5 Tips for Dating a Virgo

Posted on 29th August 2022

Our tips for dating a Virgo will have you straight into their good books (a difficult place to get into!) and they're not what you'd expect! Of course, being organised helps, but there's more to dating a Virgo then meets the eye… 

Get it together 

Ok so no doubt you already guessed this one – you got to get it together if you want to date a Virgo! That doesn't necessarily mean having a great job and a colour co-ordinated sock drawer, rather, it means that you are grounded. 

As an earth sign, a Virgo values things like punctuality, respect, hard work and making the bed as soon as you've got out of it! This shows that you can take care of yourself and you'll treat them with care too. 


Ruled by Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, a Virgo is very cerebral, meaning they're great conversationalists but can get a little too much in their own heads sometimes.  

A lot of Virgos suffer with anxiety, or at the very least, overthinking, so treat them with sensitivity and they'll return the favour by noticing every little thing you do and loving the tiny details that make you, well, you. 

Show your quirks 

Virgos are known eccentrics and many of them are collectors, writers, artists or passionate hobbyists of something or other. The best way to connect with a Virgo, is through your own quirks and obsessions! 

Got a penchant for film noir? Collect vintage hats? Comics? Cat ornaments? Tell the Virgo and their interest in you will increase at least 300%, however, don't fake it, almost all Virgos have a built in lie-detector and you won't get a second chance. 

Let them care for you 

Mother Teresa was a Virgo, need I say more? A Virgo's reputation for caring is no lie. They really will do so much for the ones they love, and they love to do things for others, so why not let them? 

However, watch out for the martyr. Sometimes a Virgo can give too much and deplete themselves, because of this, they can attract people that take advantage of them – don't be one of those! As soon as your Virgo realises that you're only in it for the support, the spark will fizzle for them. 

Unleash your wild side 

So, on the opposite end of things, Beyoncé is also a Virgo and is often called one of the sexiest women in the world – that's the power of a Virgo! The virgin symbol is actually a bit of a myth because Virgos can be really wild! 

As a mutable earth sign, a Virgo is really quite open-minded, sensual and up for a good time. Are you up for it too? 

Do you agree with these points? What would you add? 

Let us know below or share on social media if you're a proud Virgo who resonates with this list! 

Ellie (a proud Virgo) xx 

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