Diwali 2022- The Festival of Light…

20th October 2022

When is Diwali?In 2022 Diwali will be celebrated on Monday 24th October. The celebrations last for 5 daysWho celebrates Diwali and its history?This is an Ancient Hindu festival and is a very significant date in the Indian calendar it also coincides with the Hindu New Year. This day is celebrated to honour the triumph of Good over Evi[...]

5 Tips for Dating a Virgo

29th August 2022

Our tips for dating a Virgo will have you straight into their good books (a difficult place to get into!) and they're not what you'd expect! Of course, being organised helps, but there's more to dating a Virgo then meets the eye… Get it together Ok so no doubt you already guessed this one – you got to get it together if you want[...]

National Psychic Day

4th August 2022

The first Sunday in August is widely recognised as National Psychic Day. This annual event kicks off on Sunday 7th August this year and features a week of psychic and spiritual activities and celebrations all over the country.Worldwide this is known as International Psychic Week and is celebrated throughout the week.History And Origins.Th[...]

12 Ways to Celebrate Easter According to Your Zodiac Sign

12th April 2022

Happy Easter, my lovely stargazers! I’m sure you know by now that Easter is a very astrological event tied up in the equinox and the return of the Sun. So, to help you celebrate, here are 12 ways to celebrate Easter according to your zodiac sign – but by all means try more than one of these as a spiritual alternative to chocolate bunnies [...]

The Origins of Easter Traditions

12th April 2022

Easter is normally associated with the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ however there are also suggestions that Easter celebration also came from different pre-Christian origins. Easter was a Pagan festival a long time before Christianity although it is thought to have gone by many names. The Festival of[...]

5 Fascinating Mystical Facts About Easter (or Ostara)

12th April 2022

These days, Easter is more about chocolate eggs than ancient spring goddesses, but the mystical roots of this pagan festival live on through our rituals! Here are our top 5 fascinating mystical facts about Easter (or Ostara)… Easter is probably a pagan equinox festival The festival of Easter comes at roughly the same time as the[...]

Easter and Astrology Around the World

11th April 2022

Easter is right around the corner, and to celebrate, we’re diving deep into the astrological significance of this springtime festival. Despite the many differing traditions around the world, Easter has its roots in a few main symbols, most of which, you’ll be pleased to hear, are astrological!   Easter Eggs and BunniesIt’s no su[...]

April Fool's Day

1st April 2022

April Fool’s DayThe annual custom of playing jokes and hoaxes on 1st April dates back many centuries and has become known as April Fool’s Day. However, although we know it dates back many centuries and celebrated by many cultures, it’s exact origins remain a mystery. Jokesters often expose their actions by shouting “April Fools” at t[...]

Celebrating Ramadan

31st March 2022

Ramadan is considered to be a "month of blessing" by the millions of Muslims who annually participate in this celebration of prayer, fasting, and charity. The month long practice begins on 2nd April and culminates 30 days later. What is Ramadan?Ramadan is a holy month that is dedicated to prayer, fasting, introspection and reciting o[...]

Gifts for Mum According to Her Zodiac Sign

10th March 2022

It's Mother's Day 2022, instead of or as well as a lunch date, why not get a special gift for Mum according to her Zodiac sign?Aries What to get an Aries for Mother's Day 2022 The Aries mum was born in spring and, despite her incredible strength and courage, LOVES to receive pretty flowers! Choose some that represent her birth s[...]

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