3 Reasons to Love Libra Season (with music videos!)

Posted on 24th September 2019


Libra Season is in full swing soon so for the next few weeks, we can indulge in all things beautiful, bring a bit of harmony into our love lives and learn to communicate our needs in ways that serve us and everyone around us! Of course, I love all signs, but as a proud Libra Venus and Mercury, these are my top 3 reasons to love Libra season, complete with music videos!  

1.    A Few of My Favourite Things

As the great Julie Andrews sang about, there are so beautiful things in the world to get excited about and Libra Season is the time to do it. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, creativity and abundance, we’ll be focusing more on aesthetics for this time – what we wear, what our house looks like and how we want to express our creative side. It’s like our biannual beauty check-up (the other time is May as Taurus is also ruled by Venus). Ask yourself if everything is looking and feeling how you want it to look and feel? While sometimes the answer could be an unsatisfied “no" at least we now have the awareness to do something about it! If we’re not happy with how we look, we can put on our favourite lipstick and stand up a little taller, change our clothes, hair, attitude or do some self-improvement like going for a run or working on our confidence levels. Libra Season may sound superficial when we first take a look but appreciating beauty and wanting to feel beautiful is more than skin deep! Dig a little deeper during this time and find out why you don’t feel beautiful, then ask what you can do to improve it.   

2.    All You Need is Love

Contrary to the Beatles title, we actually need more than love to have a successful relationship! We also need things like self-worth, mutual respect and communication, but of course, those don’t sound as catchy in a song title! Libra Season is a time that focuses on whether or not we have the things that make up a healthy relationship, this is because of the Venus associations. Pop culture astrology often talks about Libras as having “no boundaries" or being “indecisive" and while these are generalizations and not true for every case (it’s about the whole chart not one planet!) it does have some weight to it. If you’re the kind of person who does more for other people while forgetting yourself, or if you go so far as to accept bad behaviour from others and wonder why you get treated in such a way, Libra Season will shine a light on this co-dependency. The reason this happens is because people with too much Venus/Libra energy try so hard to ensure harmony that they’ll bend to the will of someone else to ensure things go smoothly. This can lead to unhealthy dynamics, because they’re with someone who’s controlling, selfish or argumentative. Instead of standing their ground and saying: “I disagree/I don’t want to/that’s not right/no", they’ll back away and say “OK" just to keep the peace. If this sounds familiar, try working with Venus through Goddess worship. Find yourself a goddess you like, print off a picture and start talking with her in private, offering her incense or flowers and trying to embody her qualities. Through this, you can feel more confident in your own power and able to protect your softer feminine sides.   

3.    Say My Name

The good goddesses of Destiny’s Child had the right idea with the song “Say My Name" and since Libra is an air sign, this month is all about communication. We’ll be feeling the need to talk about our feelings, ask for what we need (see above) and say what we really think – very bootilicious! There are, of course, two ways this can go: we communicate in healthy and productive ways that help to make our relationships and the people around us feel awesome. OR, we just talk and talk and talk until everyone leaves and we have a sore throat – either is possible during Libra Season! Because Libra is ruled by Venus in air, represented by the scales, we have the ability to see both sides of an argument, but this also means we can spend forever not quite making a decision or being able to agree with the other person’s point. Instead, use this time wisely to solve any communication issues you have. If someone you know is struggling, talk to them, help with a friendly ear. Solve any relationship problems you have by listening calmly and replying in a way that’s balanced and fair. These are the qualities of an evolved Libra – justice, equality and love for all! So, happy Libra Season! If you want more tailored advice, look at what’s transiting your 7th house, Libra and where Venus falls in your chart right now to see how you’ll be affected specifically (or ask one of our experts of course!). Much love stargazers,

Ellie Rose xoxo     

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