Are Psychics Replacing Therapists?

Posted on 11th November 2015

For many people the word ‘psychic’ instantly conjures up images of crystal balls and gypsy style caravans, yet professional working psychics, mediums and clairvoyants are ordinary people. Like therapists and counsellors, spiritual readers and psychics simply provide a supportive service that can help you in your time of need. Unlike traditional forms of talking therapy and counselling, which can go on for months or years, psychic support has evolved from the ancient crystal ball gazing session to a convenient way of accessing information and insight. You can now instantly gain clarity and self-empowerment whenever you need it the most.

Instant Connection. You can connect with a psychic via telephone, text or email or by the traditional face-to-face appointment. The psychic reading experience can be transformative and can therefore offer a highly effective form of emotional support. Speaking to a psychic is no different to talking to a therapist, in the sense that you are communicating with someone who does not know you personally. Opening up to a stranger can be hugely comforting because it allows you to express your feelings and emotions without feeling judged. The advantage that a psychic or spiritual reader has, over a therapist or counsellor, is that she or he will be able to connect to your energy and therefore physically ‘feel’ what you feel. This will make you feel that the reader knows you and really understands you. This can quickly help to eliminate stress and negative feelings of doubt, and therefore empower you to make the necessary changes required for positive forward progress.

Appointment Advantages. Psychic ‘therapists’ are already highly popular in the USA, and have a celebrity clientele worldwide. Consulting a psychic for spiritual, emotional and practical guidance is as easy as picking up the phone. You do not need a medical referral or long waiting period before an appointment. Phobias, fears, anxiety, stress and weight issues can all benefit from a psychic reading session. If your life is in relative balance you can consult a psychic to help you make informed career choices or to help you improve your relationships. Recent academic study shows that spiritual and paranormal beliefs are a positive coping mechanism in uncertain economic times. The insight that you receive during a psychic or spiritual reading can help you feel that you have some control over your life, particularly in times of personal crisis.

Supportive Services. Whilst psychic readers do not offer therapy sessions they do provide an opportunity to focus on whatever is on your mind. Psychic readings should not be considered a replacement or alternative for counselling or professional therapy sessions. If your problem or issue is emotional talking to a psychic can help you find clarity and peace of mind. In this form, psychic ‘therapy’ compliments other forms of supportive service and can help you feel that you have control. If you are considering consulting a psychic reader ask your friends for recommendations or do some research. Read the psychic reader reviews and trust your gut feeling. If you find that you simply have no rapport with the psychic reader you have called, politely end the call in the first five minutes. The reader who is right for you will instantly connect with you and make you feel completely at ease.

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