7 ingredients all Witches need to have

Posted on 7th May 2021

What ingredients do witches need to have? This is a question that comes up often for beginners to the craft and there are many answers, but you can't go wrong with having these 7 ingredients at hand for any magical or healing work. 


Every witch knows the power of lavender. Whether it's for calming an anxious mind or to help with insomnia, lavender is a gentle helping herb to keep around at all times. You can smell it, drink it in tea, or sew it into little spell bags to keep under your pillow. 


Basil is a great herb for money magic and the first point of call for witches who want riches! Grow a tiny basil plant in your home, cook it in your food or dry some and keep it in your purse for abundance magic that will surprise you! 


Every culture knows the importance of salt in protection magic and it's one of the easiest to find too! If you're concerned about protecting your energy from bad vibes then a bath in sea salt will cleanse you, and a ring of salt around your home is said to keep out bad luck. 

Bay leaves 

What witch hasn't tried a bay leaf spell? If you haven't, you're in for a real treat! Find a whole bay leaf and write a wish on it. Set the leaf on fire with a ceramic or metal bowl underneath (it will burn big and bright so be careful!) and watch your wish come true. This has always worked for me! 

Rose petals 

Do you have roses in your garden? Or perhaps you received a bunch? (lucky you!) Well instead of just waiting for them to rot and throwing them out, take a single rose and hang it upside down somewhere airy and dry. When the rose is dry you can use the petals in love spells, selflove magic and add them to bathtubs when you need some TLC. 


To attract an opportunity like bees to honey! To make a honey jar, write what you want to attract (a job, a lover etc.) or who you want to sweeten up (your partner, your boss, an interviewer etc.) and put the paper in a small jar of honey. Keep the jar closed until its job is done then empty the contents and offer the honey to the earth. 

Tea or coffee 

Is a witch really a witch if they don't practice divination? Well, you don't even need a deck of tarot cards or the knowledge of astrology, you can read tea leaves or coffee grinds! Set an intention to receive the answer to a question while brewing your loose leaf tea or coffee then drink slowly. When you're finished, leave a little of the grinds or leaves in the bottom of the cup and see what shapes or images you can see in them to receive your answer. Practice brings more clarity! 

What ingredients would you add to this list?  

Ellie Rose xxx 

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