Creating A Miracle Garden

16th March 2017

Springtime is the perfect time of the year to venture out into nature. It is the season of new beginnings, and an excellent time to create a special spot in your garden. A Miracle Garden is a place where you can grow your favourite plants and flowers, and communicate with spiritual and angelic beings, and the elemental kingdom.A Natural C[...]

Powerful Morning Rituals To Set You Up For The Day

1st March 2017

Starting the day with a powerful ritual can extend the positive and lasting effect throughout the day. The time that you wake is the moment that your mind begins to shift from the subconscious stages of sleep, into the conscious state of reality. It is during this time of transition that your heart and mind are completely open to all poss[...]

The Power Of Flowers

23rd February 2017

One of Mother Nature’s most powerful gifts is the flower. Not only are flowers beautiful to look at and smell, but they also promote wellbeing. All around you is an abundance of healing flowers, each bloom with its own unique appearance, fragrance, essence and energies.Flower PowerEvery flower variety has a personality and powerful[...]

Super Easy Ways To A Man's Heart

13th February 2017

Women naturally think that men are the most complex beings on the planet. Men are mostly considered to be a mix of charm, personality, muscle and sex appeal. To get inside a man’s head requires plenty of intuition, wily intelligence and resilient patience. It’s much, much easier to find a way to his heart instead.Show Kindne[...]

Why Singles Have More Fun!

6th February 2017

Being single is lots of fun, and don’t you go believing that it isn’t. Although society and popular culture may have you thinking that you must be one half of a couple to be happy and complete, this isn’t actually so. Many successful and high-achieving singles choose to remain unattached because they are too busy bein[...]

Overcoming Dating Insecurities

1st February 2017

Along with more money and success, love is the Number One thing that we all want. To find the love that we long for, in a relationship, it’s necessary to go out there and meet potential partners. How you view the dating experience can have a negative or positive impact on the results. If you have any dating insecurities now is the [...]

Why Less Is Always More

26th January 2017

We are often told that ‘less is more’. This standard phrase is used to express confirmation that adopting the minimalist approach to life is good for you. It’s a term that is bandied about and applied to everything. ‘Less is more’ is usually associated with fashion, beauty and general lifestyle choices. [...]

Chinese New Year – Year Of The Fire Rooster

24th January 2017

January 28th 2017 is the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. Recognised as an impatient creature, the Fire Rooster possesses a strong sense of integrity, with excellent timekeeping and a responsible attitude. If you share the Rooster’s fire element you are also likely to be loyal, career-oriented, and hardworking. Children born a[...]

How To Attract Healthier Relationships

16th January 2017

Although most people are completely unaware of the reasons why their relationships are less than happy and harmonious, the truth is that we attract relationships into our life based on the vibration that we give out. When it comes to love and romance, we attract the person who has a spiritual soul lesson to teach us. If you’re not [...]

Body Language Tricks That Make You Instantly Likeable

10th January 2017

  It’s natural to want to be liked by everyone you meet. Although you may convince yourself otherwise, deep down you want people to think that you are someone that they want to be around. If you are lucky to have a cheerful disposition and magnetic personality this will come easy to you. If however, you are like the vast major[...]

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