The Benefits Of A Text Psychic Reading

Posted on 30th March 2016

Not everyone has the time to pick up the telephone, for a psychic reading, when they most need guidance and spiritual insight. If time is of the essence, a text psychic reading offers a beneficial alternative that is both convenient and cost effective.

Discreet Psychic Texting

What Is A Text Psychic Reading?. A text psychic reading is a short question and answer reading that is sent via SMS. You send the question and receive an instant psychic reading based on the message and information that you sent. This convenient psychic reading service is popular with people who don’t have the luxury of free time to spend speaking to a psychic on the telephone. Text psychic readings are available whenever you need spiritual guidance. This discreet service has many attractive benefits and is regularly used by people from all walks of life. 

Ease And Convenience. If you’re looking for a quick, easy and convenient way to have a psychic reading text is a good option. All you have to do is select your psychic reader and send your reading question to the stated PIN number. You will receive your reading reply, a short time after sending your text question. It is a good idea to keep your question short and to the point. Avoid using up the limited amount of text characters stating information that really isn’t relevant. Simply ask a question that relates to what you most need to know. Text psychic readings are more convenient than other types of spiritual readings. Because SMS readings are restricted to a certain amount of text characters your questions are more likely to be concise and precise. 

No Physical Presence Required. Text psychic readings are discreet. As you are asking a question via SMS your physical presence is not required. This means that you can go about your normal business whilst you wait for your text reading response. The privacy of a text reading also means that you do not have to worry about someone overhearing you. The information you receive, in response to your question, is strictly private.

Inexpensive Reading Option. Text psychic readings are short, and therefore provide one of the most inexpensive spiritual reading options. When you have a telephone psychic reading it can be easy to go beyond your allocated reading time, particularly when the psychic information you are receiving is flowing. Text readings are charged per text, so the moment that you decide you have the insight that you need the reading is over. If you have asked the most precise question you are likely to receive the answer you seek in a single text message. On some occasions you may find that you need to send two or three messages in order to clarify details and information. The charges of your text psychic reading will appear on your phone bill.

5 Reasons To Consider A Text Psychic Reading

  • SMS readings are discreet.
  • You can have a text reading when you need it most, any time of the day or night.
  • You maintain anonymity throughout the reading. Your text psychic reader does not tune into the vibrations of your voice, and does not ask any questions.
  • You can access your reading whenever you like, and wherever you are.
  • You can save the psychic text reading and refer back to it as many times as you like.

For your instant psychic text reading visit our Text a Psychic page.


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