Spring 2014 is here and that means it is time for some spiritual spring cleaning

Posted on 10th April 2014

Spiritual Spring Clean

As we enter the month of April and the spring season you should take the opportunity to let go of negative energy.  A spiritual spring clean encourages new energy.  There are so many ways in which you can do this and today I am going to concentrate around home life and lifestyle.   The recent arrival of the smog in the UK has highlighted how much we take for granted.  We all need to look at our lifestyle and how this impacts on our environment.  In a sense it is a warning that if we do not take due care and attention then our planet is going to reach a point of no return. Perhaps there are parallels with what we are feeling, in our mind and what we are doing in a physical sense. If for example, you start to feel restless about the way your furniture is organized, then maybe there is something in your inner workings that needs changing.   

Feng Shui

You could look in to Feng Shui and see how this can have an impact on your life. This can be quite involved you may like to consult a Feng Shui expert who will bring their pendulum and various other tools and advise you on the best way to organize your furniture for spiritual benefit. This idea may make spring cleaning more interesting and get you thinking more spiritually. 

Spring Cleaning

When you are doing your spring cleaning, make sure that you do a thorough job. Remember you are not ‘just sweeping things under the carpet’ you are going all out to cleanse your space. Get stuck into it and while you are dusting, ask yourself what it is that needs dusting in your life.  As you are doing this keep reflecting on inner guidance, and see the parallels in your everyday life with your inner psyche. These days with the fast paced busy lives that we lead we can let things accumulate. Indeed, many homes have piles of paperwork that need sorting. I am sure that you can not think straight when you are submerged in a pile of paperwork, so why not set aside some time to sort it all out. You will feel better for it and I am sure you will feel lighter as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.  Just recently I had a blitz and shredded anything and everything that was hoovering with no particular purpose. My neighbour passed the shredded paper, to a friend who uses it with her horses. I do not know any more than that, except that it’s a good way of recycling it. I do find that once I have lightened the load that life seems so much simpler.  All that daunting paperwork out of the way and my desk is clear and clean.  I can think straight, it feels rather like ‘wiping the slate clean’ and it feels like I have more time on my hands now the paperwork is sorted. 


It may not be just your paperwork that needs attention, indeed, you may be the worlds biggest hoarder. I know that many people find it very hard to throw things away, perhaps feeling it will be useful at a later date. It is possible that you develop an attachment to certain items and may be this indicates that you find it hard to ‘let go’ of past events or attachments in your emotional life. It could be old books, magazines, gadgets, even your child’s toys, and clothes. You may find that your weight goes up and down and perhaps you need to keep hold of all your clothes to ensure you can accommodate this.  It does not make sense to hold on to clothes that no longer fit though, and maybe your attachment to them is quite emotive. 


Perhaps it is not just the garment but the colours that make that garment very special. It is the colours that I like to wear that reflect my state of being. In particular I wear a lot of lilacs, purples and pale blues. I realize that I must now let these old clothes go and hope that someone picks them up in the charity shop and feels uplifted by the spiritual colours.  I can take some pleasure in knowing that someone else may benefit from the joy that these colours bring. It is true that if I see someone wearing light blue I feel very drawn to them in a healing sense. Yet someone wearing navy I will say a quick hello and be on my way.  I prefer pinks for unconditional love and yellow for new energy in the summer.  

Spiritual Clear Out

This spiritual clear out need not just be about clearing out cupboards, wardrobes and drawers.  It is also about catching up with friends that you have not seen for some time.  Maybe you could do that as a reward for all the hard work you have done. My instincts will always alert me to when I need to pay particular attention to one of my friends. I have a handful of very good friends who I keep very close to my chest.  I can trust them to be loyal and they can be fun and uplifting which is good for the soul. I know that I have some very special friendships who nourish my soul, warm my heart and enrich my life. I take time to reflect on these friendships to make sure that I am appreciating the bonds that we share. I know that these friends have been sent to me for a reason and that spirit have a purpose for these people in my life. I know that I need to be there for them and in any way possible.  I am thankful that I do not have friendships with people that are draining or too needy. I must admit that I do get rather caught up with all the modern technology. I like all the latest gadgets, the iPad, iPod, the latest computer and the big television. I realize that it is time to get more in touch with the spiritual side. If you are hooked on gadgets and technology maybe it is time to put all that to one side and that includes surfing the internet. Take some time out and do some meditation and get back in touch with mind, body, and spirit. Perhaps you can take some time to reconnect with nature and listen out for the birds, watch the cats and appreciate the changing colours of the landscape beyond your window.  Plant some new plants and look after them, talk to them, feed them and water them and watch how they respond to you.  


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