Why We All Need Some Soul Time

30th June 2016

Most spiritual practices highlight the importance of inner work and solitude. Achieving this harmonious sense of peace and tranquillity doesn’t require an expensive break at a retreat or chill out sanctuary. There is an abundance of mind, body and soul benefits available for free, whenever you are ready to tune into your Self and Source.W[...]

5 Reasons To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

24th June 2016

Most people unfortunately have an unhealthy relationship with their personal comfort zone. This safe haven often restricts spiritual growth, stunts creativity and limits self belief. By making a committed decision to step out of your comfort zone, you are embarking on an exciting new adventure that may even inspire you to achieve your wil[...]

Why Celebrities Love Psychics

21st June 2016

When we think of famous celebrities it can be easy for us to assume that they are living the ultimate life of their dreams. Unfortunately, having plenty of wealth and fame doesn’t necessarily mean that you are truly happy. Celebrities are human beings, just like us, after all. When times get tough, love fails to manifest or there are othe[...]

The Origins Of Father's Day

15th June 2016

Father’s Day is traditionally celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, and this year falls on June 19. This special day honours dads, stepdads, grandfathers and other father figures, and usually includes the giving of cards and gifts, and a special family event or outing.Historical Connections. There are some beliefs that claim that Father's[...]

How To Get In Spiritual Shape For Summer

10th June 2016

To ensure that you’re in tip-top spiritual shape this summer it’s important to follow a regular spiritual ‘workout’ plan. Maintaining positive and healthy regular spiritual and holistic practices will keep you looking and feeling your best throughout the summer months.Exercise Your Spirit. Take advantage of the warmer weather and exercise[...]

The Importance Of Self Love

3rd June 2016

There are many misconceptions, and plenty of misinformation out there, about what Self Love is. Some people believe it’s all about being nice to yourself and treating yourself to whatever takes your fancy. Other people consider Self Love to be a selfish act. Self Love is simply the TLC you must give yourself before you can give and receiv[...]

Why Telephone Psychic Readings Are So Popular

27th May 2016

Telephone psychic readings are the most convenient and popular way of seeking guidance, insight and spiritual enlightenment. The easy to use service provides 24/7 access to experienced and gifted psychic readers and spiritual mediums. When you need an answer to a problematic question, or want some clarity on a situation, all you need to d[...]

How A Psychic Reading Can Help You Find 'The One'

16th May 2016

Busy singletons have a wealth of potential dating opportunities available every night of the week. Online dating sites, speed dating events and dating apps have revolutionised the way in which people look for love. If you want to connect with like-minded individuals, hook up for a casual encounter or take your time making up your mind, th[...]

The Benefits Of Meditation

6th May 2016

Meditation can bring about a personal transformation that positively impacts of all areas of your life. There is a wealth of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing benefits available to anyone who takes time out to practice meditation every day. Set aside 10-15 minutes for some quality ‘me’ time and create more peace, calm and harmony i[...]

10 Spiritual Awakening Signs

29th April 2016

If you’re spiritually switched on you’ll be aware of the big buzz that’s surrounding spiritual awakening and enlightenment right now. The multiple energetic frequency shifts that occur during the Spring Equinox, and the changing phases of the moon, also create energy shifts in the physical human body. These subtle, and sometimes not so su[...]

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