Psychic Reader Detected Cancer

24th February 2014

When Natasha Clyant visited a medium for a reading to connect with her late father, she also received some more information about her health which mayNatasha Clyant has regularly visited her reader since her father passed away and on one occasion the professional psychic told her she could sense that Natasha had some ‘women's problems’ af[...]

Happy 26th Birthday Rihanna! | Pisces season begins..

20th February 2014

Happy BirthdayRihanna turns 26 today so let’s take a look at her zodiac. Rihanna interestingly was born on February the 20th 1988 this date shows that she was born on the Cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. So what does being born on the cusp mean? Well this means she will combine the energies of both the signs in her personality, As she was bor[...]

The Four Seasons of the soul: Shifts within the seasons of ourselves

19th February 2014

As we experience the changes in our natural surroundings we can observe how the outer world reflects what is within ourselves. All over the fields, the land is starting to thaw and get over the frost of winter and agriculturalists prepare to plough and sow seeds for following season of crops. The Initial Spring bulbs and shoots begin to a[...]

Valentines Day: It Can be Sweet like Chocolate

13th February 2014

This valentines day, why not indulge yourself in our popular range of carefully selected psychics, specially ribbon- wrapped just for you. Love readings are everyone's favourite, so let one of our talented psychic readers look deeper into your burning love questions that you desire to have answered. Allow them to bite throu[...]

Discovering Meditation

5th February 2014

Psychic Future's reader Tahlia teaches us more about Meditation. As humans in this modern world, we are a mostly projective species, most of the time we are projecting our thoughts, feelings and emotions around us to communicate and express ourselves everyday.  Becoming aware of ourselves can help us to reflect on what we are project[...]

Meditation has a proven effect against Depression!

17th January 2014

Studies carried out at an American University show that, mindfulness meditation can help improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Improvement can be seen if practiced for 30-40 minutes every day. Mediation is also known to have a positive effect on disruptive teenagers, one secondary school in  San Francisco America has a[...]

Happy New Year

1st January 2014

Lets welcome 2014 in to our hearts and minds. Throw away all negative thoughts from the last year, as this year will be bigger and better! This is a time to make  New Years Resolutions, think carefully about the resolutions you set your self this year. Ensure you have more than one, the first being easily achievable, and the second b[...]

Wishing You all a Merry Christmas!

24th December 2013

Have a lovely Christmas, we leave you with this wonderful quote.Christmas, is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.― Janice Maeditere [...]

The Winter Solstice!

20th December 2013

Tomorrow is the Pagan celebration called the Winter Solstice, this celebration dates back many years, as one of the oldest celebrations in history. The Winter solstice is a celebration of the light and warmth which will return after the 21st of December which is the shortest, darkest and coldest day of the year.  The druids would cel[...]

De-Stressing before Christmas

12th December 2013

Tis is the season to  be jolly. But also Stressed! As we head up to Christmas the busiest time of the year, it is easy to get caught up and let the stress take over.  Here are a few tips, to help keep your soul at peace over the Christmas period. Diet can actually help, research has shown that a healthy balanced diet can help re[...]

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