5 Amazing Facts About Cancerians

Posted on 1st July 2016

Cancerians, are typically complex characters that are deeply intuitive and sentimental in equal measures. As a water sign, emotion runs high for this zodiac sign. They are devoted to their loved ones, family and home and sympathetic and empathic. Cancerians are switched on and attuned to what’s going on around them. To find out what makes Cancer (June 22 – July 22) tick check out our top 5 amazing facts:

  1. Friends And Family First. All aspects of family life are important to traditional home-loving Cancer. They are deeply sentimental and diligent about passing on stories to the next generation, and maintaining family traditions. Their innate distaste of conflict and disharmony means that they will sometimes overlook minor issues just to keep the peace. Peaceful and agreeable, Cancerians make trusted friends who are always willing to lend a hand. Their friends are held in high regard and tend to have a similar outlook on life.
  2. Making A Difference. When there's a job that needs doing Cancerians roll up their sleeves and muck in. Tasks that involve care giving see them performing at their very best. To feel fulfilled Cancerians need to feel as though they are making a difference, however great or small.
  3. Security Conscious. Cancerians need to be needed. Their crabby, moody nature makes them easily susceptible to restless behaviour and tantrums when they don’t feel that they are needed. Security and money is also important to the Cancerian. Making money comes easy for this zodiac sign, and although financially secure most Cancerians are not big spenders. Instead they prefer to invest and watch their money grow. If you’re looking for the ideal gift for a Cancerian, choose something original and collectible, or an item for the home.
  4. Cancerians Are Super Touchy Feely. Although coy, when it comes to matters involving love and relationships, "I feel" is the key phrase for ultra sensitive and thoughtful Cancerians. Their primary fear is rejection and this often inhibits the expression of feelings. An old fashioned courtship is their preferred romantic intention. Expect plenty of witty and flirty interaction. Whilst their deeply intuitive personality makes Cancerians very sympathetic, it can also makes them difficult to understand. As one of the most contradictory and complex of the zodiac signs, highly emotional Cancerians often question their own identity and often find it hard to understand their conflicting feelings. They have a hard time expressing their confusing emotions and usually discover that other people have a problem relating to them. They will however, show sensitivity without a second thought and love readily. Cancerians will look for a partner who is as intuitive as they are, and someone who fully and genuinely understands them.
  5. Eternal Youth. A Cancerian’s love of life will keep them looking and feeling young at heart. Cancerians tend to look much younger than their actual age. Check out Tom Cruise, Debbie Harry and Meryl Streep!

Other Famous Cancerians, include Prince William, Tom Hanks, Cheryl Cole, Vin Diesel, Will Ferrell, Chris Pratt, George Michael, Missy Elliot, David Hasselhoff and Liv Tyler.


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