Ask an Astrologer: Will Jamie & Louise Redknapp Get Back Together?

Today I will talk to you about Jamie and Louise Redknapp and what the stars hold in store for them!


What’s their story?

Singer, Louise Redknapp and ex-England football player, Jamie Redknapp had it seemingly all together, but all is not quite as it seems, as in July, Louise was reported to have left the family home after 19 years with Jamie and two sons together.
Now the tabloids are circulating rumours of a possible reunion – will they get back together? Let’s see if the planets can give us a clue…


The Planetary Lowdown…


Looking at the pairs’ natal charts, it seems that Louise and Jamie Redknapp should get on well. Both water signs (Scorpio and Cancer), they share the same sensitive nature and strong need to trust a partner.
With Jamie’s Sun in a strong trine to Louise’s Mars, the couple should also have a fiery physical attraction and plenty of vitality, but with their Moons opposing each other, there might be some differences in perception that can cause deep upset if not communicated and resolved.
Since it appears that Louise Redknapp did the leaving, let’s take a look at her astrological transits over this time.


Ooooohwee, has Louise Redknapp been having an astrologically hectic year!
Since competing in Strictly Come Dancing in December last year, Louise has had Jupiter opposite her Saturn, leading her to question the very foundations of her life structure – now that sounds about right!
Not only this, but Jupiter has been squaring her Saturn too, egging on this frustration and encouraging her to make some big decisions on the direction of her life.

As a Scorpio, Louise will be feeling the effects of her ruling planet, Pluto, even more, and she will have been fighting this tug between the safety and comfort of the old and the exciting potential of the new. Pluto transits drive us to transform our lives, even if that means leaving something we love behind.
So, in July of this year, it appears that Louise Redknapp did just that! Driven by this Plutonic desire for change, Louise left her husband and two boys and moved into her own place. This complete change is actually very representative of the planet, Uranus, and not surprisingly, Louise has had plenty of Uranian aspects during this time.

Uranus pushing for change

Uranus has been directly opposite Louise’s natal Uranus from May to October 2017, and this would have caused her to become restless and anxious to take a new path and break free of her current role as wife and mother.
Interestingly, Louise was quoted in The Mirror as saying: “Every mum knows there is no better job in the world than having a family but you do lose a sense of you, and I definitely lost a sense of myself” – this is a perfect example of the energy that Uranus represents – a desire to be an individual.
But as we all know, breakups don’t just come out of nowhere (well, most of the time we hope!), so what was it exactly that triggered these two to throw in the towel?

What was the final straw?

Well, the tabloids can’t tell us much, it seems that Louise and Jamie Redknapp were the gold standard for happy celeb couples, but if we look at the planets, we can see that Louise had Uranus conjunct her Chiron, the wounded healer, meaning that this urge to live a new life is directly related to her own deepest issues that need to be healed.
With a tough Mars square Pluto happening around the time Louise moved out, this was probably the catalyst for her to take action. She may have felt an incredible urge to do something about these growing feelings of discontent, and taken a huge action that has changed her whole family’s lives.



So, will they get back together?

The question on everybody’s lips right now is – will they get back together?
Well, this all depends on whether or not Louise fulfils this part of her soul contract. If she can heal the parts of herself that need healing and discover something new about herself that allows her to go back to her old life with a new perspective, then the couple should have bright prospects.
One important thing to remember is that many of these aspects are short to mid term and will eventually fade away, and new ones will be formed. One positive sign, is a nice trine between Neptune and Louise’s Venus which will last until February of next year. This will encourage positive transformations in her relationships and self-worth, as well as magnifying her compassion when relating to others.

Of course, sometimes we ignore the wisdom given to us from the stars, but I strongly suspect that this tale of celebrity romance woe will have a happy ending.

So…more importantly, what do YOU think about this celebrity couple’s future? Please let me have your lovely comments below! Looking forward to reading them!


Ellie Rose x


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