7 Ways to Survive Mercury Retrograde

Posted on 6th May 2020


This Mercury Retrograde has been a particularly tough one for a lot of us! Beginning on Halloween and passing through a Scorpio New Moon and many other (frankly quite frightening) aspects, there’s been chaos, emotions, mix ups and mess. So how to deal with it? These are my 7 ways to survive Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio:

1. Breathe

OK, first of all, most of the issues surrounding Mercury Retrograde could be handled a lot better if we just slow down and take a big deep breath before reacting. Mercury is the fastest moving planet so it makes sense that just taking things slow can really help when things feel chaotic. This will also help you avoid some of the little mistakes that come with this time.  

2. Check Yourself

Similarly, when emotions are high and thoughts aren’t working at their usual level (Mercury is the ruler of thought and communication), we can end up reacting to others in ways we regret later. In the moment it might seem justified, but most of the time it takes two to tango, so if we check ourselves, we can avoid wrecking ourselves!  

3. Take Some Space

So when we’ve got a lot of emotions and thoughts flying around it can get confusing, and what happens when things get confusing is that we make more bad moves! It’s better to clear our mind, then take action. Best way to clear your mind? Get active or get outside. Whether that’s going running or a walk, cleaning the bathroom or doing some dancing or yoga – it will work a charm for your clarity.  

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4. Write

Since our thoughts are all jumbly and talking to someone can make it feel worse due our current reduction in speaking and listening abilities (classic Mercury Retrograde), it’s better to take out a pen and paper (or computer, or notes on your phone) and write it all down! This will make you feel much lighter and able to make decisions with confidence.  

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5. Listen

But on that note, do try extra hard to listen to others. It’s very easy during Mercury Retrograde to assume we know exactly what the other person is saying and thinking and intending, when actually we are assuming through our own filter of experiences and expectations. Hold back and listen first.  

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6. Trust

Which means that we can end up not trusting people when we really should! We get things confused and don’t communicate properly so things get worse. Instead, give people the benefit of the doubt until you know the full story, but most importantly, trust your instincts over your thoughts right now.  

7. Meditate

I know its cliche, but the best way to deal with the problems Mercury Retrograde sends is to close your eyes and focus on your breath. This way your emotions start to calm and your thoughts slow down. Eventually, you will see the lesson that Mercury Retrograde has been trying to teach you. Is it patience? Trust? Organisation or responsibility? Maybe it’s to be more open, or to protect your needs more. Maybe it’s telling you that it’s time for change, to take a break or to work smarter? Whatever the lesson is, you can bet that a little bit of meditation here and there will solve your personal issue.  

How to deal with mercury rerograde

If you’re struggling with Mercury Retrograde, give one of our psychic experts a call for guidance that is only for you and your particular situation. Our readers always work around your specific questions and needs. And if you'd like to read more of my Astrological life guidance and advice, visit the Psychic Future blog here!

Much Love, Ellie Rose xx 

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