3 Simple Tips for Manifesting What You Want

Posted on 7th April 2021

How do you manifest what you want? This is a popular topic right now and there's a TON of info out there, so where do you start? These 4 tips are the easiest and best way to begin manifesting what you want – you'll be seeing results in no time! 

Decide what you actually want 

This one sounds simple, but you'd be surprised how often people don't know what they really want. It might be that you have an idea of what you want, but it's not really very clear.  

This might be because you're focusing on a feeling rather than a specific result, or perhaps you want money, for example, but you don't really know how much you need or want? 

The first step of manifesting is getting really clear about what you actually want. 

Sit down a think about it very honestly. If you want money, how much? And what for? If you want a partner, what kind? If it's just a feeling you want, like happiness, or confidence, how will you know when you've achieved that? What specific result are you seeking? 

Make it positive and present tense 

The main block that people face when trying to manifest something is that they are constantly focusing on something they DON'T want.  

They say "I don't want to be broke anymore" or "I don't want to be single", and even if they do manage to phrase it in a positive sentence, they're still talking about something in the future, for example "I want to meet somebody" or "I will make £200 more a month". 

The problem with this is that the universe speaks in energy and the energy of saying "I want" means you don't have it, so what happens? You manifest more of the "not having" situation. 

If you want to manifest something, you have to match its vibration, so instead say "I am making £200 more a month" or "I have met the person of my dreams".  

This way, you are putting the vibration of already having that desire out into the universe and the universe will match it! 

Raise your vibes 

You've probably seen this expression online already and it's popular for a good reason. When you are trying to manifest something, you want to start embodying the feeling you'll have when you get it. 

By that, I mean that if you want to manifest love, you must start feeling love before it comes to you. This is why selflove is such an important component in manifesting. 

If you want more money, how would you feel when you got it? Probably along the lines of "happy, relaxed and secure", right? So to manifest the money, first get into the mood! 

Do things for yourself that raise your vibe, aka make you happy! 

It's no secret that people create their own luck and that happy people attract plenty of opportunities their way, simply because of their energy. 

Keeping a gratitude journal is one way of keeping your vibe high AND focusing on what you already have, so more of the same comes along. Every day just list 3-5 things you are grateful for, then watch the universe send you so much more! 

Did this help? What other tips would you add to this list of manifesting tips? 


Ellie Rose xoxo 

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