Alternative Spiritual Holidays For Singles

The world of the independent single spiritual traveller is no longer limited or restricted to an ashram experience in South Asia or New Age community gatherings in a field. Going it alone is an empowering experience and not solely reserved for brave souls and daring explorers. The alternative spiritual holiday is a life-changing travel option that opens the heart, expands the mind and rejuvenates the body. To enjoy this liberating experience you simply have to decide which holiday to choose!

The World Is Your Oyster

On a spiritual holiday you can deepen your spiritual connection, discover the real you and explore new and exciting creative possibilities. A spiritual holiday isn’t about bagging the best sun lounger by the pool or eating your body weight in exotic local food. It’s an opportunity for you to learn a new skill, enjoy creative activities or explore a passion, whilst discovering your authentic self.

You can choose a holiday centre based alternative break or try a taster weekend course. The wellbeing benefits of an alternative solo holiday last long after the suntan has faded. A spiritual solo break can reward you with new interests and skills, renewed self-confidence, a fresh outlook on life, and new friendships with like-minded people.

The Yoga Retreat

One of the most popular spiritual singles holiday is the yoga retreat. The popularity has a lot to do with the breathtaking scenic landscapes that are available for you to feast your eyes upon, whilst practicing your morning or afternoon asanas. The yoga holiday option caters for all levels of experience, and offers a serene setting in which to relax, free the mind, strengthen the body and lift the spirit.

Mastering Mindfulness Break

Mindfulness is the key to success in all spiritual practices. If you have trouble being fully present and need to let go of stress, a mindfulness holiday is a great first step towards self-transformation. Most mindfulness breaks combine daily meditation practice with mindfulness techniques to help you identify, and let go of, your disempowering thoughts and feelings.

The Writing Holiday

If you love to put pen to paper a writing holiday is the perfect alternative spiritual holiday for you. Your far away environment will be idyllic and inspiring, and the ideal location for you to explore the creative process of expression. You could find that your secret passion opens up a new world of possibilities. Holiday writing courses are open to writers of all levels of experience, and are delivered by tutors who love to help writers polish their skills and find the right outlet for their unique expression. You could also find that a famous published author is on hand to share their own experience!55

The Great Art Escape

If you are inspired by everything around you an art course holiday is the ideal alternative travel option for you. The courses cover a wide variety of mediums, including watercolour, sketching, mosaics, photography or glass work, for beginners and experienced artists. The destination is a visual treat that offers panoramic views to stimulate up your creative juices, passion and imagination.

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