With so many beautiful crystals to choose from, it can be overwhelming knowing which (or how many!) to pick. Aside from the old trick of letting the stone choose you, did you know you can also pick your crystals based on your zodiac sign? Use one of the following[...]

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