5 Ways to Rock Leo Season

Posted on 23rd July 2019


As Leo Season sets in, each of us will start to feel the effects of this fabulous zodiac sign. Whatever Sun sign you are, you’ve got a few weeks to look through the filter of a Leo and be a little louder, a little prouder and bask in the sunshine of summer.  


Speak Up!

A Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents our ego in astrology. This means that a Leo tends to know who they are and not be afraid to show it. Take a leaf out of the Leo’s book and shine even stronger than usual. Speak up for yourself, especially when you’re at risk of being controlled or minimised – a lion wouldn’t take that, so why should you? Your voice can be heard and your needs are important, so watch out for an opportunity to show your strength and enforce your boundaries to be treated a little better.  


Look Fabulous!

Leo Season falls right in the middle of summer, meaning we can all lose the woolly jumpers and stop living in our coats for five minutes! Take this opportunity to bask in the glory of a Leo and up your personal style. Go shopping, wear that kooky outfit you’ve been too self-conscious to wear. Show who you are through your clothes and don’t hold back. Who’s really judging? And does it even matter? Choose your style based on what you like, pay no mind to anyone else.  


Be Generous!

Aside from being loud, proud and fabulous, the Leo is also famous for having a lion-sized heart. Generosity is a Leo’s middle name and you know when you’re with one because they’ll try their best to make you feel warm and welcomed and comfortable around them. Do the same with those you love. Go out of your way to make someone feel special. Throw your best friend a surprise party, just because, tell a stranger you love their hair, invite your neighbours over for a BBQ. Just spread the love you have within you and you’ll notice that you start to get it back too!  


Get Creative!

Since it’s ruled by the Sun, the sign of Leo is notoriously creative. As the Sun represents our self-expression it makes sense that all things artistic can come under the traits of a true Leo. During summer, it’s easier to feel inspired and light-hearted. When we feel like there are no problems to focus on, we free our mind up to be creative. Try something new. Paint a portrait. Take a drama class. Join your local improv group. Start a blog. Bake a cake. Decorate your bedroom. Try a new recipe. Dress a friend. Take up knitting. Go dancing. Basically anything that helps you tap into your creative side and enables you to fully express yourself will get you feeling full of joy.  


Don’t Act Your Age!

Leo rules the 5th house in astrology, which rules joy and creativity and children, and what better time to practice being a big kid than the peak of summer? It’s so easy to get caught up in work and bills and social media and chores that we can lose sight of fun, just for the sake of it.  

So use this Leo Season to unleash your inner wild child. Go play outside, build sandcastles and go swimming, hang out with your friends and eat ice cream, just do things purely because you enjoy them, take a little risk here and there (tree climbing anyone?) and you’ll find that once you get back to the adulting, it all seems a lot easier than before. Read more of my posts on astrology and lifestyle advice in the Psychic Future Blog. Also, don't miss my weekly horoscope videos!  

Happy Leo Season! 

Ellie Rose xx    

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