Capricorn Love Horoscope & Relationships

Love is a serious thing to them, a Capricorn is very cautious about how who they get into a relationship with, and when they are in one they are very controlled, and find it difficult to display excesses of emotion. They are very dependable and caring, they have learnt from their life experiences’ that nothing come easily and that they must be patient and persistent and relationships are no exception to this rule, they will try their hardest to make the relationship work.

Capricorn Character

Capricorn is regarded as the zodiac’s top; they are most stable and serious of the Zodiac.

Like their element they are very down to earth, and reserved. They are very ambitious, constantly having a goal they are pursuing, they want their lives to be important and fulfilled. Capricorns patience is unmatched by any zodiac they can wait a very long time for something they want, they will plan each step meticulously, they want everything they achieve to be the best it can be.

They can handle anything that comes at them and they have a great capacity to withstand all the difficult times and it only toughens their resilience and dedication more. The saying that every mistake is a lesson is something a Capricorn can identify with.

The Capricorns have a deep romantic nature but they will not show it straight away, and take their time to get to open up, they need a patient partner who will take their time to understand them little by little.

Capricorn Sex

Capricorns have stamina, and lots of it, they like things to be classy and comfortable but are willing and able to go all night long. Capricorn is a sexually complex sign, and no matter where it falls in a chart, it’ll tend to add a taste for the rougher stuff.

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Capricorn Money & Career

When it comes to having enough money in the bank, the Capricorn does not have to want for nothing. Most people born under this sign are rather serious when it comes to the financial side of his or her life. Spending their hard earned cash on spontaneous purchases is nearly unheard of for the Capricorn. When they do buy something, it is a high quality product that is built to last. For the future, they spend a lot of time planning their finances. They take a look at their savings, insurance, pension, and any other plans they may have bought into for a more secure living. If they find an investment that has piqued their interest, it is only after a great deal of research that they fully commit any money to the venture.

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