5 Tips for Dating Successfully

Posted on 10th March 2021

Are you dating and want to know how to really make it work between you? Well, in honour of Aries season, here are my top 5 tips for dating an Aries (or an Aries Moon/Rising/Venus) – if you're an Aries, let us know in the comments what your dating turn on's (and turn offs!) are… 

So, if you’re dating an Aries, add a little: 


As Aries is ruled by Mars, they tend to have a lot of energy and will need a partner who keeps up with them! Of course, this depends on the Aries in question and their whole birth chart, BUT, it might look like: going for regular walks or adventures outside, working out together, doing something creative together or simply giving them the space to do these things themselves. 

Which brings us to the next point… 


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and comes with the phrase "I AM" – notice that doesn't say WE ARE. Nope. While an Aries can be a great team player, they need a balance of "us" time and "me" time so ensure you give them space.  

That doesn’t mean just wait for them to be done so you can hang out again. An Aries will be seriously impressed and feel comfortable with you if you also have your own independent things to do. That way they won't feel bad about taking time to themselves and will be excited to spend quality time with you later. 


As the very first sign of the zodiac, Aries tend to have a childlike quality about them. They get excited about little things and often have a quirky sense of humour. Their perfect partner is someone who accepts them for who they are and doesn't judge, while also joining in some of the light-hearted fun once in a while. Laugh together, stay together says the Aries. 


Despite their carefree independence, an Aries makes a fabulous friend. They are accepting and laid back but also loyal and courageous. Being the sign of the warrior, they will show up for you and hope that you will also show up for them in return.  

This means sharing your experiences, cheering each other up when you're down and making time for each other to do fun and interesting things. 


Aries is cardinal fire energy, which means they are happy to initiate and tend to be natural born leaders. This doesn’t mean they want someone who will just follow along for an easy ride, or someone who ducks under pressure while they pick up the slack. Nope. 

What an Aries needs most is someone who will share the labours of life with them, someone who will get in the ring with them and fight for what they believe in together. Someone brave and open-minded who is all in, or not at all. 

When you team up with an Aries, nothing can get in your way and nothing can get you down for long.  

Are you dating an Aries? Or are you an Aries yourself? Does it sound familiar? What would you add? 

Let me know! 

Much love, 

Ellie Rose xxx 

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