Celebrity Big Brother:Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan what went wrong?

1389136561_linda-nolan-jim-davidson-celebrity-big-brother-2013-cat-fight-upset-dairy-room-singer-comedian-fall-out-sam-faiers-jasmine-waltz-luisa-zissman-angry-bernie-nolanPsychic Future’s Astrologer Susan Takes a look at why Celebrity Big Brother Winner Jim Davidson’s relationship with Linda Noland was so Explosive.

Jim Davidson is a Sagittarius Fire Sign

Linda Nolan is a  Pisces water Sign

If ever there was a time to doubt Astrology, then there cannot be a more clear cut case for doubt than what we have witnessed going on between Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan.  On the face of it  and if the Stars are to be believed then Jim being a Sagittarius and Linda a Pisces they should be a match made in heaven.   These two should have ruled the Big Brother House together and been the best of friends.   Sagittarius (Jim)  is a Fire Sign whereas Pisces (Linda) is a water sign and when Sagittarius(Jim) starts lighting a fire and burning up with temper, Pisces ( Linda) calmly pours cool water over the flames and calms and soothes and washes away all the anger.  The perfect match.  So what the heck went wrong here ?

What we saw was two people who tore in to each other with a vengeance.    Well in both Sagittarius (Jim) and Pisces(Linda) love and hate is a very fine line.  Once these two cross the line of friendship and step into the realms of hatred then the gloves are off and both will firmly punch below the belt.   Pisces (Linda)  stops being the one to still calm waters but unleashes the most rocking waves to upturn the boat.  Pisces (Linda)  will literally cause a Tsunami if the fancy takes them and they need to drown a Sagittarius ( Jim).  Once Pisces ( Linda) unleashes it’s anger Sagittarius ( Jim)  will erupt like a volcanoes and like molten lava spewing out will burn anyone in its wake. Pisces ( Linda)  started it Sagittarius ( Linda) will try to burn Pisces up.   With this pair there are no rules.  It’s down and all out dirty.

With this combination when love/friendship turns sour they will both pit against each other and drag anyone in with them to help their cause.    They don’t care that you may have been their enemy before if you can be of use to them you are suddenly needed.   Heaven help you if you are a friend of these warring pair you will need to run or pick your side.   Pisces ( Linda)  will manipulate you through tears to turn against the other party.  Manipulation is the name of the game with Pisces ( Linda) .  Forget all the sweetness and light when they need to turn on the waterworks be prepared for the flood gates to open.  Pisces ( Linda) never forgets a slight.

Sagittarius (Jim) will fan those flames of hatred and will drag you in and everything you say will be turned around to make it sound as if you have joined forces and turned against the Pisces ( Linda) and you are part of the argument.     Sagittarius (Jim) will ridicule Pisces (Linda)  and scorn them and mess with their heads till they literally drive the Pisces ( Linda)  person insane.   Sagittarius ( Jim)  can stand alone and still fight an army,  they don’t need an army behind them but will use you if they can.

With this pair it is even more explosive as Jim has Venus Rising in his house,  where as Linda  also has the Moon in her chart.   Whereas Linda can be open to depressive moments just as the moon flows and ebbs with the tides.

Jim relishes in rising over adversity and with Venus in his dominant chart, he is quick witted and can put down someone with one eye closed.  If he sees a weak spot heaven help you.  Tell Jim No,  or accuse him of being wrong and you better fire the bullets and run and duck as he is coming back at you with an atom bomb.  Put Jim down and he will rise faster than a Phoenix in the flames.

But just as we have seen this pair hate each other they are both quick to forgive and don’t article-2533556-1A6794FE00000578-701_634x383be surprised if you see these two back to being good friends.  You will probably see them out socialising within a few months.     Pisces (linda)  regrets being so manipulative and regrets their actions.  sagittarius has a big heart and quick to forgive.  They will kiss and makeup in time but always be prone to flare ups in the future –  beware if you happen to be mutual friends of this pair.

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