5 Tips for Dating a Gemini

Posted on 28th April 2021

Need some tips for dating a Gemini? What are they looking for in a relationship? And what should you avoid doing that might turn them off? Or perhaps you are a Gemini yourself and you're looking for something to casually show your partner so they can understand you better? We’ve got you covered. Here's the top 5 tips for dating a Gemini – let us know if you agree! 


Gemini is ruled by Mercury and the need to communicate is real! If you want to get closer to your Gemini, make an effort to chat with them. It might not even really matter what topic you discuss either, a Gemini can converse about pretty much any subject! Just make sure you also communicate about important things too. 

Be curious 

Gemini is the most curious of the zodiac signs, meaning they like to explore and learn, a LOT. In fact, be aware that a Gemini can get bored easily and they really do prefer to be constantly entertained. That doesn't mean that you have to be the one entertaining them, but if you're up for something fun to do together, they definitely won't say no! 

Be flexible 

When dating a Gemini you'll need to be flexible. Gemini is a mutable sign which means that they're very changeable. They can change their mind a lot and even plans, they don't mind last minute adjustments if there's something more exciting on the cards! This means you'll need to be a pretty flexible person yourself. Fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius might struggle and need to find a way to release expectations. 

Be patient 

Because of their changeable nature, Geminis can appear very fast paced and restless, sometimes even erratic. They enjoy keeping busy, but do you? If not, you'll have to be very patient and find middle ground to compromise on. Luckily, a Gemini is a great communicator and always happy to adjust to what you need too, so you'll be rewarded if you stay true to what you really want. 

Have fun 

Geminis are known as the jokers of the zodiac, they tend to have a great sense of humour and usually have a witty one-liner ready! Let your hair down and join in the fun too, this will help you two bond and signal to your Gemini that you can really keep up AND enjoy it! 

So how did we do? Do you have any Gemini dating tips that you want to add to this list? 

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