Psychic Readings For New Year Abundance

Posted on 5th January 2016
As 2016 gets under way it is prime time to focus on positivity and abundance. Whatever you choose to focus on you can attract into your life this New Year. You can be healthier and happier, and work less to play more. A life of plenty is yours for the taking, and all you have to do it direct positive vibrations.Positive New BeginningsStart the New Year with a spiritual or psychic tarot reading to gain clarity on how best to attract all that you want. Psychic readings are an insightful tool that can be used to gain better understanding of situations, blocks that hold you back and personal issues that you need to resolve for your soul’s progression and your spiritual development. A spiritual or psychic reader can guide you on your spiritual path. Prepare for your abundance reading by writing down questions that are relevant to you personal circumstances. This could include career and job opportunities, your behaviour around money, repetitive cycles in relationships and energy blocks around you. The information you receive, during a reading, can be used to make positive plans that launch you in the direction of your dreams.Set The IntentionTo attract abundance you need to tune into it. Imagine yourself as a large tuning fork that must be adjusted to attract positive vibrations from all around. In order to attract, with clarity and the correct intention, the fork must be perfectly primed so that it is ready to hone in on the frequencies and vibrations that match your desires. Adopt a positive attitude and mentality so that your energy becomes crystal clear. The energy that matches with yours is responsible for attracting negative or positive experiences and things into your life. Focusing on an upbeat attitude and energy ensures that the negative influence of limiting beliefs is kept at bay. Set the intention to create what you desire and stay focused on your goal.There’s Plenty For EveryoneAbundance is infinite. Whatever you desire there is plenty of it to go around, so do not let fear get in the way of manifesting the abundance that you want. Focus on positive emotions like joy, love, gratitude, happiness and appreciation. These, and other similar emotions, will help to keep your vibration raised high. Celebrate the abundance that you already have in order to increase the Universal flow of positive energy.Use Vibration Raising ToolsThere are many practical and esoteric tools that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of your abundance manifesting requests. Tarot cards, rune stones, feng shui, crystals and other tools can help you increase the positive vibrational energy that surrounds you. Consider what kind of abundance you want, to be mindful of your selection of abundance attracting tools. Choose crystals that resonate with your soul. Wear high-energy colours like red and green to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity. Create a sacred space where you can meditate and focus on your intentions. Do not expect overnight manifestations. Be realistic about your expectations. Keep the faith and stay focused on maintaining positive vibrations. All good things come to those who believe. Give one of our readers a call , and see what the New Year has install for you!
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