Happy Hanukkah!!

27th November 2013

Today is the start of a 8 day Jewish festival. It is also known as the Festival of Light. The festival is observed by the kindling of the lights on a unique candelabrum the nine-branched menorah. A candle is lit every night of the holiday progressing to eight on the eight on the final night. Typically the menorah consists of eight branche[...]

The Romance of Colour

21st November 2013

Whether you are in the first rose-hued flush of love or singing the blues, because love hasn't arrived, there's plenty that the magic of colour can do to ensure a blissful romantic future.. I have written this article to have a look at how colours can help us in our romantic lives. Some call it colour magic, you will be surprised at the r[...]

Love Charms

14th November 2013

Love charms symbolise enduring passionate sentiments and range from a song to a lover to a bouquet of romantic roses. From time immemorial, people have played "cupid". The word "charm" derives from the Latin “Carmen” meaning "song". In the way that Indian snake charmers use their instruments to induce the snake to emerge from the basket, [...]

Armistice Day

11th November 2013

Remembrance DayToday is the 11/11/2013 it marks 95 years since the end of World War 1. This anniversary is marked by a two minutes silence at 11:00 am. This was the time that guns fell silent in 1918 and then Armistice was declared. Many ceremonies took place on the Sunday at war memorials across the country, however today many churches, [...]

Famous historical predictions

7th November 2013

We all want to know what’s around the corner, and some of us believe we have the power to predict future events. Throughout history various holy men, psychics, scholars and analysts have made predictions about the end of the world, natural disasters, war and disease. Whether such predictions are attributed to psychic abilities, scientific[...]

The best way to find inner peace

7th November 2013

Hopefully, by now you are meeting up with your Higher Self and really making the most of your new connection, slowly but surely wins the race. When you are ready, you can then make the next step to your Inner Journey and really making the most of your third eye and the computer that represents your imagination and mind. Make sure that you[...]

Your Higher Self

7th November 2013

I cannot count the amount of times when I have been giving readings or sending out Reiki healing energies, being asked what is your Higher Self? Please allow me now to introduce you to your Higher Self and connect with it whenever you feel the needYour Higher Self is the channel that is used by your guides and angels when they want t[...]

Halloween Spells and Rituals

30th October 2013

For your apples for dunking and purchased toffee apples, take them in your hands and visualise pink light flowing into them as you say: “Charmed are these Candy Treats" Good Fortune to all those they meet. Visualise them glowing with pink light and bringing love and joy to all those that taste them. For spells to work, there must be a pur[...]

Getting ready for Halloween

30th October 2013

For centuries Halloween has been thought of a sacred and spooky time whereby the veil between this world and the world of the spirits is at it’s thinnest and most sacred. This is in fact, true to say that you can communicate with your departed loved ones most easily at this time and also it is at the time of Halloween that you may see mor[...]

Your monthly horoscope for October

1st October 2013

Libra Pluto and Uranus are challenging Libra this month; they will need to resolve and issue causing friction with someone close to you at the moment. The new moon in your sign acts as a personal new year, so think about where you’d like to be in six months, when the Libra full moon brings your wishes to fruition, So this the month t[...]

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