Clown Epidemic, Prank?

24th October 2016

The clown epidemic started off in Greenville, South Carolina, where the first sighting was recorded from a young boy, he saw this strange ‘clown character’ which tried to lure him into the woods, since then it spread across the US and has come oversees to our own back yard, it officially hit the UK early this month wher[...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Remembering Someone Special

19th October 2016

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a time when many people remember lost loved ones. The annual worldwide campaign helps to raise awareness of the fact that in the UK alone, 55,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. If you have lost someone special to breast cancer you can show your support by hosting a Big Pin[...]

Yom Kippur Celebrations

11th October 2016

The holiest day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur is also known as the Day of Atonement. This is the day when you are cleansed and purified of your sins before God/the Divine. This year Yom Kippur celebrations take place all over the world between 11th and 12th of October.CommemorationsYom Kippur commemorates, and celebrates, the day when Go[...]

How Often Should You Seek Psychic Advice?

6th October 2016

If you’ve had an enjoyable and insightful reading experience you may be keen to repeat this again. How many psychic readings you have is actually not as important as the reason why you are seeking spiritual and psychic advice. Psychic readings can help you gain insight or clarity about a situation, and to get validation on your own[...]

Welcoming Dean James Fox

4th October 2016

Dean James Fox is a well known Psychic and we are proud to announce he will be supplying Psychic Future with weekly video Psychic Scopes - be sure to look in our Horoscope Section to see what's predicted for you. He is also available for 1-1 phone readings too! Call Dean with the number 0911 7700 777!Dean lives in West Yorkshire and [...]

How To Spot Your Burn Out Signs

28th September 2016

Increased demands, unexpected challenges, illness, and a host of other things that require your attention can easily throw you off balance. When you push yourself too hard, over a prolonged period of time, you put yourself on track for burn out.Burn out can negatively impact on your emotional wellbeing, and physical and mental health. To [...]

Fate Vs Destiny

23rd September 2016

Fate and destiny are two words that are often misused and confused. Fate is generally viewed as events that are predetermined to happen and that are controlled by a supernatural power, or Source. Destiny, on the other hand, is a combination of good (and bad) fortune, serendipity, kismet and your willful actions. Many people believe that w[...]

What Is A Soul Sister?

14th September 2016

More and more spiritually open and enlightened women are realising that they have strong spiritual connections with women who have a similar energetic frequency. This strong, all female connection is often referred to as a ‘soul sister’, and is a special bond that supports your spiritual development and soul growth. Soul sis[...]

Can Babies See Spirits?

8th September 2016

Babies and young infants are so much closer to the non-physical energy that we all originate from than adults are. This spiritual connection with Source enables them to remain energetically open to the vibrations around them. As babies grow, this loving energetic connection is usually shut down, and the ability to ‘see’ and [...]

The Qualities Of A Great Psychic Reader

2nd September 2016

A great psychic reader is like a valued friend who is always there for you in your hour of need. This person doesn’t judge or ridicule your actions or behaviour. Instead they listen and support, and offer words of wisdom and insight. If you are fortunate to have found your perfect psychic reader you are likely to have established a[...]

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