Ellie Rose Astrologer

Introducing Ellie Rose, Psychic Future's New Astrologer!

Ellie Rose is the fabulous new astrologer for PsychicFuture.com, the UK’s most popular psychic reader service! Ellie Rose is a fully trained Astrologer and Tarot Reader. She is also a proud Virgo, and has been using her planetary analysis powers for many years. A lifetime stargazer, she uses her deep knowledge of the stars and […]

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Celebrating Your Inner Light With Diwali

Diwali (pronounced Divali) is a five-day festival celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains and is one of the most significant annual festivals in Indian culture.  The word Diwali originates from the Sanskrit word Deepaval and translates as ‘festival of lights’. The festival coincides with the Hindu New Year and usually takes place sometime between the […]

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