Connecting with lost loved ones on Poppy Day

7th November 2014

The 11th of November is recognised as Remembrance Day. Also known as Armistice Day or Poppy Day this annual commemoration is observed in Commonwealth countries and honours all members of the British Armed Forces who have died in the line of duty since the end of World War I. This poignant event is organised by the Royal British Legion and[...]

Halloween – Prepare to Bewitch

30th October 2014

Halloween is a magical time that is perfect for allowing the inner goddess to shine. Traditional customs date back to the early Middle Ages, when witches and witchcraft were evident and pagans celebrated the change of the seasons by honouring the wise Crone during the festival of Samhain (pronounced sow’en). Whilst you don’t have to celeb[...]

Mindfulness Meditation and your Pathway to Achievement.

4th August 2014

MeditationMeditation has been around for thousands of years, but given the recent hype over the practice you could be forgiven for assuming it is a new trend. Barely a week goes by without a public figure commending the benefits of mindful meditation. From celebrities to business tycoons, the idea of meditation being only for hippies or n[...]

Improving Your Health with the Summer Solstice

21st June 2014

On the 21st June the Summer Solstice is finally here. Stemming from the Latin term meaning, 'sun stood still'  The Summer Solstice, refers to the day when the sun reaches celestial longitude 90°, and the sun’s position in the sky reaches its northernmost or southernmost extremes, resulting in the longest day and shortest ni[...]

Feed your Psychic Ability

23rd May 2014

If you would like to increase your psychic ability then there are certain herbs that are believed to increase your psychic awareness. Herbal remedies could be the answer and there are a variation of effects that contribute to enhance spiritual awareness. Our connection with mother nature and the earth’s energy has some sacred po[...]

The Psychic Future guide to beginner's Meditation

15th May 2014

The following is a suggested meditation guide ideal for beginners.  You may like to record yourself reading this aloud to play back, or ask a close friend to read it to you.  Alternatively, you could actively follow the meditation guide as you read it. Make sure you are in a safe, quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturb[...]

The Magic of May Day and how to celebrate

1st May 2014

Traditional British May Day is steeped in tradition which has been celebrated for centuries, there particular main components that make up a may day celebration. Firstly waking up early is essential, it is said if a girl washes her face in the morning dew she will become very beautiful, it is also said if a young man washes his hands[...]

Spring 2014 is here and that means it is time for some spiritual spring cleaning

10th April 2014

Spiritual Spring CleanAs we enter the month of April and the spring season you should take the opportunity to let go of negative energy.  A spiritual spring clean encourages new energy.  There are so many ways in which you can do this and today I am going to concentrate around home life and lifestyle.   The recent arrival o[...]

Learn about Base Chakra Physicality

3rd April 2014

The Base Chakra or Root Chakra is located in the pelvis at the bottom of the lower spine.  The colour associated with this energy point is red, and the corresponding element is Earth.  The Base Chakra is the energy point that is closest to the Earth and is our connection to the planet.  This Root Chakra deals primarily with[...]

Why should you keep a Spiritual Journal?

10th March 2014

Reflective JournalA reflective journal that serves as a spiritual diary is a place to reflect and express our thoughts and feelings to do with our spiritual life; these are often referred to as "spiritual journals" or "Book of Reflections" or a "Book of Illumination".  It is up to you of the level of privacy you place upon your journ[...]

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