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Celebrity Big Brother 2018 was off to a dramatic start with drag queen, Courtney Act, flashing the audience; politician, Ann Widdicombe, stirring up tension; and Ginuwine and Dapper Laughs bringing lots of controversy. But if you’re a Celebrity Big Brother fan, there’s only one question on your mind: who’s going home?

After newsreader, India Willoughby, journalist Rachel Johnson, and detective, Maggie Oliver were the first three to be evicted, who will win? Let’s see if the stars can shed some light…


Who will win CBB 2018?


With so many contestants to keep track of, I’ve narrowed down the top three predictions based on their astrological birth chart, but other contestants like quiet yet kind Virgo, Amanda Barrie, cheeky Andrew Brady, and sensitive Pisces, Jess Impiazzi, made it a close call!

3rd Place Prediction

Former conservative MP, Anne Widdicombe, has already stirred up trouble in the house after some blunt comments about fellow housemate Ashley James being “too sensitive”. This is surprising considering Ann’s Sun is exactly conjunct Neptune, which would usually make her very sensitive herself, she obviously hides it well!

Ex-contestant, Maggie Oliver, described Widdicombe as having “little sympathy for those in need”, again, something completely contrary to someone with such a strong Neptunian influence, and perhaps this is something she refuses to let out in herself, thus condemning it in other people.

With Chiron, the wounded healer, conjunct her Mercury, the way that she communicates will be tainted with her own mental scars, and so this might explain her usual lack of patience for others.

However, she has had her moments and seems to be a firm favourite with the public, who perhaps admire her ability to speak her mind, no matter who gets offended, and it seems she has a good shot at making the top three.

2nd Place Prediction

Former Boyzone member Shane Lynch, while not the most outgoing of the bunch, has won over the house with his grown-up demeanor and sensitive insights over the life and death of his fellow Boyzone bandmate, Steven Gately.
This is no surprise to an astrologer, as Lynch’s Sun is in Cancer – one of the most sensitive signs – plus Venus is joined to his Sun, making him someone who cares deeply about other people, as well as balance, harmony and good times. Lynch spoke of his previous struggles with alcohol, and has been trying to do Dry January while in the house. His maturity could come from his Sun squaring Pluto, meaning he has had to overcome some serious life struggles, causing him to grow up and get real. It’s this down-to-earth sensitivity that could win him a place in the top three.



1st Place Prediction

Drag queen Courtney Act is my prediction for the CBB crown, and it’s little wonder why with her quirky outspoken Aquarius Sun and Mercury. Aquarius types tend to stand out and like to be different, something viewers will attest to after her dramatic entrance! And with Mercury conjunct her Sun, Courtney will have no problem expressing herself, which always goes down well with the audience. Her background in showbiz and reality TV give her a bit of a head start, and no doubt her outgoing and precocious nature will win her plenty of laughs, as well as the CBB crown.



The Celebrity Big Brother 2018 finale will take place on 2nd February – so check back to see if my predictions were right!

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