Horoscopes Vs Tarot Readings

21st April 2016

When it comes to tapping into the mysteries of what destiny and fate have in wait for you, it’s likely that you have a spiritual or psychic preference. You may enjoy reading your horoscope every morning, to see what opportunities or challenges lie ahead. Or perhaps a more in-depth tarot reading is what you opt for when seeking guidance an[...]

Help! I've Lost My Job

15th April 2016

Not everyone who calls a psychic or spiritual reader wants relationship and love advice. When life matters take an unexpected turn you may have a pressing reason to have a psychic reading.Mixed Emotions. Losing your job causes a wide range of emotions that can be highly unsettling. You are likely to experience fear, frustration, anger, de[...]

Celebrating Hindi New Year

5th April 2016

Chaitra Sukladi is the traditional Hindi New Year, based on the Vikram Samvant Hindu Lunar calendar, which is followed in Northern parts of India. This ‘Ugadi’ (or ‘New Age’) celebration takes place on April 8, in the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This special day marks an opportunity for new beginnings, and is also believed to[...]

The Benefits Of A Text Psychic Reading

30th March 2016

Not everyone has the time to pick up the telephone, for a psychic reading, when they most need guidance and spiritual insight. If time is of the essence, a text psychic reading offers a beneficial alternative that is both convenient and cost effective.Discreet Psychic TextingWhat Is A Text Psychic Reading?. A text psychic reading is a sho[...]

What if my Psychic Reader tells me something unexpected?

23rd March 2016

Not every psychic or spiritual reading that you have will be what you are expecting or hoping to hear. Whilst many people have psychic readings for validation or confirmation of something they already ‘know’, feel or sense, others seek guidance and insight in order to move forward in a situation. When this information is not forthcoming i[...]

St Patrick's Day

17th March 2016

Saint Patrick's Day is a day celebrated around the world annually on the 17th of March. This is the Date of Death of the Patron Saint of Ireland Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick Surprisingly was no Irish, he was a Roman Britain. A Lot of what we know today is taken from The Declaration, which was supposedly written by Patrick himself in his w[...]

Spiritual Gifts for Your Mother

2nd March 2016

Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday, is an event that is primarily celebrated by giving greeting cards, flowers and gifts. Mother’s Day honours the world’s mothers whether they are loving and supportive, no longer with us or less than we would have hoped for. Our experience of mothering often provides the foundation of learning that we use [...]

How A Psychic Reading Can Make You Feel Happier

25th February 2016

A psychic reading is a powerful and empowering experience that can have a huge effect on your feelings, perceptions and emotions. Connecting with an experienced psychic or spiritual reader, during a telephone psychic reading, can uplift your mood and make you feel instantly happier, regardless of whether or not the insight and information[...]

How To Set A Valentine Love Intention

14th February 2016

February is known as the month of love and this is the time when most people focus on romantic relationships. If you already have a partner or love interest this is an excellent time to set a Valentine love intention to improve the intimate and emotional connection with your lover. If you’re single, this is the ideal time to redefine what[...]

How To Heal A Broken Heart

9th February 2016

Most people experience the pain of heartbreak at some point in their life. Without a first-hand understanding of heartache, heartbreak and healing you cannot fully understand what love is. Rejection, loss and sadness are all part of your soul’s journey and growth, and are as important as the more pleasurable aspects of love. Healing a bro[...]

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