Asteroid Juno Shows Who You Will Marry

Posted on 3rd June 2019


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Have you ever wondered why so many people get married in June? Well, it’s not just the nice weather, it’s also because of Juno, the Roman Goddess of love and marriage, from whom we get the month’s name. She also lends her name to an asteroid, which, in the birth chart, can tell who your long-term partner will be!  

Roman Goddess

Juno, or Hera, as she was known to the Greeks, was the wife of Jupiter, the King of the Gods. She was the most important wife in all of Olympus, the Queen, and symbolised monogamy, childbirth, women’s sexuality and grace.  

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In addition, Juno represents money, which is where the word originated – Juno’s temple was called “Moneta". According to ancient literature, the first money was made in this temple, and as the King’s trustworthy wife, Juno was entrusted as the protector of wealth. Since marriage or long-term partnership often includes a merging of funds, it ties in nicely with this symbolism.  

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Juno in the Birth Chart

In your birth chart, Juno shows the characteristics of your long-term partner – what kind of person they will be. This isn’t necessarily going to be your “type" as what we want is usually defined by the position of Venus and Mars (and sometimes not that good for us in the long run!). Juno is more about what we need in a partner, what is in fact good for us, and hopefully, what we will eventually get. This asteroid shows us what the dynamics of our long-term relationship need to be, who we can trust (like Jupiter trusting his faithful wife) and how we might feel with them.  

Find out about Your Partner

Below you can find a short description of your ideal partner, according to where the asteroid, Juno, is in your birth-chart. Bare in mind, of course, that a lot of people don’t end up with the sort of person they “need", but go for the excitement of their Venus or Mars sign (this is what draws a lot of us ladies to the “bad boy" type, while Juno protests to choose a different type!). To find where Juno is in your birth chart, go to and put in your details at “extended chart selection" Before creating the chart, scroll down to “additional objects" and select: JUNO. Then “click here to show the chart".  


This person will be full of life, whether that’s physically, as in doing sports or outdoor activities together, pursuing a thriving career or just being the kind of person who everyone invites to the party. The two of you will be adventurous, competitive even, as you need someone who can keep up with you, as well as give you space when you need it.  


This partner will be loyal and reliable, someone who you can trust to be there when you need them, perhaps with good advice, a sensual back rub or some cake. They really know what you need and are willing to be there forever to provide it. Both of you will need a stable environment, so someone who’s dedicated to their goals and creating a material world that you can both enjoy will be best.  


You need to be able to connect your mind with another mind, so your partner will be someone who’s both intelligent and chatty – doesn’t matter what the topic is, as long as you can bounce the ball of conversation back and forth. They’ll not be too serious about life and more light-hearted, curious and playful, as this is what you need to feel stimulated and carefree.  

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You’ll find someone who’s in touch with their sensitive side and isn’t afraid of emotions, commitment and all those things that a lot of other people shy away from. Emphasis is on family, whether that’s kids or dogs or just a parrot, the tribe comes first. You’ll both be happiest snuggled up, wherever that is doesn’t really matter as long as you’re together.  


You need to feel that your partner respects you and thinks you’re awesome (and generous with the compliments!) but you also need someone who sees you for who you are and recognises that you are vulnerable sometimes. This person will always have your back and make you feel protected from the world and from yourself at times. You can trust them to understand you, support you and you’ll happily do the same and more for them.  

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You’ll find a partner who is self-sufficient – you don’t want to have to babysit someone and capability really ticks your boxes! Someone who is thoughtful, pays attention to all the little things about you and really listens when you talk. You’ll both want to make sure the other is OK, so will be tuned into the tiniest details and quirks.  


You need to be able to communicate with your partner, but in a way that’s harmonious and focused on understanding, so you’ll end up with someone who’s fair, calm and confident at speaking with others, charming even. Your friends and family will love them and the two of you can stay up till the early hours talking about life, art, philosophy and morals.  


You’ll find someone who transforms you on the inside. You can share your deepest, darkest secrets and trust that not only will they never tell another soul, they’ll also understand you and open up the same to you like no one ever has before. Your partnership will be intense, obsessive even, you want to merge into one another so you can come up for air changed.  


A partner who is adventurous and excited about life. Someone honest (sometimes brutally so) and inspired. You’ll both want to explore – whether that’s through travel, each other, or to the inner world of spirituality. Whether or not you share the same interests, you’ll meet someone who wants to keep on learning and growing, like you!  

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You’ll find someone who’s stable and capable. You need to feel your partner has things under control, so you’ll go for someone you can rely on, especially in the public eye – you have to be able to trust them not to make you look bad! They’ll be ambitious, not just in their career, but in climbing that mountain, reading that pile of books or creating the perfect home together.  


Your mind craves stimulation, so your long-term partner will need to be someone who has a serious hobby or passion, something a little different than your average. They’ll be fun and interesting and your relationship will be easy-going and calm. If problems arise, you’ll be able to talk things through and adjust to find a new way that suits you both.  

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You need to merge with your partner in a way that feels spiritual, so you’ll end up with someone who’s as emotionally deep as you, the two of you want to feel like one. They’ll be someone who is creative and compassionate, understanding you more than you understand yourself sometimes, but perhaps getting a little lost in each other sometimes. This is a cosmic love that transcends the boring routines of everyday! So, does this describe your current partner? Or if you’re single, is this what you look for? We’d love to hear more from you, so please send us any of your comments using the box below. And don't forget to check out my weekly video horoscopes and regular astrology and lifestyle articles!

Much Love,

Ellie Rose x     

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