Ask an Astrologer: Who Will Win I’m a Celebrity 2018?

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It’s jungle time again and with a brand-new cast of celebrities hitting our TV screens, you might be wondering who’s going to win I’m a Celebrity this time around? Last year our predictions were spot on, so looking at the birth charts of each celeb let’s see if we can use astrology to figure out who will win I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2018!

So, Who’s Likely to Be Voted Off First?


James McVey


James McVey I'm a Celebrity 2018

Musician, James McVey, as one of the youngest celebs in the jungle and a sweet-natured Taurus Sun and Mercury – both also in the second house of Taurus, might not have the required energy and spirit needed to stand out against all the other big personalities. If he’s not careful he could end up being nice but forgettable!

Sair Khan



As one of the lesser known celebs on this year’s season, actress, Sair Khan’s full birth chart info is unknown, but from her February birthday we know she’s an Aquarius, and from past winner’s info, this isn’t typically the best sign for the I’m a Celeb crown, possibly due to Aquarius’ cool, calm and quirky nature. She could end up fading into the background due to trying to fit in and possibly lose out on vital audience attentions.

Malique Thompson-Dwyer

Malique Thompson-Dwyer I'm a celebrity 2018
With big stars like Noel Edmonds and John Barrowman to compete against, another of the lesser known celebs, Hollyoaks actor, Malique Thompson-Dwyer, is likely to leave the jungle before winning the crown and as the youngest celeb, also with an Aquarius Sun, he could end up being left behind while other bigger personalities take the viewer’s favour.

Top 3 I’m a Celeb Winner Astrological Predictions!


John Barrowman

John-Barrowman I'm a celebrity 2018
Star of Doctor Who and Spin Off, Torchwood, John Barrowman, is a likely candidate for the King of the Jungle title and with his Sun in Pisces in the 7th house of relationships, Barrowman’s creative and cooperative nature combined with his eagerness to take on the infamous ‘Bushtucker Trials’ could see him as a firm favourite with other contestants and viewers at home.

Harry Redknapp

harry redknapp I'm a celebrity 2018
Legendary football manager and father of Jamie, Harry Redknapp, is another top contender for the I’m a Celeb throne due to his comedic approach to jungle life. With his Mars in Aquarius, Redknapp could provide even more entertainment in the Bushtucker Trials as well as camp life, opting for an approach that’s cooperative but questioning of the structure and authority of it all – he could turn out to be a fun one to watch.

Emily Atak

Emily Atak I'm a celebrity 2018
With her bubbly nature, actress, Emily Atak, is another hot contender for a place in the I’m a Celeb hall of fame. While her full birth details are unknown, we can gather from her Sagittarius Sun that she’ll be an adventurous and outgoing addition to the camp’s crew – she might even land a few more Bushtucker Trial meals with her confident and determined, Sagittarius-like, attitude.

So who’s your favourite to win I’m a Celebrity 2018? Come and let us know what you think of our astrological predictions below or on our social media channels!
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