Questions NOT To Ask The Tarot

5th January 2017

If you are looking for an insightful and empowering tarot reading experience asking the right questions is crucial. It is helpful to pause to consider what you most want to know, prior to the reading. Preparing a short list of pointers will help you to stay on track when asking the psychic reader for information and spiritual guidance. To[...]

Positive Reminders To Use Every Day

28th December 2016

A daily burst of positivity and motivation can be a good thing. These little reminders can help to perk you up, inspire you to finish a task, and generally keep you going throughout the day. There are many ways in which you can set positive reminders for yourself and others. The internet provides easy access to motivational quotes, messag[...]

Seasonal Tarot Gifts For Yourself

22nd December 2016

If you’re a tarot fan, and regularly enjoy psychic tarot readings, you’ll already be aware of how powerful and empowering this metaphysical tool can be. Tarot can be used for spiritual and personal development, coaching and meditation, and divination. These beautiful symbolic cards can also be used for a number of creative a[...]

Manifest Your Christmas Wish

14th December 2016

We’ve all wished for something at some point in our lives. Occasionally your secret wishes manifest exactly how you desired, and at other times absolutely nothing happens. To boost your manifesting abilities, and to reinforce your belief in Universal spiritual magic, try out these simple Christmas manifesting techniques and have fu[...]

Your Psychic Christmas Survival Guide

9th December 2016

Not everyone looks forward to the seasonal merriment of Christmas. If like many other people you’re dreading the festive season, and secretly wishing that you could give it a miss, you need the help and advice of our Psychic Christmas Survival Guide. Minimise Xmas stress and anxiety with our helpful and practical tips. You may even[...]

What It's Like To Truly Love Yourself

1st December 2016

No matter the number of times that we hear or read the saying: “You cannot fully love another, if you do not first fully love yourself�?, it often takes many painful life experiences before we truly learn the meaning of these words. Self-love is a misunderstood term that requires careful examination and consideration. Unfort[...]

How Tarot Can Help You Trust Your Instincts

24th November 2016

Intuition is like an inner compass that guides and directs you. Without intuition life would be aimless, super challenging and incomplete. Developing your intuition helps you to trust your instincts and to have greater belief in yourself. When your instincts are switched on you can achieve your goals and heart’s desires, knowing th[...]

How Psychic Skills Work

15th November 2016

Everyone has some form of psychic ability, whether aware of it or not. If you are interested in learning about these natural skills, you may already be developing your intuitive gifts and extrasensory perceptions in a number of ways. There are four main types of psychic abilities that are known as the Clairs. These are the ways in wh[...]

Common Myths About Psychics

11th November 2016

There are a great many common myths that surround psychics, psychic readings and other esoteric and spiritual matters and interests. We all love a bit of mystery and magic, and these myths help to add fascination and intrigue. If you want to know the truth about how psychics work read on to explore the facts…Believable Myths Psych[...]

5 Reasons To Talk To Strangers

3rd November 2016

As children we are often told not to speak to strangers, or to get too close to people that we don’t really know. There is little room for giving people the benefit of the doubt, and for some people this habit extends into adulthood. The world wide web has promoted and encouraged a connection with other people, that reaches out far[...]

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