12 Ways To Improve Your Christmas

13th December 2015

Christmas is a magical and stressful time of the year. All the extra time spent shopping, decorating the home, baking and attending social gatherings can be extremely exhausting. It is possible, however, to fully enjoy the seasonal festivities without the added stress, demands, over indulgence and unnecessary expense.  Be RealisticIt[...]

How To Get The Most From Your Psychic Reading

1st December 2015

A psychic reading can be an amazing empowering experience. It can provide the confirmation and validation that you are looking for, or give you the insight and clarity you need to help you move forward, find closure and to make positive changes. To get the most from your psychic reading session check out the following tips:Relax. It's nat[...]

Top 5 Spiritual Places To Visit

19th November 2015

Think about Spiritual Places to visitThroughout the centuries spirituality has been associated with a formal religious ceremony or church attendance. Modern day society, however, accepts spirituality as a form of personal development that is not restricted to any particular practice or place of worship. Many people seeking spiritual growt[...]

Are Psychics Replacing Therapists?

11th November 2015

For many people the word ‘psychic’ instantly conjures up images of crystal balls and gypsy style caravans, yet professional working psychics, mediums and clairvoyants are ordinary people. Like therapists and counsellors, spiritual readers and psychics simply provide a supportive service that can help you in your time of need. Unlike tradi[...]

Did you know these Strange And Spooky Facts About Halloween?

14th October 2015

Halloween is a time for dressing up and asking strangers for sweet treats. The popular annual celebration takes place on October 31st and is thought to have originated over 2000 years ago, when Celts wore costumes and lit bonfires to mark the passing of summer and to ward off roaming spirits during the festival of Samhain. Celts believed [...]

Successful Corporate Leaders Consult Psychics

8th October 2015

It may come as a surprise to those who are not convinced of the value of psychic readings but some of the world’s top businessmen and women consult psychics on a regular basis, and pay handsomely for the privilege too. One prominent example is Gillian Oxley, a leading realtor in Toronto, Canada, who turns over around $100 million annually[...]

What is Wave X and how will it effect us?

22nd September 2015

There appears to be a positive tidal wave of cosmic energy and spiritual change heading in our direction. Wave X represents evolutionary changes that are emerging as a result of long-awaited world shaking disclosures. The wave of evolution will provide us with the true answers to soul-searching questions like: Who are we? Where do we come[...]

Remembering Mother Teresa

3rd September 2015

"Spread love wherever you go. Let no-one ever come to you without leaving happier. Mother Teresa, September 5th marks the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa. To commemorate the date of what would have been Mother Teresa's 105th  birthday, Indian nuns from the Catholic Order, of the Missionaries of Charity, recently took p[...]

Opening Your Spiritual Path To Career Advancement

2nd September 2015

Finding your true professional calling is a spiritual endeavour. When we love what we do, the type of work that we do, and in exchange for a living wage becomes almost irrelevant. This is because we simply step into our flow and are happy, fulfilled and satisfied. How To Love What You Do. Many people struggle when it comes to ma[...]

The Secret to why Horoscope Traits are So Accurate.

27th August 2015

The temptation to find a personal meaning in a general horoscope reading is overwhelming for many people. Moon phase clock, fans of the horoscope like to believe that particular signs act a certain way because it helps them to categorise and filter people, personality traits and situations. There is also something comforting in being[...]

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