Perk Up The Passion In Your Relationship

27th January 2016

Reviving a stale relationship requires effort from both partners. Most couples fall into a comfort zone once the newness wears off and the relationship and commitment is established. This usually results in one or both people making very little effort, when it comes to keeping passion, excitement and arousal alive. On avera[...]

Are You A Typical Aquarius?

20th January 2016

Whilst every zodiac sign has many typical characteristics and traits that help to define the person born under this astrological sign, often many people do not fit the typical profile. The information given for each zodiac/star sign is a general interpretation that highlights the most common personality aspects shared by collective people[...]

How To Reboot Your Chakras With Crystals

9th January 2016

Blocked chakras can create a multitude of emotional and physical problems that makes life more challenging. Rebooting your chakras, from time to time, restores the harmony of the entire chakra system and releases blockages. This action frees up your powerful spiritual energy.What Are Chakras?The chakra system is responsible for controllin[...]

Psychic Readings For New Year Abundance

5th January 2016

As 2016 gets under way it is prime time to focus on positivity and abundance. Whatever you choose to focus on you can attract into your life this New Year. You can be healthier and happier, and work less to play more. A life of plenty is yours for the taking, and all you have to do it direct positive vibrations.Positive New BeginningsStar[...]

How To Get Ready For Your Best Year Yet

2nd January 2016

We are all guilty of making grand plans and declarations at the end of New Year’s Eve, only to fail miserably no later than two weeks into the New Year. To avoid making the same prediction mistakes it helps to put a plan into place.Living your best year yet is achievable for everyone! The difference between people who fail to achie[...]

Your 2016 Spiritual Planner

1st January 2016

Our vibrant multi-cultural society encourages us to experience the magic of religious festivals and celebratory events that happen all over the world, throughout the course of the year. To ensure that you do not miss out, our month-by-month guide highlights some of the popular spiritual days and events that you can enjoy.January1st -[...]

Are You A Typical Capricorn?

22nd December 2015

If you were born between December 22nd and January 19th your birth, or zodiac, sign is Capricorn. Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is represented by a goat. As with all signs there are many positive and negative characteristics and traits that define a typical Capricorn. If you’re fascinated by astrological influence c[...]

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

20th December 2015

Forget expensive trinkets and gadgets and open your heart to the ultimate Christmas gift. The perfect gift is available in three popular varieties to suit and meet your individual personal needs.The Gift Of ClosureChristmas and New Year is an emotionally charged time that unfortunately rarely meets expectations. Many people find this time[...]

The Spirit Of The Winter Solstice

15th December 2015

Regardless of cultural heritage or spiritual belief, most people find themselves wrapped up in the commercial aspect of the holiday season before they know it. Whether out of habit or involuntarily, getting caught up with preparation and planning can leave you feeling depleted of energy and questioning what the spirit of the Winter Solsti[...]

12 Ways To Improve Your Christmas

13th December 2015

Christmas is a magical and stressful time of the year. All the extra time spent shopping, decorating the home, baking and attending social gatherings can be extremely exhausting. It is possible, however, to fully enjoy the seasonal festivities without the added stress, demands, over indulgence and unnecessary expense.   Be RealisticI[...]

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