5 Tips for Dating a Taurus

Posted on 15th June 2021

5 tips for dating a Taurus. Are you dating a Taurus? Want to know how to rock their world? Or maybe you are the Taurus and want to send this to your partner? Either way, these tips will make sure any Taurus is head over heels. 


It may be cliché but they don't say Taureans love to eat for no reason! Of course, it has to be something yummy and indulgent to whet their appetite. A Taurus can be quite picky and they're not into plain and boring cuisines! However, a piece of delicious cake or something homemade will definitely bring you two closer. 


Ruled by Venus, a Taurus really needs their rest and if you're dating a Taurus, you'll know there's nothing they love more than cozying up with a good movie or a lazy morning brunch followed by a cuddle or a nap. This isn't laziness, because when a Taurus works, they work hard, but when they rest, well, they're equally enthusiastic about it. 


Taurus is an earth sign and earth signs tend to be very sensitive to touch. You could even say that a Taurus' love language is physical contact. They love to hug, kiss, caress (and more!) so if you want to cheer a Taurus up or connect with them deeply, try giving them a massage. They'll be putty in your hands! 


Venus is the ruler of love, money and also self-worth, and a Taurus has worked hard in their lives to boost their self-worth and really believe in themselves. They will also go a long way to help those they love AND they are fabulous gift givers. If you want to keep your Taurus smiling, give them heaps of appreciation. Tell them how you feel and thank them when they do things for you. 


As a fixed sign, and in earth no less, a Taurus needs to trust you before they really commit, but once they do, they'll be yours for life. However, their loyalty must be returned. No shady business, lies or half in half out behaviour for them. They want someone who they can depend on, and in return they'll show you what the ultimate dependability looks like. 

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Are you dating a Taurus? Or are you a Taurus yourself? Let us know in the comments! 

Ellie Rose xxx 

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